Second Grade

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Ricky started second grade last week.

Everything about it has been so much easier than last year.  He’s liking his teacher and he has friends in his class and not once has he announced it is already the last day of second grade.

Whew.  I like it so much better when he likes school!

First day of first grade …

First day of kindergarten …

Today Billy said …

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… as Kevin came walking down the driveway wearing a ball cap, “Momma!  Who is that man?!”

… when Ricky chastised Billy for playing with his toy, “Ricky!  I was just guarding it for you!”

… after I put some hot pizza on his plate, “Momma, can you turn the oven on and put my pizza in it to make it cold?”

Fish Food

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One day last week, I was in our front room doing something terribly important on the computer (I’m sure) while the boys played nicely in various parts of the house.

I appreciate their ability to play on their own, however, I do keep a close ear on where they are and what they might be up to.

I guess my ear wasn’t so sharp this day.  Ricky calmly walked into the room and nicely said, “Momma, Tommy and Rusty are eating fish food.”

I was a bit less calm as I rushed to end the feeding frenzy.

They smelled like fish food for the rest of the day.

I hate that smell.

They didn’t seem to mind.


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My mom did some redecorating of her home this summer.  Or at least she started it.  The couches she originally picked out ended up not working well in the space.

Ricky got to see the couches before the furniture guys came and took them back.  He looked at them carefully and then said to Grandmama,

“Grandma, you need couches that will look better after the cats claw them.”

Any recommendations?

Uncle Harold

August 23, 2011 on 8:59 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

While Kevin and I were away on our anniversary trip, my mom’s brother came for a quick visit.  We don’t see Uncle Harold very often.

From what I was told, Tommy was not impressed.  My uncle is not a small man – I believe he is 6 foot 7 or so – and Tommy was more than happy to let Grandmama hold him for the entire visit.

The other boys warmed up nicely though.

No.  I don’t know what’s going on in these pictures.  My mom took them.  I just figure everyone was getting along.

Uncle Harold thinks my boys are nice.  Me too.

Don’t they both look happy in that picture?

It was nice of Uncle Harold to come and visit, it’s just too bad Kevin and I missed out.  We’ll have to catch him next time!

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