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I know.  I know.  There has been a dry spell on here of two weeks!  Two Weeks!  I’m ashamed.  Almost.

I’ll let you in on a little secret … the day before Thanksgiving, I blogged.  A lot.  I had the posts set up to post over more than a week just to keep you all (ha!) entertained longer.  I knew life was going to get busy and crazy as we were about to potty train both Rusty and Tommy (yes.  at the same time.).  So I was prepared.

What I wasn’t prepared for was Kevin working 70 hours the week after Thanksgiving.  Or for the 80 hours of work he’s done each week since then.  His work is changing ownership and that requires a lot of work for the lead IT guy.  I also wasn’t prepared to get sick enough that I barely did anything for a week.  Typing even hurt.

Now, I’m behind on Christmas preparation.  Behind on housework.  And, alas, behind on blogging.

I’ve tried to snap a few pictures and I’ve jotted down a few funny things on Facebook and my notebook.  I’ll spend time blogging again … sometime.

Until then …

Jungle Gym

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Yesterday Rusty was playing nicely in the hallway with some toy cars.  I was enjoying listening to his vrooms.

Unfortunately, Rusty was laying on his tummy on the floor while he played nicely with these cars.  That’s an open invitation for Tommy to attack.  Anyone who sits and especially anyone who lays on the floor can count on Tommy jumping on them while he giggles wildly.

It didn’t take long before I no longer heard the vrooms and instead heard some grunts and the wild giggling.  That was followed by more grunts from Rusty and some “Get off, Tommy!  No, Tommy!”  And, of course, more wild giggling.

Then Rusty took a deep breath and very loudly stated, “Get off me, Tommy!  I am NOT a jungle gym!”

There you go.

Billy Plays Soccer

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Last New Year’s as we sat around and made our Resolutions, Billy adamantly declared that he wanted to learn how to play soccer this year.

Outwardly, I was all smiles and “what a great resolution, Billy!”  Inwardly, I groaned and had my own personal temper tantrum of “no! no! no!”

I don’t really have anything against soccer … it is okay.  It is fairly low on my favorite sports list but that is mostly because I am opposed to soccer parents and the obsession and time consumption … and really, how can you get excited about a sport that frequently boasts a final score after more than an hour of play of 2 to 1?

But I signed Billy up to play on the AYSO under 6 team.

Imagine my great delight when they called and begged me to be the coach for his team …

It wasn’t as horrible as I’d imagined.

Billy’s brothers quite enjoyed the warm up and practice time …

Ricky wanted to be on a team – not so he could play, but so he could have a jersey and get the treats after the games.

There were five little boys on Billy’s team:  Billy, Kaleb, Kaden, Cannon, and Sage.  It took me weeks to keep Kaleb, Kaden, and Cannon straight – not because they looked alike, but just because of their similar names.

The parents were mostly nice.  Most of the other coaches were fine (although a few did forget that these were five year old little boys playing – not professionals).

And as happy as Billy was to be completing his resolution, he was more excited to get the snacks at the end of each game!

Billy isn’t a super aggressive player. He prefers to hang in the back and just run around rather than fight for the ball.

When he finally scored his first (and only) goal … well, I’ve never seen him so proud.  That made it all worth it.

Animal Free Stay-cation

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In an attempt to improve health, Ricky and I are going through some allergy elimination treatments.  Kevin did the process a couple of years ago with great success.  One of the top things on my list of “allergies” was pet dander.  It was also on Kevin’s list yet he had never been treated for it because it requires you to avoid animals for 25 hours.  Yeah.  We live with 3 cats and, at the time, 2 dogs.

Since it was on my list and was borderline for Ricky, we planned a little trip away from our house.  We got a hotel room in Ogden and spent 25 hours just playing.

Our first stop was the Children’s Treehouse Museum.

A little time on the fire truck …

A lot of noise in the music room …

A visit to the “oval office”…

An astronaut visit …

Some computer time …

Some drawing (shh, we didn’t know those weren’t white boards meant to be drawn on – they cleaned up well)…

A pony ride …

Yeah … um … I don’t know …

See how much fun we are all having at the museum?

Next we went to the local mall for a train ride.  For a small fee, you can ride this train from one end of the mall to the other and back again.   It was surprising how cool the boys thought this was!  Ricky and Billy were riding at the front in the coal car.

Then we had another treat – lunch in the mall food court!  It is truly the simple things that amaze my boys!  We all had Chik-Fil-A.  The boys were very well behaved and two very nice older ladies came over to compliment me on how cute and good my boys were.  Gotta love that!

After lunch, we went for a drive over to Antelope Island.  We didn’t know it was the day of the Buffalo Round-up.  If we’d known that, we would have planned to stay longer and see the buffalo come into the pens, but this was just another stop on our day of fun.

The reason we couldn’t stay was that we had tickets to see “Hotel Transylvania” with Grandmama.  It was Rusty and Tommy’s first visit to a movie theater and was totally priceless!  Every time the dracula made a scary face or whenever someone kissed, Tommy giggled loudly!  It was a very cute movie and Tommy ate popcorn straight for the entire 2 hours.

We ended our night at the hotel with pizza, some TV watching, and 4 very tired boys.  Tommy had a rough night that included falling out of bed and getting a black eye.

The next morning we only had a few hours before we could head home.  We ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant, where we were again complimented by an elderly couple on how well behaved our boys were.  The waitress was Asian and congratulated Kevin on giving me four sons.  She was quite taken with the boys and kept refilling their juice and trying to bring them more food!

Then we drove to Beus Pond and did a little hiking and bird watching.  The ducks and geese came right up to us when we started down the trail, but once they realized we didn’t have any food for them, they lost interest.  The boys did not!  Ricky was particularly taken with the birds.  He kept creeping closer and closer and we were afraid one of those geese was going to get him!

It was too cold to stay out very long, but the boys didn’t seem to notice…

When our time was up, we were all happy to be back home to our furry pets …

It was short and we were never far from home, but it was a lot of fun being able to just focus on our family.  I like them.