Four Boys at the Barber

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While Kevin and I played in Park City for a few days, Grandmama played with the boys.  One of their adventures included a trip the barber.  My mom takes Ricky and Billy to the same barber who cut my dad’s hair and, since the other two were along, they got hairs cut as well.

Tommy seemed happy about it …

And then Martin the Barber put the cape on and was ready to start.  That’s when Grandmama noticed the great big crocodile tears silently running down his cheeks …

He was thankful when the job was done.

Rusty had no issues and thought it was all just cool.

Four handsome boys …

Momma and Poppy Get Away

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Thanks to the generosity and willingness of Grandmama to baby-sit, Kevin and I were able to go away for three days kids-free.  We had a great time and I am only share a smidgen here … for historical purposes, of course.

We spent the first day playing in Salt Lake City – we went to the temple, ate lunch on top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, did some shopping, and met up with Uncle Tim, Aunt Kym, and Shaelynn for dinner.

We stayed at the Chateau at Silver Lake up above the Deer Valley Resort in Park City.  We were pretty much on top of the mountain!  The second day we did some more shopping, rode the Alpine Slide, rode a zip line (EXCELLENT!), enjoyed some fun restaurants, and ended the night watching “Jekyll and Hyde” at the Egyptian Theater.

Most of the leaves had fallen, but it was beautiful up there …

The zipline was over half a mile long and a bit nerve wracking to stand in line for … but so much fun to ride!

Neither one of us had ridden an alpine slide before – next time we’ll take the boys.

Our last day was spent chilling and dragging our feet about having to head home.  We were having too much fun.  We did tour the Olympic Park where the ski jumps, bobsled and skeleton events from the 2002 Olympics happened.

Thank you so much for watching the boys, Grandmama!!!  It was a much needed extended date!

First Snow Fall

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We had our first snow fall (not a whole lot, but it still counts) about a month ago.  The boys were ecstatic!   We hardly got any snow last year and they have been anxiously awaiting the snowman making!

They did some snow stomping and …

Tommy got hit by his first snowball.  Poor guy.

(I probably shouldn’t have laughed)

Video Game Addicts

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We own 4 Nintendo DS systems and a Wii.  Our boys are learning about video games.  All of them.  Tommy mostly just likes watching his brothers play, but Rusty can hold his own on the DS.

Some people will flog me for this.  Why does a 3 year old need to be proficient at video games?  Truthfully, he doesn’t.  But I don’t mind that he is.  He is learning about technology and, since most of his games are educational based, he’s learning math and reading concepts, too.

The boys don’t get to play every day.  They don’t get to play until their chores are finished.  They are usually playing multi-player games, so they are interacting with each other instead of just lost in their own world.  They don’t get to play fighting or killing games (unless it is Lego characters fighting – because it is just really cool to watch Lego Darth Vader explode into a bunch of little Lego pieces when you blast him).

They don’t get to play in their bedrooms, but that doesn’t stop them from finding cozy nooks to crawl into …

And even with the restrictions, they can still find ways to totally veg out while playing …

Most of the time, Tommy is just happy to be included in the action … whether he gets to actually play or not!


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I was reading on a fashion blog about how hot the trend is right now for layering bracelets.

I didn’t know Tommy was a master of the latest trends …

Actually, he was insistent about wearing those 3 bracelets for a good week, if not more.  Taking them off for bedtime or bath time was NOT acceptable!

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