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My mom had a cataract removed from an eye this morning and she spent her afternoon napping at our house.

When Rusty woke up from his nap and finally took a good look at Grandmama in her eye patch, he sounded quite shocked as he said, “Grandma!  You missing an eye!”

57 Months

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Billy is 57 months today.  Although sometimes I think he’s actually 57 years old.  He truly has an older soul in him that makes for hilarious moments around our house.  I often have to remind myself that he is only four!

Billy is the saddest sick person EVER.  When he is sick, he has the saddest puppy dog eyes. He doesn’t whine and moan about being sick, he just sits and looks so pathetic that you just want to wrap him in your arms and love him better.  Of course, he doesn’t like being wrapped in your arms, so that isn’t really an option.

Billy is smart, in a sneaky kind of way.  His preschool teacher told me last week that he is ready to read.  The stinker won’t even always say his letters right for me … but I do hear him telling them to Rusty without any problems.  Or he’ll simply say, “I don’t know” and then you hear him telling himself the correct answer less than a minute later.  Billy will do things the way Billy wants to do them.

Billy likes schedules and routines.  He loves knowing what is going to happen each day.  He loves knowing what’s going to happen after he brushes his teeth.  He is the best at ALWAYS washing his hands after using the bathroom.

Billy adores Ricky.  Billy can be perfectly happy watching Ricky play the DS for hours.  He wants to read what Ricky’s reading, play what Ricky’s playing, and go to school like Ricky.  This adds to the problem of remembering that Billy is only 4.  Billy does play great with Rusty, but his first choice is always Ricky.

Billy is competitive.  If you turn something into a race, he’s more than happy to speed up and get ‘er done!  Picking up toys, changing clothes, eating dinner … if he thinks he can be declared the winner, he’s all over it!

Billy has the hardest hair of the bunch!  We had Ricky and his hair wouldn’t lay flat for the first 2 years of his life.  We had Rusty whose stand-up hair was once called “magical” by my cousin.  And we have Tommy who people pass at church and run their hand over the top of his hair like they are warming their hands on a fire.  Billy’s hair was born stuck to his head and there it has remained.  His hair is fine and very full and his hairline somewhat resembles a receding one … all of this makes for tricky hair days every day!   If parting your hair right down the middle were to come back in style, Billy could be a cool lookin’ dude!

Billy says the darndest things.  Today, at about 9:30 in the morning, Billy found me and asked for a piece of turkey.  I suggested something more mid-morning snack appropriate like a granola bar.  Billy said, “Sure.  But don’t forget my turkey.”  I seriously wish I could just record what he says all day because the stuff he comes up with just kills me!

After having waiting so long for Ricky, we weren’t sure we’d get a second baby.  I’m so thankful for that day 57 months ago when I became a mother again.  I sure do love you, Billy!  You are totally my favorite 4 year old!


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Rusty loves church.  It has made it onto his thankful feathers 3 times so far (Jesus has not only been bumped by Heavenly Father and Batman, but also by temples and church … who is teaching this kid?).

Kevin goes to church meetings on Sunday mornings and our services are in the afternoon.  Every week when Kevin leaves, Rusty wants to go with him.  He doesn’t want to miss a chance to go to church, I guess.

A few weeks ago we had our Stake Conference meetings.  Instead of attending individual classes, families all stayed together listening to our church leaders for 2 hours.  The boys were restless and ready to leave, but Rusty had an incredible melt-down about not getting to go to his Nursery class that week.  It was of such epic proportions that he wouldn’t eat lunch and we had to put him in his room for a nap and just let him cry himself to sleep.  This boy LOVES church.

This morning as Kevin was heading out to his meetings, Rusty came running after him.  “Poppy, I have church sweater!  I have church sweater!”

Even though Rusty was all dressed and was wearing his church sweater, he still didn’t get to go with Kevin.  He was a bit bummed until I told him he could go after lunch.  Rusty just kind of looked at me, trying to decide if I was telling the truth, and flatly said, “Okay.”

Then he went off to play with his cars.

Dinnertime Conversation

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At dinner tonight, Rusty was building a “no-man” out of his Cookie Crisp cereal (it was breakfast night) and said, “No-man need toes!”

Ricky was trying to get Kevin to guess that he needed more of something and said, “It is white and comes from cows, not the sink.”

Before Kevin could guess, Billy (who is pretty sick today) said, “It is silver.”

Ricky started correcting him that milk is NOT silver before we all figured out that sick and somewhat delirious Billy was talking about the water which comes from the sink as being silver.

And during all of this highly stimulating and completely intelligent dinnertime conversating, Tommy tossed his dinner on the floor piece by piece and treated us to his newest word,

“Uh-uh!  Uh-uh!  Uh-uh!”

Bet you wish you’d been here …

Annual Leaf Raking

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Even though Kevin has a lovely lawn mower that does an excellent job of sucking up all the fallen leaves, we still enjoy some leaf raking.  It would be a shame to have as many trees as we do and not enjoy some leaf pile jumping.  The weather has been goofy this year, so I had to take advantage of a not-so-cold day while Ricky was at school.  The younger boys could barely stand waiting for me to rake the pile…

Of course, the pile jumping is only a small part of the fun.  The REAL fun is the leaf fight!

Sometimes I luck out and get a shot like this next one.  Tommy’s face is priceless …

Rusty would come close enough to chuck leaves at me and then run away as fast as he could.  He didn’t really appreciate being hit with leaves.

Billy wouldn’t let him get away with that though and chased Rusty down …

Billy had no mercy at all …

I was still pulling leaves out of my shirt a couple hours later!

And then the leaf fight must come to an end.  Noses are running, backs are itchy, and someone has swallowed a few too many leaves …

I love fall.

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