Ricky Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

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Ricky is now 8.  He was very excited about his birthday and expected it to be a party all day.  I think he was a little bummed about it not being a day full of excitement and adventure, but he got over that.

He started the day perfectly content with the fact that his dad gave him a present … letting the dogs out of the garage for him.  If only the mom could get off that easily!

But I scored pretty big by picking out a video game that I knew he would like for his Nintendo.

This boy was spoiled, as usual.  He’s a good kid, so I guess an occasional spoiling is allowed.

He got some fun books and cards from family that lives out of state …

And hugs and kisses from his brothers …

He visited the doctor for his yearly exam.  He’s still running a bit on the small side – 48 pounds (10%), up from 43 pounds last year, and 48.5 inches (30%), up from 46.7 inches last year – but the doctor declared him healthy for another year.  I told him he was square since his height and weight were the same number.  He just gave me the look that said, “Momma!  Be serious!”

Ricky is all set to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this coming Saturday.

It is fun watching this boy grow up and seeing his personality showing itself.  He’s a silly one, with a tender-heart.  He is smart and can be incredibly focused when he wants to be!  His tongue is still too big and makes some of his words slur (we’ve got a plan to work on that this coming school year) and he is quick to say he hates sports and meat.  But he loves music and cats and can be incredibly sweet with his little brothers.

Our boy is growing up – and it is so much fun!

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Birth day

Charity Walk

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Yesterday, the whole family did a charity walk for our friends’ daughter (I’ve mentioned her before – she’s the daughter of Ricky’s piano teacher).  Kevin and I opted to not run the 5k since we’d have all four boys with us – it was a good choice.

And I guess saying the whole family walked isn’t really true – Ricky and Billy rode their scooters and Rusty and Tommy started on their scooters but it took them so long to just get to the starting line that I scooped them up and stuck them in the stroller.  So they rode.

The boys enjoyed that we were going to be in a race … just like the Olympics!  Ricky was a bit nervous because he didn’t think he could win.  When I informed him that we weren’t even trying to win, he got really confused.  “Then why are we in the race?”  I’m not sure he bought my answer, “Because it is fun, son!”

It WAS fun!

Pioneer Day FHE

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We had a family night tonight about the pioneers.  Tomorrow is Pioneer Day (a state holiday here in Utah) and I’m feeling more sympathy and gratitude for those early settlers this year – probably due to the pioneer trek Kevin and I went on a couple of weeks ago.  We both have many ancestors who crossed the plains as pioneers, some with the handcart companies, and it is hard not to feel a closeness to them after such an experience.  The two of us had so much fun, but our hearts were also touched and softened and reminded of the great sacrifices our own ancestors made.

Tonight we told the boys a little about the pioneers and then we turned on the movie 17 Miracles.  (It is a very nicely done film – I highly recommend it.)  My heart was again touched and softened when I watched as my barely 8 year old son was moved to tears because of the hardships of those handcart pioneers.

It was a rewarding family night.


Trek and Time with Grandmama

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Kevin and I left bright and early on July 5.  We had volunteered to join our church youth on a pioneer trek in Wyoming.  It was a fantastic time spent with some amazing young people.  Our “family” had to be the best one ever!  (ask us and we’ll tell how awesome we were sometime)

The boys got to spend 3 days with Grandmama.  I know they had a good time because when Kevin and I walked in the door, two of them didn’t even acknowledge we were there, one hid behind a couch wanting Grandmama to stay, and Tommy kind of said, “Hi” before going about his own business.  It could have been because we didn’t smell so good, but I think it was really because they love being with their grandma that much!

July 4th

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We celebrated our Independence Day with two … count them 1, 2 … parades that morning!  This was a first for us.

The first parade was over in my mom’s town.  It has become a sort of tradition for a bunch of the family to get together and cheer on the tractors and horses …

Wearing flag shirts has also become somewhat of a tradition (although, after how awful this year’s fit me, I think I’ll boycott this tradition next year!)

The boys all wearing sunglasses should TOTALLY become a tradition …

The parade was fun as usual.  Perhaps there were not as many firetrucks as usual – there were a lot of wild fires this year – but plenty of tractors, the F-16 fly by, horses, and candy.  My boys are pros at getting that candy!  I think they get more thrown at them just because they are so dang cute …

I mean, seriously, look at this kid!  How can you NOT want to throw candy at him?

After that parade was over, we busted a move back home for our own Hooper Parade.  It starts at our church and goes to the park.  Sadly, it doesn’t pass in front of our house, but it does pass in front of some friends’ homes.  We had a nice shady spot near the beginning of the parade.  We again were bombarded with candy and the boys enjoyed themselves.  It was fun waving to people we know …

Later in the day, a bunch of family came to our house for some hot dogs and chips and some card playing.  The little kids had fun playing and it was just a really nice day.  I missed going to the park for the booths and bingo playing, but you can’t always do everything you want to do – and what we did was great, too.

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