Blogging on Hold

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I am afraid blogging is going to be in short supply for a couple more weeks.  I’m still trying to take some notes of funny stories and the occasional picture, but actually blogging just isn’t a priority right now.

Priorities right now include the elementary Field Day that I (in a moment of temporary insanity) volunteered to organize.  It happened Friday and I think it was a big success.  However, I spent HOURS planning and making back up plans in case of rain and then HOURS on my pregnant feet that, two days later, still hate me.

The other big priority has been our purchase of this …

It is less than a half mile away, same friends, school, ward (church), and on a nice quiet and slow cul-de-sac.  We expect to get the keys in the next couple of days, so we’ve been packing and getting our current home ready to be sold.

Besides that, we’ve had the end of soccer season, the beginning of tee ball, end of school year activities and homework, church obligations, a couple of viruses, and other various appointments … all of this keeping me away from the blogging world.

I will return.  Sometime.  Hopefully soon.


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Sometime in the last couple of weeks, Ricky must have had a lesson about saying prayers.  It wasn’t from us.

Whoever had this lesson with him, must have talked about using correct prayer language and have given him some ideas.  He’s been using some, for lack of better phrase, “big person” words.  He’s been starting his prayers speaking very slowly and enunciating,  “Our dear… gracious… Father in Heaven …” and he doesn’t just bless the food to be good for us any more, he’s adding “nourish our bodies” to his list.  There is nothing wrong any of this or the other things Ricky is adding to his prayers, he’s just sounding like an old man praying rather than our 8 year old.

Apparently, the other boys do really listen to what we say in our prayers.  Tonight was Billy’s turn to say our family prayer.

He began,

“Our dear, old, gracious Heavenly Father …”

Yeah, I’m not sure what the rest of his prayer was.

I was trying really hard not to snort while hiding my laughter.

There you go.

May Day

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Rusty has been very into numbers lately.  He wants to know how many minutes until he gets to color a new page in the color-by-number book…how many days until Poppy’s birthday…what number it will be when he gets his next snack.

So, we’ve talked a little about numbers and time and dates with him.  Not much, but some.  I didn’t realize how much Rusty had been listening to us until yesterday morning.

He and Tommy were having a conversation – something very in depth, I’m sure – when I heard Rusty say,

“No, it’s not your birthday, Tommy.  Today is the One-th day of May!”

So I hope you had a happy May Day, or in Rusty-eze, One-th day of May.