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The boys have never really been fans of honey, but I tried again with some local honey that I got a few weeks ago.

They seemed to quite like it!

As they were eating some honey on toast, I asked a few questions.

Me:  Where do we get honey from?

Billy:  Winnie the Pooh

Me:  Where does Winnie the Pooh get the honey?

Billy:  From the Hundred Acre Woods.

Me:  Who makes the honey?

Billy:  Bees

After finally getting the answer I was looking for out of him, Billy also shared this bit of wisdom,

“We also get honey from the store … who gets it from the bees.”

There you go.


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Ricky was playing photographer tonight with the camera.  He told Tommy to say, “Cheese.”

So, Tommy said, “Cheese!”

With a look of astonishment on his face, Rusty turned to Tommy and said, “When did you learn to talk normal?”

And that is when Kevin and I laughed ourselves to tears.


Hat Head

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Tommy is usually a fan of shoes.  He’ll put on a pair of shoes -his own, Ricky’s, mine – and wander around the house.  Or outside.  The shoes don’t have to fit … or even match.  He just likes shoes.

The other day, though, he found one of my hats and took to wearing it.  At one point during the day, he was looking at a book, but the hat was pulled down low over his face.  He stayed that way for a good 5 minutes.

I’m guessing he could actually see out from under it, since he occasionally turned pages in the book.

Whatever he was doing, it was an adorable “peek-a-boo” I got when I called his name!

Super Rusty

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Rusty is a crack up.

Today at church, one of the teenage girls who helped with his Nursery class stopped me.  She told me how she kept trying to play with Rusty in class and he stiff-armed her and said, “No!  I don’t play with girls!  And you are a girl!”

Yesterday morning, while playing in the backyard, Rusty talked to our neighbor through the fence.  He had to tell Lyle that his name is Super Rusty.  Not just Rusty.  Super Rusty.

He has told more than one person this lately.  It is his current fetish.

Last month, his fetish was being a dog.  He was silent, except for the occasional bark or growl, and he crawled around the house, panting.  If you were particularly lucky, Rusty would crawl up and lick your leg.

All of this dog pretending happened while he was dressed in an Elmo costume.

I sure love my Super Rusty!


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I don’t do a lot of crafts with the boys.  They get plenty messy at mealtime – I don’t find it necessary to create additional messy moments.  That’s what craft time is to me … mess time.

But the boys are always tickled when I pull out something crafty for them to do.  One day this summer, I pulled out the finger paints for the three younger boys.  They weren’t interested in using their fingers … they wanted brushes.  I accommodated.

Billy made a color volcano.  It turned out cool enough that I kept it.  Now to figure out some way to display it.

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