First Days of School

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Ricky started 3rd grade last week.  He thought he was ready to go back.  Now he’s happy to be there and enjoying spending time with his friends.  He likes his teacher and that Grandmama gets to come volunteer in the computer lab a couple of times a week.  It should be a good year!  Ricky is wearing size 1 shoes.

Billy started afternoon kindergarten today.  He has been asking for this day since the Kindergarten Round-up last March.  Today “Ricky’s School” finally became “Billy’s School” too (that’s what he told Rusty this morning).  His favorite thing to do today was color a picture, cut it out, and glue it!  He’s easy to please.  Billy is wearing size 11 shoes.

Ricky’s job is to pick Billy up after school and bring him to the meeting spot where I pick them up.  I was there a little early today, perhaps a bit anxious to see how Billy’s first day went, and I saw these two adorable boys round the corner of the school and sprint to the van.  They were smiling and so excited to be sharing the school experience with each other.  I only ever went to the same school at the same time as one of my siblings my freshman year of college at BYU (and that may have only been for a semester before my brother graduated), so it was very touching for me to see this today.  Very touching, indeed.

What we heard …

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Rusty was happily coloring and talking to himself and his Baby (his stuffed animal) while Kevin and I were doing some computer work.  What we heard went something like this,

“Whoa!  I wanna color this guy.  Ba ba ba ba ba.  B Baby was adopted.  He went to the dodgers all by himself.  Look at this picture.  I’m using gray for his engines and blue for his wheels.  Boing.  Look at this car!  It is a pirate!  I like to color this picture …”

We may have heard a few of those words wrong.  We’ll never know.


Tying Quilts

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The boys needed some new quilts for their beds, so I set up my mom’s frames and tied them some.  I haven’t done a quilt in quite a while and the boys were awed by the coolness of playing under the quilt.  There was an entire train track village set up under there at one point.

But I think they thought it was the most cool to just sit under there to watch tv.  I’m good with that.  I still think it is pretty cool myself!


Deck Cracks

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The boys were playing outside one day while Kevin and I worked in the house.  We noticed Tommy on the deck …

Then we noticed him on the deck like this …

We wondered what he was doing and realized he was looking through the cracks.  He could see this …

And this …

And this …

I’m pretty sure he likes his brothers.

Costume Box

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Several years ago, I started buying up the clearance costumes after Halloween.  I wasn’t planning ahead for the next year … I like sewing the boys’ Halloween costumes … I was creating a dress-up box.  I didn’t realize how much the boys would enjoy that box!

When Ricky was 3, I made him a cat costume for Halloween.  Its tail got mangled, so I put it in the dress-up box rather than saving it for future Halloweens.  Ricky, somehow, manages to get into that costume still.  The pants barely hit his knees and stuffing falls out of the tail, but he loves that costume.

Billy just likes dressing up.  He’ll put one thing on and then take it off and put on something else.  You can find him by following the trail of discarded costumes around the house.

Rusty has his favorites.  For a while, I couldn’t get him out of the Bumblebee the Transformer costume.  After that, it was the scary skeleton costume (complete with mask) that he wore for days straight.  Most recently, the Elmo costume … but that is a post of its own for another day.

Tommy has been digging the Candy Corn costume.  I think he likes it best because he can get it on and off by himself.  And, if he isn’t the cutest dang candy corn ever …. guess I should take a picture of that sometime!

That is Rusty as a scary skeleton and Billy as … Dr. Spiderman the Light-Saber wielding superhero … of course.

And here are a few other choice dress up moments for your blog reading pleasure … enjoy!

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