Snowy Day

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We’ve had one snowy day this winter.  One.  It is a good thing our state motto was changed from “Greatest Snow on Earth” to “Life … Elevated” because this year just has not been up to snuff.

Fortunately, our snow day was on a day when we could actually go out and play.  A Saturday.  Chores were put on hold.  Layers and boots and hats and mittens and gloves were piled on and out into the backyard we all went.

The dogs were THRILLED to have us come play with them.

Billy and Rusty went right to work uncovering our picnic table.

Tommy was thrilled to be outside.  However, his puffy jacket and snow pants made it a little difficult to maneuver.  If he fell down (which seemed to happen a lot) he wasn’t able to get upright again.  See him in the background of that picture with Rusty … yep, he’s stuck.  He’s about to start calling for me to come help him stand up.  It was cute and sad all at once.

Ricky was ready to get his snowman making on.  He began working on a snowman bottom right away.

He made pretty good progress with that bottom, too.

Tommy just had fun walking around in the snow … and falling down and calling for help to get upright again.

Rusty just explored.

Kevin was supposed to be working on the snowman middle, but his middle ended up bigger than Ricky’s bottom.  Ricky didn’t really approve of that, so when Kevin took a snow angel break, Ricky pounced.

We eventually got it figured out and Rusty and Billy decorated the snowman up …

Our snowman actually lasted a couple of weeks … before the rain came and wiped him out.

What kind of winter is this?


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Ricky didn’t care for coloring or crayons until he was probably four.  He just wasn’t interested.

Billy only became slightly interested as Ricky started writing for school.  At the time, I thought he was TOTALLY into coloring.

I was wrong.

I then had Rusty.  Rusty is a coloring fool.  Before he turned two, we had some wall coloring issues.  I thought it was awful.  I thought no child had ever colored on the walls as much as mine.  I wanted to pull my hair out and never allow him to touch another crayon.

I was wrong.

Tommy.  Ah, sweet Tommy.  His happy dance when you come home makes your heart melt.  Then you turn around and see this …

Walk a little farther into the house and see this …

Or this …

Or this …

Sigh.  Or this …

Those pictures cover three rooms and a hall that Tommy tagged in about 15 minutes while I was doing some housework and assumed he was in the kitchen coloring nicely with Rusty.  I wish I could say that was the worst of it.  One day, black crayon met our wall all the way up the stairs and down the hall to our bedroom.

We’ve had windows, TVs, tile, brothers all colored on by this delightful one year old.

Put the crayons out of his reach, you say.  Watch him like a hawk, you say.  So much easier said than done when the two year old’s favorite activity is coloring.

We’ve made progress.  Magic Erasers work well to remove the crayon, but they can take off the finish (don’t look too closely at our hall’s paint).  WD-40 works even better but can leave a little greasy residue.  Making the two year old color on the bar instead of the table only works so well since he drops crayons and Tommy pounces on them.

My current technique is just not cleaning the crayon off the wall.  I could make Tommy do the cleaning, but he thinks that is almost as fun as drawing on the wall in the first place and he just colors on it again so he can clean it…again.  If I just leave the crayon marks where they are, he seems happy and doesn’t add to it.   I just think of it as artwork.  Some people pay lots of money for that abstract stuff …

Sick Days

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The beginning of 2012 was hard on our little family (can I call it little when there are six of us?).  All of us but Billy got a rotten stomach bug, Ricky and Tommy had nasty ear infections, and there were several days of just feeling plain crummy.

We’ve all been healthy for a week.  We hope the trend continues.

The day after New Year’s was one of Tommy’s worst days.  The poor guy felt awful.  Even food didn’t perk him up that day.

Of course, a bland lunch of saltines, bananas, and noodle soup doesn’t do a whole lot for me either.

That's what he said …

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Another installment in the things my kids say …

This morning while helping Rusty get dressed, he started rubbing Baby (his favorite stuffed toy) on his ears.

I asked him why he was rubbing Baby on his ears.

Rusty very matter-of-factly looked at me and said, “Because my lips are running!”

Okay then.

he also said…

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On the way to school this morning, Ricky said, “Momma, I wish we had a sidewalk in front of our house.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

He responded, “So we wouldn’t get spikes in our shoes when we go for walks.”

“Um, do you mean stickers?”

“Oh, yeah.  Spikes.  Stickers.  Either one.”

Be ye warned … the roadsides in Hooper are dangerous!

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