Clean Face

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My boys have never (and I fear WILL never) be known for their clean eating habits.  Try as I might, they are slobs.  They do seem to improve with age, but Tommy is still in the midst of slob-ville.

After a dinner of semi-healthy things followed by a chocolate milk shake, Tommy went to the sink to wash his hands and face.  He declared himself finished and started to walk away without drying his hands.  As he passed me, I saw that he had completely missed his face.

“Tommy, you need to wash your face again,” I said.

So, Tommy took those still dripping hands and rubbed and rubbed his … eyes.  Yeah.  They weren’t dirty.

“Opps, Tommy!  You still need to do your cheeks.  They’re still dirty,” I said.

So, Tommy stuck out his long tongue … licked both hands … and scrubbed at his mouth and cheeks.

At this point, Kevin had to go direct Tommy to the sink because my head was on the table as I tried to conceal my laughter.

Vegetable Attire

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Billy has always been my child most interested in fashion.  He’s been more picky about his clothes for as long as he could talk.  Socks, in particular, have to be just right – he prefers character socks to boring plain white ones.  Give him Batman or Spiderman any day over Hanes.

I make an effort to keep him looking presentable for school with certain “school clothes rules,” and even then he pushes the boundaries in Billy-style.  But when it comes to play time, I let him fully express himself.

Last Sunday was the first truly warm day in a couple of weeks and Kevin and I were talking about what to do that evening.  Then Kevin looked at Billy.

He was wearing a dark yellow long-sleeved t-shirt with dark yellow sweat pants that probably should have been passed onto Rusty judging from how much of Billy’s ankle we could see.  And there was Batman doing his best to cover those ankles. (How I did not get a picture of this is beyond me)

After a moment’s contemplation, Kevin said,

“Well, I’d say let’s go for a walk if Billy wasn’t dressed like a mustard seed.”

Ahhh.  We love you, Billy!  (hee hee hee – it still cracks me up!)

Seventh Place

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Be it good or bad, our boys are competitive.  Not on the soccer field or even in the classroom, but with each other!  Races to get dressed, wash hands after dinner, get their seat belts on … they race and sometimes cry because they didn’t win.

We are trying to work on this.  It is an ongoing process.

Yesterday, it was a race to get their chores done.  I don’t know that Ricky and Billy were in on the race as they don’t like to do chores even when racing, but Rusty and Tommy were at it!

There was a list of chores on the white board for each of the boys to do and Rusty was admiring how many of his were crossed off.  He said, “I’m already in first place!”

Tommy, not to be out-done, proclaimed,

“I’m already in seventh place!”

There you go.

Good-bye, Sally

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Six and a half years ago, my brother and his wife sold us their Dodge Neon for a great price.  We were very grateful for the reliable car and Kevin drove it daily for years.   The Neon is bright blue and Ricky dubbed it “Sally” from the movie “Cars.”  She was no porche, like the original Sally, but the boys have loved having a celebrity around.

About a year and a half ago, Kevin took Ricky to school in Sally.  He put her into park, let Ricky out, and then went to drive away.  Sally refused to change gears.  We managed to get her home and parked her.  She’s been parked next to our grapes since.

I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a hard fix, but we had the suburban for Kevin to drive and winter was coming, so we just left her.  The boys have talked to her, watched icicles form off of her, seen the bees buzzing around her, and asked us when we were ever going to fix her.

The answer to their question is never.  We decided to let someone else have that pleasure.  Sally did have a few problems (a leaky trunk among other things) that we felt better suited another family.  We put a for sale sign on her one Saturday afternoon, and by Tuesday afternoon, she was sold.  The best part for us is that the man who bought her owns a repair shop.  Maybe someday soon we’ll see Sally restored to full glory and cruising the streets once more.

So long, Sally!


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I have been given several opportunities to help out in Rusty’s Primary class at church.  Sometimes I am more thankful for these opportunities than others.

A few weeks ago, as I helping the teacher pass out goldfish crackers, one of the little boys got a bit impatient.  He wanted his crackers NOW!

The cute little teachers told this boy he needed to be patient and asked, “Do you guys know what patience means?”

Without any hesitation, my Rusty spoke right up,

“It means to wait!”

The other kids just kind of looked at him like he was crazy, but I looked on with satisfaction.

It was a proud momma moment.

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