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Everybody was healthy on my birthday.  That’s enough about that …

Last Sunday, we invited the family over to celebrate our February birthdays.  The boys love having their aunts, uncles, and cousins over.  Is this Rusty and Cousin Cate hug adorable, or what?

And, even though gifts are not expected or required, some people showered my boys with love.

I was given a few things, too (thanks!).

We did the birthday candles in some cheesecake brownies.

Billy’s candles were on one side and Rusty’s were on the other.  Billy used a lot of concentration to get his candles out.  Rusty went for the up-close and personal approach.

All day Monday, Billy was reminding us that “tomorrow is my birthday!  I’m gonna be … FIVE!”  Good mother that I am, I kept telling him that I wasn’t going to let him turn 5, that I wanted to have him be a 4 year old forever.  Needless to say, Billy didn’t really appreciate this.  He would get a really sad face and say, “But, Momma!  I’m gonna be 5!  I’m gonna be!”

Billy’s birthday dinner request was macaroni and cheese and pizza.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do that, so we had hot dogs instead.  He didn’t really care.  When you have 3 family birthdays in 19 days, as well as Valentine’s Day and a family dinner, it is easy to get tired of cake.  I was hoping to convince Billy to want a pie or ice cream cake for his dessert … nope, he wanted more brownies.  I just didn’t have the heart to make any more brownies … so I bought some.  Billy didn’t seem to mind.

More concentration to get those five candles out …

When did this little boy get so big?  How is he five already?  Sheesh.

Let’s review …

Billy’s birth day

Billy turns 1 …

Billy turns 2 …

The first door decorating … for Billy’s 2nd birthday …

Billy turns 3 …

Billy turns 4 …

And now Billy is 5 …


1110 Days Old

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A couple of months ago, I did sort of a spot-light about three of the boys.  I didn’t do Rusty.  Not sure why.

Rusty cracks me up.  He is very quick to say no … to everything.  Even to things he means to say yes to.  And then he has to correct himself.  I don’t want to call him negative, but I can’t think how else to describe it.  I say, “I love you, Rusty,” and he says, “No!  I love Poppy!”  I say “Are we friends?” and he says, “No!  Not friends!”  Just for the record – Rusty will respond this way to most people.  It isn’t just me whom he doesn’t love and isn’t friends with!

I think Rusty looks the most different of the boys.  His eyes are closer set and he had the biggest cheeks as a baby.  Jowls.  He had them.   He is actually a happy kid (despite the negative description above), but he isn’t a big smiler.  His smiles feel like prizes when he flashes them because he gives them out sparingly.

Rusty is very into details.  He started putting puzzles together about the same time he learned to walk.  24 piece puzzles are cake and 60 piece ones can be done when he chooses to stay focused that long.  Rusty is my coloring fool.  While he doesn’t stay in the lines, he colors the picture completely – he doesn’t like holes.  Of course, the picture is one solid color, but …  In less than an hour at church, he completely filled up an entire Spiderman coloring book this last week.  He takes his coloring serious.  If you come to visit, don’t be surprised if he brings a coloring book and a crayon to you and expects you to color with him.  Also, don’t be surprised if Rusty only lets you color the words on the page … like I said, he takes his coloring serious.

Rusty was always my best sleeper.  I could lay him down for a nap and he always went to sleep.  This made him a very easy baby.  He isn’t so good about the sleeping now, especially if he and Tommy can entertain each other rather than sleep.  But he still takes an hour or two long nap most days.

Rusty loves being outside.  This winter without snow is driving him nuts.  It looks nice and sunny outside and he wants to be out there.  He doesn’t care that the temperatures are still in the 30s – he wants outside!  I often catch him wearing his shoes and hat staring out the window – dreaming of the season when I let him out to play every day.

Rusty believes himself to be just as old as Billy.  If Billy does it, Rusty thinks he should be able to do it.  However, Rusty will tell me that he’s a little boy and Billy is a big boy.  Of course, when Billy (or me, for that matter) does something that Rusty disagrees with, his newest thing is to yell at us, “No!  You’re a bad boy!”

My three year old is a joy.  Even when he is hunching his shoulders and wearing his sad face, he is a joy.  He is gabby and full of energy.  He loves to ask, “Why?” and sometimes even waits for the answer.

Today his favorite animal is an elephant.  Today his favorite color is blue.  Today his favorite food is apples.  Today his favorite people are Poppy and Billy.  Today his favorite thing to do is color.  Today my third baby is 1110 days old.

Dreading the Holidays!

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I’m not one to dread the holidays.  I like them.  All of them.  Well, most of them.  My favorite holidays have always been Valentine’s Day and Halloween.  Always.  I seriously love those two.

However, as the year 2012 progresses, I’m starting to dread the holidays a bit.

New Year’s Day was greeted with vomit and more vomit.

Martin Luther King Day saw multiple ear infections.

Rusty’s birthday had near dehydration and Rocky Mountain Fever.

And now Valentine’s Day …

The two littles have had fevers of 101+ and croupy coughs.  Rusty has at least been acting normal, a bit milder than usual, but other than a runny nose you wouldn’t assume he was sick.  Tommy on the other hand didn’t walk at all today until about 6:30 tonight.  He whimpered and shivered and moaned and just felt lousy.  He spent his day sitting either on my lap or Kevin’s.

Next up … my birthday.  Gotta admit that I’m a little afraid of what it will bring!

Even in his sickness, Tommy does cute things.  He was too sick to get off of Kevin’s lap while the older boys made Valentine’s for Grandmama, so he didn’t have one to give her when she came over for dinner.  But Tommy was not to be left out.  He watched his brothers hand over their handmade hearts and he wandered over to Billy’s stash of Valentine’s from preschool, found a heart shaped one (from me to Billy, actually), happily walked over to Grandmama, and gave it to her.  It was one of those “Ahhhhh….” moments for me.

We are taking health one day at a time around here.  Tomorrow, Tommy may be perfectly normal and healthy.  That’s just how weird this winter has been.  Give me snow already!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Ricky and Billy would love to send all their friends and loved ones Valentine’s, but since the rate of stamps has risen yet again … you get a virtual one.

May the force be with all of you and may you have a love filled day!

(Not my original idea or artwork.  I found the printable Valentines via Pinterest.)

Candy Bars and Lettuce

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Billy recently learned a song in preschool.

I have been thrilled because it is one that I learned when I was little and I’ve sung it off and on with the boys.  Apparently, though, his preschool teacher singing it has made it actually stick in Billy’s head.

The first verse goes …

If all of the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops

Oh what a world it would be

I’d stand outside with my mouth open wide

Ah ah a-ah ah a-ah ah a-ah

Today we stopped over at Grandmama’s for a quick visit and Billy entertained us with this little ditty as we drove home.  Loudly.

It was endearing.

But I may have to have a talk with his preschool teacher.  Billy loudly sang the second verse …

If all of the snowflakes were candy bars and lettuce

Oh what a world it would be…

Indeed.  What a world THAT would be!

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