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Billy is a hugger.  He is also a bald-head-kisser, but that’s worthy of a different post.

He especially loves to hug Ricky.   Ricky’s not so fond of it.

I think Billy thinks that it has something to do with his age because I heard him say,

“You can still hug me when I’m 5!”

How about next month when he’s six?  Hmm …

Bird Houses

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During our family white elephant party, Kevin won some bird house kits.  These were perfect since Ricky needed to build something for one of his cub scout requirements.  Billy got to join in the fun since there were 2 kits.

Kevin was extremely busy (still is) with his work changes during the holidays, but he found some time on New Year’s to build with the boys.

To say Rusty and Tommy were jealous would be putting it mildly.  They found their toy tools and were right in there, watching the action.

A few nails were bent but no fingers were hurt (at least not too badly).  It was a good male bonding time all around.

It was a week or so later before Kevin had more time available to help with the painting.  This was his project with the boys and I thought he should get the joy of seeing it through.  To keep Tommy and Rusty happy (and my table clean) we just spread out paper and let them paint to their hearts’ content.

Billy’s is the one on the left and Ricky’s is on the right.  They are very excited for spring so that we can put them up in our backyard.  I think they turned out pretty darn neat!


Sledding and Weather

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A couple of days after Christmas, we got dumped on with snow.  It was great!  We decided to take the boys sledding and Uncle Tony has a fenced in backyard with a good hill, so that is where we headed.

Once we made it out of the drive-way.

My van couldn’t make it.  That wasn’t happening.

So then we had to dig the suburban out so we could even get the car seats in so we could kick on the 4 wheel drive and make it onto the road.

But then we were headed to Uncle Tony’s.

The boys were kind of tired of the cold and all the layers by the time we got the suburban out, but they warmed up to the adventure of Uncle Tony’s backyard.

There are several skinny trees at the bottom of the hill, so I spent most of my time blocking the boys from any serious injuries.  That consisted of grabbing them, pushing them, and in one case, kicking them out of the way of the trees.

Rusty wasn’t so sure about the sleds.

So he found his own way to get down the hill.

While his brothers flew down on sleds …

Rusty bum-scooted himself through a good foot of snow.  He was happy.

I think this was Ricky’s final ride.  The one that involved me kicking him out of the way of a tree.  He wasn’t hurt…it was more of a push with my foot.  I think it was just an excuse to not have to drag the sled back up the hill anymore…

Rusty’s opposition to the sleds led him to attempt riding a toy car down the hill … luckily we stopped him before the inevitable face plant.

It really was a lot of fun.  We took Daisy along with us since we’ve been feeling bad about her being lonely since Trouble passed away.

The boys were really good sports and seemed to really enjoy it …

Of course, as we walked down the street to Grandmama’s house, all I heard was “I’m freezing!”  “I want hot chocolate!” “Are we there yet?” … but during the fun sledding time, they were GREAT!

That was pretty much the last time they’ve been able to play outside.  For the last month, our temperature has never gotten above freezing.  We were lucky if we got into the 20s most days.  And there were lots of nights in the negatives.  The boys haven’t been able to go out to recess or play in the backyard because it has just been too cold.  The last couple of days have included freezing rain and super slippery sidewalks and roads.  We have definitely felt winter this year!

Christmas Day 2012

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The boys slept in all the way until 6:30 on Christmas Day.  I know, you are all jealous.

They did the customary line-up and parade into the family room to see what their loot would be …

It wasn’t the biggest and messiest Christmas we’ve ever had, but the boys seemed really happy with their gifts…

I read once that Christmas Day is great and all, but it is always a let down.  You spend a month or more preparing and planning and being excited for the “big day” and when it comes, there is a let down.  Not because you didn’t get what you wanted or because what you got wasn’t fabulous, but because it means it is over and you have to wait a whole year before it comes again.  I thought about that as I watched Ricky.  The Kindle Fire the family got kind of snapped him out of it though …

We lounged around and enjoyed our gifts before heading over to Grandmama’s house.  She had shoulder surgery just before Christmas, but some of the family was still meeting at her home for lunch.  We would have just had her at our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, except Ricky was just getting over the flu and strep throat and Rusty had the flu.  His fever broke enough that he could go to Grandmama’s but then came back with a vengeance the next day.

There were more gifts to open …

And Tommy faces to make …

And family to visit with …

It was a good Christmas.  December was a long month with Kevin working 70 to 80 hours a week or more all month and some of us sick and all the things that come with the Christmas season.  But the day was nice.

The boys were tired by that night and Rusty was starting to feel sick again, but I really wanted my “favorite things” picture.  The boys got their new jammies on, grabbed their favorite presents of the day, and gathered near the tree.  And I tried to get a good picture.

Someday I think they will all smile and look at the camera.  Someday.

Mostly I got a lot of pictures of me trying to get a good picture.

These four boys are my favorite present.  I like their dad an awful lot too.

Fil the Puppy

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Aunt Suzy got a new pet.  She says it is a puppy named Fil.

I’m not really convinced that he is a real dog.  The boys think “he is so cute, Momma!”  Okay.  He’s cute.  But I’m still not sure he’s really a dog.


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