Father’s Day 2013

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At least if I slacked on a Mother’s Day blog, I treated Kevin just as fairly with a missed Father’s Day blog, too.

I usually line the boys up and have have them hold the letters p-o-p-p-y for Kevin for Father’s Day.  I didn’t this year.  But not because I have been a slacker who is just now catching up.  I did it on purpose.  In less than 2 months, we’ll actually have 5 boys and Ricky won’t have to hold double P’s.  So, I planned to not do it.  Yeah.  That’s right.

These boys absolutely adore their dad and I have to admit that I do, too!

Rusty’s Face

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Grandmama was a huge help during our moving process.  She would take the boys and let Kevin and I have some packing or moving time without having to parent.  We didn’t just appreciate it, the boys loved spending so much time with her.

One of these days, Grandmama took the boys for a walk along the walking trail.  The boys love this activity and I guess Rusty was a bit more enthusiastic than he should have been.  He was running … on his toes … wearing flip flops.  This is not a good combination!

I’m told that he biffed it and quickly got up, yelled that he didn’t want Grandma and went off running not letting anyone console him.  He could have used some consoling.  He didn’t catch himself with his hands … he smacked his face right on the black top.

This picture is several days later and just before his first swimming lesson (during which all the water made the scab fall off – sorry pool people!).  It looked much, much worse when he first came home.  Luckily, it is barely noticeable now.  And we have a good reason to remind him to walk with flat feel and not on his toes … especially in flip flops!

Bits of Cute

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Somewhere, somehow Rusty picked up that another word for bathroom is “restroom.”  It is now his word of choice for that particular experience.  The rest of us might say, “I need to use the  … potty/bathroom/loo.”  For Rusty it is always the restroom.  Even if I say, “Rusty, do you need to use the bathroom?”  He’ll respond, “No, I don’t need to use the restroom.”

Tommy occasionally calls it restroom, too.

Billy will just jump up, do a little dance, and shake his fist at us.  (The sign in sign language for needing to go to the bathroom)


Kevin took Ricky and Billy to Crystal Hot Springs for our church’s Father and Sons’ Camp Out in May.  He didn’t quite feel ready to take all 4 boys camping with him.   The boys had a great time (even though they didn’t get to go swimming) and came home exhausted.  Kevin just came home exhausted.

As they were getting ready to leave and Tommy realized that he was going to be left behind, he started repeating, “Poppy a bad boy.  Poppy a bad boy.”  Apparently, if you don’t take Tommy camping with you … you are a bad boy!


Billy found out his class assignment for next year during his last week of school.  One of the boys that was on both his soccer and tee ball teams is going to be in his class with him.  How Billy told Rusty about it went like this …

B:  I can’t believe it!  Rusty, you know number 7 on our tee ball team?  He’s going to be in my first grade class!

R:  Today?

B:  No!!  Next year.  After summer vacation.  There’s 101 days of summer vacation starting TODAY!

Then Billy broke into song singing “There’s  104 days of summer vacation, then school comes along just to end it …” (this is the theme song to the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb”).


After Tommy was finished getting his ECHO done at Primary Children’s, I asked the tech how his heart looked.  She looked at me and in all seriousness said, “I’m not allowed to say because I don’t have the right initials.”


Tommy is pretty good at knowing the correct words for things, other than our cats.  He thinks they are all Linus.  Go figure.

Anyway, he caught us off guard the other day when he kept asking for berries.  He wanted more berries.  I tried to explain that we didn’t have any more berries and he was adamant that we did and he’d had some earlier.  Finally, we bridged our communication gap and found that “berries” really meant grapes.  We haven’t been able to break him of that yet.

At about the same time, he asked for some beans.  Really didn’t know what he was going for with that one.  It turns out “beans” really means M&Ms.


One day, during quiet time, Tommy fell down and got a great big goose egg on his head.  Once the tears were dry and a boo-boo bird (ice pack) was placed on his head, Tommy said, “I’m not very good at quiet time.”


Any time a 3 year old gives you a thumbs up, it is just cute.  And this boy gives them all the time …

Memorial Day

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I would never say that I’m happy my dad passed away, but I do try to find the positives in the situation.  Dad’s passing has allowed a lot of conversations with the boys about death and heaven.  And it gives a bit more meaning to Memorial Day.  We aren’t just wandering a cemetery looking at headstones and pretty flowers … we are visiting Grandpa Chet.

Swimming Lessons

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There aren’t a lot of activities that I intend to force my boys to do.  Piano and swimming, though, are two in which they have no option.  No choice.  They will do both for years and years and they must accept that.

So far, only Ricky has begun piano.  Let’s just say he complains less about yearly swimming lessons.

There are a couple of pools in the area that do summertime swimming lessons.  I went with the one a little farther away this time.  Several reasons made me choose that pool, but the top two:  I could sign up online, months in advance, and they offered classes for Tommy and Rusty to be in without a parent.

I couldn’t get all 4 of them in lessons at the same time, but I did get three at once and Billy during the next time slot.  For two weeks, we spent a couple of hours at the pool each morning.  A huge plus for me, unexpected though it was, was that the boys all had adult teachers this year.  Usually, we get high school aged kids teaching them.  This was so much better, especially for Ricky.  He showed fabulous improvement!

Rusty also did exceptionally well.  So well, in fact, that his teacher signed him off on the class he was in and the next class up!  I’ve got some little fish!  Billy and Tommy did really well, too.  I thought I’d get a lot of reading done while waiting for the boys to finish their lessons, but I had too much fun watching them swim!

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