Preschool Parade

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Billy got to dress up for a preschool Halloween parade last week.  He was very excited to be Scooby Doo …

Rusty and Tommy were very excited that there was a cement truck working across the street while we waited for the costume parade to start …

Billy was not excited that he wasn’t leading the parade … but as soon as he got the chance, he ran up to the front where he thought he belonged …

The class paraded up and down the street and we clapped and cheered … and it was over in about 3 minutes.  Rusty was NOT excited that he didn’t get to go into the preschool with Billy afterward.  I calmed him down by driving slowly through the city cemetery.  I don’t know why.  I’m a cool mom.

Cute little preschoolers!

Happy Halloween 2011!

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Happy Halloween, all!!!

From Ash the Pokemon trainer … Scooby Doo … a bat … and Batman!

Tooth Brushing

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Rusty has become a creature of habit and brushing his teeth after reading stories but before prayers is an important part of his bedtime routine.

I don’t know about that tooth brushing though.

Rusty always wants the same thing on his toothbrush.

If you forget (or are too lazy) to put it on, Rusty will not-so-gently remind you,

“No!!  Pooth-taste!  Pooth-taste!”

Hay Rides and Pumpkin Walks

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We did some Halloween-ing Saturday!  First stop, a horse-drawn hay ride around an apple orchard.

The boys had to say hello to the horses, which Kevin and I thought were pretty big.  Billy let us know that they weren’t big at all compared to the one his friend at preschool brought last week.  He told us how they got to pet it and even ride it!  Yeah, it was a Shetland Pony – I’m pretty sure these horses were a little bit bigger.

It was a fun bumpy ride and Rusty was a bit nervous about falling off.  He clung to me the whole time.

He and I were the safe ones though.  We were on the very back.  Kevin and the other boys were on the side.  Kevin and Tommy were the ones who got thumped by an apple tree branch that came too close to the wagon!  Tommy didn’t care – he thought it was funny!  He giggled and giggled about that branch!

While we waited for our turn on the hay ride, the boys explored the fruit stand.  They had pumpkins and cut-outs and this big rock that was perfect for climbing.

Billy wasn’t so thrilled to be the princess!

After all that fun, we went to a Pumpkin Walk that night.  There was even a real owl hanging out in a tree to greet us … (it is that roundish spot in the middle)

The boys had fun looking at the pumpkins, but they really wanted to play on the playground.  Mean parents that we are, we said no.  Ricky didn’t really appreciate that until I explained that it was mostly dark and there were hundreds of candles lit all around the playground and I really didn’t want a boy on fire.  He still wasn’t happy, but he mumbled quieter.

This was my favorite display …

We didn’t even stand in line for the free cookies!  Are we party poopers or what?  Instead we came home and had cookies and chocolate milk.  I think the boys liked that better anyway.

On our way home, Rusty said,

“Skel’ton.  Behind us.  Go home inside.”

Once we got in the garage he kept looking behind the van for the skel’ton.  He knew he’d be safe inside the house though.  But … he woke up around 5 am and crawled into bed with Kevin and me.  Maybe he wasn’t so sure about his safety after all!

Sunday … with a cherry on top

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I said the opening prayer in church today.  As soon as I finished, Rusty hollered, “Momma said amen!”

I was wearing a floor length skirt today.  I asked Billy how I looked, he said, “Whoa, Momma!  Your skirt is really big!”

Ricky was spotlighted in his church primary class today because of his birthday.  I had answered some questions about him for them to share.  One question was “what is Ricky’s favorite scripture story?”  I answered one of the Book of Mormon stories I tell him at bedtime.  After church, I asked Ricky about it.  He said everything was true except one thing, his favorite scripture story.  “Momma, you know that isn’t my favorite.  My favorite is Veggie Tales!”  (perhaps we should work on this)

Tommy hurt his leg yesterday when he stepped off a stair.  He’s been favoring that leg and limping along.  During Sunday School today, he limped up and down the aisle over and over again, jabbering to himself.  He only stole two pens and two packets of gum (empty, thank goodness) from different people’s bags.  That’s pretty good for him.

Rusty started “cock-a-doodle-doo” -ing in the middle of Sacrament Meeting.  Quite loudly, I might add.

Tommy was whimpering at dinner for something.  It took us most of the meal to realize he wanted more watermelon.  Then he proceeded to eat and eat and eat and eat … until he was done and then he quickly chucked whatever was left on the floor.

Ricky made a couple of cards today for people.  If you are one of them, don’t expect much sentiment.  His cards consist of maps.  Squiggly lines with an occasional X or ? on it.  Good luck finding the treasure.  His card for Grandmama’s birthday (which we forgot to give her) said,

H. B. G.

F. R. O. P.

Y. G,S


Translation:  Happy Birthday, Grandma.  From Ricky Olds Pendleton.  Your Grandson

We had pineapple upside-down cake for dessert.  Billy doesn’t care for fruit much.  Instead of eating his cake, he attacked it with his fork.  When he was finished, it didn’t resemble a cake so much any more.   If there had been a cherry on top, I’m pretty sure he would have mutilated that too.

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