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The snow is all gone and we had a week of really nice weather.  (And then a week of cold and more snow that melted right away – but it is spring in Utah after all.)

The three younger boys and I stopped at the park one day while we waited for Ricky to finish his piano lesson.  To say they were thrilled would be putting it mildly.  They missed the park.

I had to laugh though.  I’ve mentioned before how Rusty likes to remind Tommy that he is the bigger brother.  Tommy doesn’t really believe it and he showed that during our park visit.

Tommy was up on top of the big toy and Rusty was climbing down below when Tommy yelled out (more than once),

“Rusty!  Be careful!”

There you go.

Great-Grandma Evelyn

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This last week, the boys’ Great-Grandma Evelyn Pendleton passed away.  We’ve spent a lot of time over the years working with the boys to understand who Grandma Evelyn and Grandpa Dick are.  The younger ones don’t fully comprehend her passing away, but Ricky cried when we told him.

Maybe it isn’t that they don’t comprehend, (Rusty and Tommy probably don’t), but I think Billy just gets it.  Ricky does, too, for he didn’t cry long.  They get that we are families forever and that even though we’ll miss her here, she’s having a party with her parents in heaven and all the others that she’s been missing.  She was 89 … a lot of loved ones have gone to heaven before her.

I wish the boys could go to the funeral.  Not that I want them at a funeral, but so they could give Grandpa Dick a hug and tell him how much they love him and how sad they are that he’s going to miss Grandma Evelyn.  But Washington is a long way away and plane tickets aren’t cheap, so I’ll just have to hug Grandpa Dick for them.

I had just one great-grandma that I met and knew… Grandma Henriod.  Agnes E. Henriod.  The last time I saw her, I was 13.  I had very long hair, but it was pulled back in a ponytail and she asked my dad “who’s that boy?”  She passed away a couple of years later.

Great-Grandma Henriod

Knowing a great-grandma is a pretty special thing.  I’m so glad that my boys have known Grandma Evelyn.  We’ll continue to share her stories and remind them about her and her special love.  Because she is a very special lady.  We love you, Grandma Evelyn!

Billy turned 6, part 2

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Billy also got some love from his California aunts.  He was a spoiled birthday boy!

Billy’s “most favorite color” is red.  I believe he says it that way because he doesn’t want the other colors to think they aren’t his favorite…red just happens to be his MOST favorite.

Billy calls himself a carnivore.  It is kind of true.  Out of the four boys, this one likes his meat the best.  He’ll often ask for seconds of whatever meat we might be eating.  We don’t eat a ton of meat, but this one would love it for every meal, I think.  He is also my slowest eater.  Oy.  Everyone else will be finished eating, had dessert, and run off playing and Billy will still sit there asking for seconds or thirds … even AFTER eating dessert!  I don’t understand that … you don’t go back for more chicken after cleansing your palate with a cookie!  But Billy does.

Billy is getting to be a pretty good reader.  It hasn’t “clicked” yet, but he sounds the words out and rarely needs help.  Once it clicks, this boy is going to be reading like crazy.  I’m also waiting for his handwriting to click.  Is it possible that three-quarters of the way through kindergarten his handwriting is actually WORSE than it was when he started?  Sigh.  Guess what he’ll be practicing during spring break?  (insert evil laugh here)

He was declared healthy and well at his 6 year old well-check.  He’s small for his age, but I’m not complaining (nor concerned).  Billy weighed in at 40 pounds (15th percentile) and is 43.7 inches tall (25th percentile).    What my boys may lack in physical stature, they more than make up for in personality…especially Billy.  Everybody knows and loves Billy.  He knows it, too.  And he works it.  Heaven help us when this kid gets to high school!

Love you, Billy!  A day doesn’t go by that you don’t make me smile and laugh!  I’m lucky to be the one you call Momma!

Billy turned 6

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Billy wanted to turn 6.  He was anticipating it like a 15 year old waiting for their birthday to get their license.  I don’t know what was so magical to him about turning 6, but he was excited.

He had a fairly low-key birthday.  He got to take treats to school.  He wanted chocolate cupcakes … with the cream inside.  With the Hostess company closing its doors, Ding Dongs are hard to come by, but luckily Walmart makes a knock-off version that made him happy.

He requested pizza with a side of red sauce for dinner.  My boys love their pizza.  Billy likes cake okay, but I know he prefers other desserts, so I wasn’t surprised when he requested brownies for his birthday.

Billy is currently very fascinated with Batman, so his brothers got him Batman enemies for him to fight.

The thank you hugs are so cute.

Where Rusty squealed over Batman underpants, Billy whooped over a “Ninjago” book that came with a Lego Ninjago guy.

When Billy came in to give me a thank you hug, I held him tight so his brothers could give him some birthday spankings … gotta start the year off right!

When did this guy get so big?!

the big brother

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Having the last two little boys just 15 months apart felt like it was going to kill me at times.

There are lots of fun moments when they are just so cute together and since I always wanted twins, it kind of feels like that.

But …

There are the other moments.  The screaming and non-sharing and Tommy beating up on Rusty (yes, I typed those names correctly).

Then, once in a while, Rusty puts that Tommy in his place.

Like earlier this week when Rusty was doing something and didn’t want Tommy doing it with him,

“Tommy, you can’t.  You are JUST two!”

Only 15 months older, but to a barely 4 year old, it might as well be a dozen.

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