Backyard Soccer

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Spring season of Billy’s AYSO soccer started and ended.  Sadly the last game of the season was rained out.

The most sad part was that Billy had finally gotten it.  He finally was getting into the game and the competitiveness of it.  He played 8 games last fall and it was the 5th game this spring when something changed.  Billy was aggressive and fought for the ball and scored a goal based more on trying rather than just being in the right place at the right time.

It was fun to see that change in him and that confidence.  That doesn’t mean we’ll be signing up for soccer again next season, but it was still fun to see.

Instead, we’ll do a few more backyard soccer games.  Those are almost as fun.  Especially if I provide treats afterwards.

Space Derby – “Linus Twelve Four”

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For Ricky’s Pack Meeting the end of April, they held a Space Derby.  I knew about Pinewood Derbies and even Rain-gutter Regattas, but the Space Derby was new to me.  Each boy created a rocket and then they were raced down a fishing line race track.  Rubber bands are added and twisted to give the rocket momentum and speed.

We are all about letting our boys do their own creating for projects like this, so we discussed with Ricky what he wanted his rocket to look like before letting him go with the paint.  He wanted it to look like a cat.  Like our Linus cat to be exact.  So we let him.

Kevin worked with him and showed him how to sand it and smooth it out.  Ricky didn’t think it needed to be very circular, just a little off the edges was good enough for him.  He even added the red since our Linus cat wears a red collar.

He was very pleased with himself for doing it all on his own.

When it was finished, it was time to name the rocket.  He stuck to his Linus theme and named it “the Linus Twelve Four.”

The Linus Twelve Four did quite well, actually.  It raced three times and came in a close second each time!  You were allowed to twist your propeller 100 times and we later learned that in at least two of the races, the rocket that won was twisted much more than 100 times.  Ricky was happy with how his rocket did but more excited to bring his unharmed rocket home and put it on his shelf.

Compete in Space Derby.  Check.

Have a good time.  Check, check.

Hang onto rocket designed like a cat for years and years to come.  Quite possibly check, check, check.

Tired Momma Solutions

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We knew we were going to buy our new house quite a while before we actually got under contract and started the buying process.  This means that I’ve been packing and “getting ready to move” for months.   Some days I’ve just been tired.  Very, very tired.  Those days have resulted in a few too many dinners like this …

And a few too many “entertain yourselves” activities like this …

Fortunately, my husband is a good sport and my children like chicken nuggets, french fries, and making messes.   All’s well.

Second Tooth

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Billy’s second tooth fell out on April 12.  Actually, the more correct story is that Billy asked his kindergarten teacher to pull his very wiggly tooth out on April 12, but who’s worried about details?

The Ending of Naps

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I hang on to nap time for as long as I can with my boys.  I LOVE nap time!

Tommy is bucking the system though.  With our current move and business involved in that, I haven’t worried about naps with him and by 6:30 or 7:00 at night, it totally shows!

This picture was taken back in April.  It was an early out day for the older boys and those days always messed with nap time anyway.  After a long hard day of playing and tv viewing, Tommy just couldn’t stay awake any longer.

And, no, I don’t really know why Billy is sitting on top of a couch cushion under which Rusty is laying.  Not a clue.

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