Little Critter

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Rusty and Tommy adore the Mercer Mayer books about Little Critter.  We have most of the books and they are the only ones Tommy will let me read to him any more.

Rusty has been read the stories so much, that he’s getting really good at retelling them as he looks at the pictures…pretty much word for word.

Don't go to work, Poppy!

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… if I lay on his bag and pretend to be asleep, he won’t be able to go to work today!

Don’t smile!  That will give us away …

Pi Day

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Since my boys have no understanding of Pi or 3.14 or the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, we didn’t worry about having a pie on March 14.  But we did have a nice chocolate pudding pie a few days later (with nuts and chocolate chips and coconut on top).

I’m pretty sure all my boys are digging on Pi Day now … especially Tommy …

(Don’t mind the basket of laundry waiting to be folded in the background … the Laundry Fairy has been shirking in his duties lately!)

DJ Redbird

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Billy’s preschool teacher is doing an activity where each of the kids get to take home a stuffed monkey, have some adventures, journal it, and then bring the monkey back to the next class.  We got to be visited by an orange monkey named DJ Redbird.

As part of the journaling, you are supposed to take a picture of the monkey having his adventure.  So we took a couple of pictures.

The first thing Billy wanted to show DJ Redbird was our costumes. He and Rusty have really enjoyed dressing up lately and Billy dove right in …

DJ Redbird joined us on our adventure to the Dinosaur Park as well.  When we first went in, I was chit chatting with the employee and explained about the monkey that Billy was shoving in this man’s face.  I guess this guy is a manager or something because he said, “Would your monkey like a picture with the t-rex?  Let me get a ladder!”  This guy was more excited about the picture taking than us and that is okay.

DJ Redbird and the big t-rex got real friendly …

Billy and Rusty were a little concerned about the t-rex eating the monkey, but when they got to walk on the grass with me while I took the picture … they forgot to be worried about him so much.  Billy was very relieved when DJ Redbird was back safe in his arms.

Spring at the Dinosaur Park

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Ricky was out of school for a teacher work day, so I took the boys to the Dinosaur Park.

This is the cooperation I get when I say, “Hey, boys!  Look at the camera!”

We spent a little bit of time playing with the volcano and toy dinosaurs, the matching dinosaur game, and using the magnifying glasses to look at small geodes.

Then outside to the dinosaurs!

No visit is complete without a stop at the face boards…

As we wandered around outside looking at the dinosaurs, Ricky was completely absorbed in following our path on the small map we had.  Billy and Rusty just wanted to run from dinosaur to dinosaur as fast as they could, and Tommy just kept pointing and saying, “Look!  Look!” at everything.

Tommy was also a bit annoyed that he had to ride in the stroller.  His brothers weren’t in a stroller so why was he?  When we finished looking and stopped at the playground, I let him out.  He was thrilled to run and climb and be free!

This is him spotting a dinosaur near the playground …

Ricky and Billy think they are old pros at the dinosaur park now after having visited it enough times and doing day camp there last summer.

The dinosaurs were cool, but let us not forget the ducks …

I handed the camera over to Ricky so that I could be in a picture this time.  He did a pretty darn good job …

And then there was this one …

The dinosaur park is a fun place.  Hopefully, we’ll go a few more times before our pass expires.  Rusty is already asking for us to go back.

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