No Words

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Since a picture paints a thousand words, I’m going to save mine and let this sequence of pictures tell its own story.  Cheers.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Disclaimer:  No child was injured in the taking of these pictures.  The necessary loves and hugs were given…after I took the pictures with my new camera (it is red – I like it).

My Best Friend

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I’ve mentioned before that Rusty calls Tommy his “best friend!”  And it is adorable.

Today as I got him up from his nap, Rusty asked where Tommy was.  I told him that Tommy was asleep and Rusty said, “He’s my best friend.”

“Yup, he is.  Who is Momma’s best friend?” I asked.

Rusty smiled and said in his low, gravelly voice, “Poppy.”

He’s got that right!

Happy birthday to my best friend!  I love you, Kev!

"I have just one question …"

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Billy went to the fire station today for a preschool field trip.  Neither Kevin nor I were able to chaperone, so when I picked him up, his teacher stopped me to share an interesting story.

Firefighter Trevor had just introduced himself to the kids and was talking about fire safety when Billy raised his hand.  He said, “I have just one question.”  (Can you picture him?  I’m sure his eyebrows were furrowed and his pointer finger was held high.)  Firefighter Trevor tried to hold Billy off by saying he’d take questions in a few minutes, but Billy persisted, “I have just ONE question.  And it’s important.”

Seeing that they weren’t going to get anywhere until Billy got to ask his question, Firefighter Trevor said okay.  Billy was clearly confused but declared, “My brother Ricky said that Trevor was dead!”

Firefighter Trevor and Ms. Cherie were taken aback, but laughed it off.  They reassured Billy that this particular Trevor was not dead.

As Ms. Cherie told me the story, I laughed and explained that the boys have a cousin who died as a baby whose name was Trevor.  Billy hadn’t been paying much attention to us until that point when, with great big eyes, he yelled, “Trevor is…ALIVE!”

I guess it is time to have another talk with Billy.

Unknown Park Visit

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I discovered some pictures on the camera that I have no idea when they were taken.

Actually, I do know that they were taken June 23 at around 5:30 pm – thanks to the little tracker thing on the camera.

Judging from that, I’m guessing it is an outing that they took with Kevin while I was getting my hair cut.

I don’t know what park or school playground they are at and Kevin is too busy for me to bother him with trivial things like, “Three months ago you took the boys to a park.  I’d like my blog to be accurate, so could you tell me which one it was?”

I also don’t know why this is the only picture of Rusty…

Even though I don’t know anything about these pictures, I know that when I see my boys playing at a park it makes me smile.  I think of just how BOY these guys are and how I want to remember park moments forever.

And that’s why you just had to look at three month old pictures about which I really have nothing to say!

Old As Ricky

September 23, 2011 on 5:26 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Billy let us know …

“When I turn six and stand on my toes, I’ll be as old as Ricky!”

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