Darth Blanket

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The other morning, Rusty and Billy were playing Star Wars and decided to both be Darth Vader.  They ran and got their blankets and got into character.

Kevin was working from home that day and thought they were being so clever and cute that he had to take a break just to take some pictures.

What was really cute was about 2 minutes later when Number 4, who’d been downstairs happily watching “Cars,” came running up the stairs staying “Blanket!  Blanket!”

Tommy got his blanket, requested that Kevin drape it over his head like his brothers, demanded a picture be taken of him, and then he took the blanket off and went right back to his movie.  He didn’t want to play Darth Vader … he just didn’t want to miss out on a photo op!

There you go!

City Pumpkin Walk

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Our town does a pumpkin walk each October.  Elementary school kids decorate paper sacks for luminaries and families or businesses donate carved pumpkins or displays for everyone to enjoy.  This year, there was even a little spook alley to add to the fun!

The BEST part about this year was that it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t freezing cold!  It was perfect! (and apparently our camera has some spots on its lens … gotta fix that!)

Tommy has taken to saying “Scared!” in a little whisper voice with his hands near his mouth whenever something might possibly be scary.  Usually, he isn’t scared by the shopping cart we are approaching or the flock of geese we are watching, but he says it anyway.  He said it a lot at the pumpkin walk … you know how scary a pumpkin Snow White and her 7 gourd/dwarves are!

We had to get a picture with this Minnie Mouse pumpkin for Grandmama …

Ricky has really, really wanted to go to a haunted house this year, but I didn’t feel he was quite ready for one yet.  Having this little spook alley at the pumpkin walk was the perfect solution!  But it didn’t open for a little bit, so the boys enjoyed some time playing on the park toys …

Tommy was picking up such speed on the steep slide that I needed to stand at the bottom to stop him from flipping onto his face when he hit the bottom!

Finally the spook alley was open and we were ready to go through.  Ricky and Billy were bravely going in first and I had Rusty’s hand behind them.  Kevin was the caboose and was holding Tommy.  I guess the first guy in a mask that Tommy saw, had him “Scared!” and actually shaking, so Kevin didn’t take him through.  Rusty isn’t a big hand-holder, but he wasn’t letting go of my hand!  It was just a small hallway with lots of fog and a dozen people dressed up, but it was plenty scary for my 3 year old.  I think he was most scared when Billy got corned by a couple of kids dressed up like witches and mummies and couldn’t figure out how to get past them.  Rusty was not going to let me walk on without saving Billy.

When we came out the end, Ricky and Billy immediately wanted to do it again!  They loved it!  I offered to sit with Tommy and let Kevin take the others through.  Rusty wouldn’t have that.  He said he was just fine sitting with me, too.

My boys’ first experience with a cheesy spook alley – it totally made me think of my dad who loved taking me to several cheesy spook alleys every Halloween.  It really was a good night!


Air Mattress

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Early this month I painted our master bedroom and bathroom.  Because of the mess and smell, Kevin and I slept on an air mattress in our family room for several nights (painting a room used to take so much less time before having 4 sons).  The boys thought that mattress was there for them.  Especially Tommy.

Tommy is currently VERY into the movie “Cars.”  And into the movie “Cars 2.”  We watch at least one, if not both, most days.   He just loves them.  Sometimes he just likes listening to the movies while he plays and other times, Tommy totally vegges out staring at the screen.

When the air mattress was up, that was his personal viewing area.  He’d get very cranky if you got in his way.

Ricky had a friend over for movie night and all 5 boys piled on the mattress with popcorn and licorice and enjoyed some Icabob Crane and Mr. Toad.

Then, when it was finally time to take the mattress down, the boys all laid down and giggled as the mattress sank and deflated.

Who’d a thunk such a simple thing could provide these boys with so many days of fun?

Uh huh

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If you come to our house, you’d better be careful.

You might just be met by Billy wearing his navy blue hoodie backwards.

You might just be startled by him as he jumps out at you and yells,

“You’ve been scared by the Backward Black Figure!”

There you go.

Circle Stuff

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I asked Rusty to get dressed this morning and this was his reply,

“No!  I’m not a snowman!  There’s circle stuff out the front window!”

Translation:  It is snowing at our house.

I don’t understand the rest of it either.

But it made me laugh.

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