Head Wounds

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I blogged about Tommy’s head wound nearly two weeks ago.  It is healing nicely.  The scar will fade, but it will be with him for a long time.

Hopefully, he won’t have a forehead FULL of scars.

Saturday, while playing in the backyard, Tommy tripped and landed head first on an old stump.  Fortunately, the stump was old and brittle and mostly broke away on impact.  He has a nice scratch from that about an inch from the previous wound.

Sunday, while playing in the family room, Tommy fell on the bricks around our wood burning stove.  He took out a nice little chunk of skin from his eyebrow.  At least this is on the other side of his face.

With his birthday coming up, we are contemplating getting him a helmet with a full face shield – just to wear as he plays around the house.

I’d really like to get some new pictures taken of him.  You know, without major scabs and bandaids on his head.

Family Games

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I truly love playing games.  Board games, card games, group games … I am all for them.  However … children’s games bore me to tears.  We have Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, but if the boys don’t ask for them, I’m content leaving them in the closet.

I blame this on never playing those types of games as a kid – I grew up watching my siblings play Monopoly and Clue and Pictionary.

But, now that the boys are getting older, we can pull out the “junior” versions of some of my favorite games.  These don’t bother me so much and I actually WANT to play.

This afternoon we played Monopoly Junior.

Sadly, I lost.  Early in the game.

I stink at Monopoly.

You know who doesn’t stink?  Billy.

That kid wins almost every game we play.  It is uncanny.  We don’t cheat or bend the rules for him either.  We might go a little easy on him at the beginning of the game, but that almost always stops as he starts skunking us!

At the end of the game today (I put a time limit on it – after all, I’d already lost 20 minutes earlier), Kevin said, “Okay, let’s count up your money and see who won.”

Ricky just pushed his small stack to one side and said in a dejected way, “No.  Billy did.”

He was right.

Billy’s stack of money was pretty big – and he owned pretty much all the properties.  And he was smiling and very proud of himself!

Preschool Circus Day

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Billy’s preschool had Circus Day a couple of weeks ago.

In the past, Billy has gone as a clown, but he was NOT going to be a clown this year.  Apparently, all the clowns in Scooby Doo are scary and he did NOT want to be one.

I didn’t want him to miss out on the fun of dressing up, so I wracked my brain for an easy idea.  Juggler.

We had everything on hand … the idea made him happy … and he got to try juggling …

He might need a little bit more practice.

Stuffed Animals

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Billy loves stuffed animals.  Pretty much all stuffed animals.  His favorite changes almost daily.  Some are named, some aren’t.  Some he knows he “borrowed” from Grandmama.  He just loves them.

One day he decided to put them on display.  This isn’t all of them.  I’m not sure what the purpose was.  It appears he had a couple of themes going … Angry Birds, bunnies, and puppies.

I also don’t know why Rusty is only in a diaper.

What I do know is that Billy wanted a picture.

And I accommodated.

Easter Day

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Easter is a good day.  Since our church starts at 9 am and Kevin had early morning meetings, helping the boys get ready for church, tracking down their Easter baskets and finding the elusive eggs hidden by Mr. E. Bunny was up to me.

Ricky had to be woken up.  Days go better when Ricky wakes up on his own …

I think I’ve mentioned the difficulty of trying to get a “nice” picture of all four of my boys.  But I keep trying …

And trying …

And knowing when to quit.

Then they were finally allowed to track down their baskets.  Ricky’s rough start didn’t handle looking for his basket well.  BUT, since Mr. E. Bunny left him a new video game in the basket, his unhappiness melted away.

After church, we invited my family over for a ham dinner, as well as some Monopoly time …

Some video gaming time …

Some play food and “to-mah-toes” time with Cate …

Some picture posing time …

Some crying because you really want to go outside but no one understands that and thinks you are just being afraid of all the company time …

Some Easter Egg hunting time …

Some racing around gather eggs so you can fill up Tommy’s basket time (a la Ricky) …

More egg hunting time …

(Yes, I know that is a pumpkin bib and that it was Easter Sunday.   But the kid REALLY drools and I only have so many bibs he can’t take off himself …)

Some serious egg hunt contemplation time …

Some tripping and spilling all his eggs and needing Uncle Tim’s help to pick them all back up time …

Some bragging to Stephanie about how I had (mostly) mastered taking pictures like this back in the dark ages of film and you couldn’t tell right away if you were even in the picture time …

And some “Tommy, do you want to share some eggs with Cousin Melissa?” time …

Finally, it was time for everyone to go home and time for the boys to go to bed.

I think everybody had a good time.

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