End of Second Grade

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Ricky finished second grade last week.  He had a great year and has just grown up so much.  We had a great relationship with his teacher, Mrs. Rumsey, and I think he’s going to miss her.  She was very patient with him and laughed with me about Ricky’s messy desk, accidental scissors to the hair, sloppy penmanship, and zoned look (even though he WAS paying attention).  His report card was nearly perfect this term and he even was awarded a reading recognition award.  His teacher chose one boy and one girl from the class to be recognized for their reading and Ricky was the one picked from his class.  He was incredibly proud of himself for that.

Here is Ricky’s “Unfinished Work” folder.  Since his report card showed him doing so well in class, I am assuming this is mostly busy work that he really didn’t HAVE to finish.  Ricky tells me that he’s going to finish it up over the summer.  Sounds good, son.

Here he was, ready for that last day of school …

And here is my boy on his first day of second grade …

And, just because he was so dang cute, here is Ricky on his first day of kindergarten …

Time for him to stop growing up, I think!

(Here’s the side by side because Kevin likes it best)

Two Year Well Check and Birthday Pictures

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(that is perhaps my most dull title … ever)

It has been almost a month since Tommy’s birthday.

It was a fun day with door balloons, party hats, pizza, chocolate milk, birthday cake, and presents!  Plus, lots of hugs and kisses and smiles.

We all had to have our party hats on …

We had chocolate cake sandwiches for Tommy’s birthday cake …

He concentrated really hard to get that first candle blown out …

Since all of Tommy’s breath was going up and moving his hair, I think it was a puff from one of his brothers that actually got that first candle out.

Tommy was focused again, determined to get that second candle out …

He might have gotten this one out on his own, or maybe his mom helped a little.  I’m not sayin’ …

Tommy wasn’t as thrilled with his cake as I’d hoped, but Billy more than made up for it!

Then it was time for some presents …

Trying to keep the brothers back so Tommy would have room was tricky …

Tommy was good at unwrapping and didn’t really appreciate my attempts to help.

On Mother’s Day some family came for dinner and we celebrated some more.  Tommy was quite social and even gave quite a few hugs …

And the older boys got some good video game time with Cousin Danny …

In between all that celebrating, Tommy visited our friendly pediatrician.  He was declared happy, healthy, and fine.  He weighed in at 26.5 pounds, was 33.7 inches tall, and his head measured 19.2 inches in circumference.  His height and weight were both in the 30th percentile.  Good enough for me!

The doctor was rattling off all the things that Tommy should be doing and I was nodding along and thinking how advanced my son was.  Then the doctor said, “He should have close to 50 words …”  and I paused.  I told the doctor that I didn’t think he had that many, but my oldest son was slow to start speaking so neither of us worried.  Yeah.  Tommy has way more than 50 words now.  Around our house it is affectionately called his “language explosion!”  Everyday he says something new.  It is sometimes hard for me to remember to listen closely and that those noises he’s making are actually words!

We love having a two year old again!


Preschool Graduate

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My number two graduated preschool today.  I only teared up a little at the thought of how much this sweet boy has grown up and that next year I lose him to the school experience.  Sniff.  But, in my heart of hearts, I know it is what’s best for him.  I just may go re-read all the posts about his toddler days to console myself though.

Billy couldn’t be happier about it all.  He can NOT wait for kindergarten.  He tells me all about going to school with Ricky and what he thinks he’s going to do and learn.  He is ready for it all.

His graduation was fun.  Miss Cherie called each student up and read a fill-in-the-blank story they had filled out earlier this month.  Here is what Billy’s said,

Mom and Dad,

When I grow up I’m going to be Mario. I’m going to be very successful.  In fact, I am going to make $20 a year.  I am also going to be very handsome.  I am going to be taller than my dad who is taller than my mom and weigh as big as a snorlax.  When I am old, 100 years, and married, I will have 6 or 8 children and a pet ginormous frog.  We will live happily ever after next door to Poppy’s parents’ house in California.

Billy got a certificate showing that he graduated as well as a sort of report card.  It just shows what he mastered and what he could use more work on (apparently I need to teach him his phone number and how to jump rope).   Miss Cherie also wrote a nice note about him on his report card.   Part of it says,

“He is a good friend and very honest.  It amazes me how tenderhearted he can be at times, because he is so strong and a great leader.  I will truly miss him …”

All the preschoolers sang “It’s a Small World” and Billy belted it out.  He was so proud of himself for knowing all the words and has been practicing it around the house for a couple of weeks.  It was your typical preschool sing-a-long, but I liked it because I’m the mom …

Wanna hear (and see Tommy trying to steal the show)?  Here’s the link … YouTube

Then was the magician.  I know Billy enjoyed it, but you couldn’t get the smile off of Rusty’s face.  Billy got to be a volunteer and try to get a rabbit out of the magician’s hat.  No real bunnies, but lots of scarves, sausage links, and one stuffed bunny made their way out. (see Rusty?)

Here’s a link to watch Billy with the magician … YouTube

This was Billy’s second year with Miss Cherie and I know that somewhere under the excitement of kindergarten, he’s going to really miss her, too.

First Day of Preschool September 2010

First Day of Preschool September 2011

Billy’s last day of preschool (today)

Head Wounds … Pictures

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I blogged about Tommy’s multiple head wounds last month here … I uploaded pictures from my camera, finally, and here are a couple pictures.

Here is a happily taped and healing head … (on a particularly cute face, if I do say so myself)

And here is the attack-of-the-stump wound.  It was a lovely swollen goose-egg for a couple of days.  Stinkin’ stump!

And don’t mind the food drooling out of his mouth.  It is easiest to get a picture of this boy while he is sitting on his stool eating.  He’s less likely to giggle and run away that way.

Getting Tommy Dressed

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With Tommy turning 2, more and more “baby” things are leaving our house.  It is sad, in some ways, but fun in so many others.

One thing that we still get to enjoy is dressing this crazy little man.  It can be an adventure.   He moves.  A lot.  Kevin enjoys it (and I’m so thankful that he does) and is happy to help get Tommy ready for the day.  Sometimes it takes longer than necessary …

…because Kevin turns the activity that is already an adventure, into a game …

… and that is why the boys like him best!

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