1001 Posts!

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I just happened to notice that the last post I put on was my 1000th post.  That’s a lot of posts!

I’ve been doing this bloggy thing for more than 9 years.  That’s a long time!

In honor of my long time blogging and my 1001th post, I thought I would give you just a smathering of pictures.

No particular order.

No particular reason.

No particular year.

Just a bit of what this blog is.

Happy day!



















dirt 2

ricky and santa


billy 1



























CA Trip 2013 Part 5: The Rest

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We always enjoy our trips to California and they always seem to end too quickly.  This year we weren’t able to stay as long as we sometimes do, so it felt like an even shorter trip.  We just had to squeeze in more fun in a shorter time!

Tommy found Grandpa Brent’s tricycle from when he was a boy and had to give it a few whirls around the pool …



Billy found that rolling off the bottom bunk and sleeping UNDER his bed was more comfortable … twice …





Grandma Jeanne likes to play games on her Ipad and the two littles found that really cool.  She even played with them on their DS systems …



Aunt Wendi gave the boys some presents – always a cool thing …






We got lucky enough to spend a day with Uncle David’s family while we were there (they live in Indiana) and the boys got to do video games with Cousin Jackson …


The grown-ups got time to play games, too …



I guess we were so busy having fun that we didn’t take quite as many pictures as usual.

When it was time to leave, we did a round of hugs and kisses and the only one I caught on camera was saying good-bye to Jackson …



Thank you, Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jeanne, for having such a fun home for us to visit and letting us do such fun things while we are there!

Much love to all our California family!  Muah!



CA Trip 2013 Part 4: The Beach

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About April, Rusty began asking if we were going to go to Disneyland this summer.   Since I can’t ride the rides pregnant, there was no doubt about it … no, we weren’t.  But, in an attempt to not completely ruin his summer before it began, I told him that we WOULD be going to the beach.  And the count down began …

Rusty had only been to the beach once … when he was 9 months old … in Mexico …



… so I wasn’t exactly sure if this tactic would work, but it did.  Rusty was ready for the beach.



We went to Huntington Beach and we kept the boys watching for that first glimpse of ocean.  Making them wait while we parked and unloaded was torture …







I was feeling a bit queasy that day, so I planned to spend most of my time under the umbrella and just enjoy their excitement.  However, after their first few minutes in the waves, I had to call them all back to put on their life jackets.  Kevin couldn’t save all 4 and I was too far and too waddle-y to help much if necessary.  Pregnant worry-wart!





I can’t say they all loved it.  Rusty spent a lot of time with me playing in the sand.  He liked the water, but the sand was more his speed.  Ricky would have spent all day in the waves.  Thank heavens for that life jacket because that boy had no fear!



It started out a bit overcast and there was a breeze, so warming up time was necessary.


We made a sand castle complete with seaweed moat …





I made a sea turtle … which met an early death thanks to an unwatching teenager who stomped through our area!



We ate our picnic lunch …



We watched what the boys called “flying commercials” …




People had to be buried in the sand – starting with Tommy …









Then Billy …



And more and more water time …



At one point Ricky declared, “Grandpa Brent’s pool is NOTHING compared to this!”



Maybe we should go to the beach a bit more often!



Rusty was obsessed with numbers  all summer – “how many days until we go to the beach?”  “how old are you?”   “how many days until the new baby comes?”  On the drive to CA, he was particularly interested in how old Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jeanne are.  Yet, I was still surprised into laughter as we drove home from the beach and he declared, “I’m Grandpa Brent’s wife.  I’m 64 years old.”  Okay, son.  Whatever makes you happy!

One reason NOT to go to the beach very often is my albino family!  I picked up some color, but didn’t burn.  The boys all kept their rash guards on and only got a little color on their faces.  And then there was Kevin.  As we ate lunch, he took his rash guard off.  I offered sunscreen (let that be duly noted) but he said he wanted to get a “little color” (let that also be duly noted).  He only had it off about 20 or 30 minutes, put it back on and played with the boys some more.

As we packed up to hike back to the car, Kevin took the shirt off again.  The walk was really only 15 or 20 minutes max.  However, my husband got himself a “little color.”  I like to call it “bright red.”  The poor man.  It didn’t really blister, just those tiny air bubble kinds, but he put off heat from his back and shoulders for nearly a week!  He hurt and then he peeled.  Oh the peeling!  We called it the “Peel Poppy” game and the boys actually kind of liked it!  (this picture was taken 6 days after our beach day)



Will we do the beach again?  Absolutely!

Will Kevin ever take his shirt off at the beach again?  Most likely not.

First Day of School 2013

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School has begun.  Ahhh.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE having my boys around and the ease of a summer without places to be and homework to do.  However, there is something soothing about routine.  Not just for me, but also for the boys.  Rusty has been counting down the days, but the older two seemed indifferent.  Until we went to Back to School Night the evening before school was to start.

I don’t know what was in the air that night, but something got them ready and excited and anxious to go.  Ricky got his own alarm clock this summer and was learning how to set the alarm so he wouldn’t sleep in!






It is going to take the momma a little getting used to.  It is always an adjustment back to packing lunches and getting them out the door, but since we moved, the boys now ride the bus to school.  This cuts off about 30 minutes of our morning!    I definitely felt rushed that first morning, but we’ll get it.  Ricky started 4th grade and Billy started 1st.


The boys looked dashing and pretty much ran to the bus stop.  The whole family walked them there and visited with our friends who were also waiting for the bus.  Rusty and Tommy are very excited for the day that they will get to ride the big yellow bus with a yellow roof (as opposed to some of the buses which have a white roof)!





Walking home from the bus stop with our friend, Mason …


Ricky and Billy came home excited to tell me about their day.  Ricky told me that school was great … fabulous … awesome … all smashed together!  I haven’t seen him this excited about school since kindergarten!  Billy loved all the recess time he got and eating lunch at school.  I don’t know if they didn’t do much else, or if those were just the highlights, but recess and more recess is all I got out of him!

I hope the boys stay excited about the school year.  I hope they learn a lot and have a lot of fun.  I hope they choose good friends and make good choices.  Most of all, I hope they remember that they are each other’s best friend and biggest supporter!  Their friendship is priceless and I hope it continues to stick!

CA Trip Part 3: Dolphins

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Usually for the Fourth of July, our family finds some sort of parade and celebration to go be a part of.  We’ve seen a few small town parades and festivals and they never fail to entertain us and the boys.  This year, however, we decided to do something totally different.

Lots of people asked if we were going to visit Disneyland or some other amusement park while we were in California.  My standard answer was that I wasn’t going to pay the money to go someplace where I couldn’t ride the rides!  I love rides but being pregnant would have left me sitting out and that just wouldn’t do.  So, I found us a whale watching ride instead.

Captain Dave’s Whale Watching boat rides pretty much guaranteed you’d see dolphins … whales maybe, depending on the season.  I thought it sounded fun and the reviews were great so away we went.


It was better than fun.  We had packed a picnic lunch and ate that at the beginning of our 2 1/2 hour cruise.  We were sitting at the very back of the ship because it was the only place with enough seats for all of us when we got aboard.  Billy was nervous.  There wasn’t much of a railing back there and he clung to the leg of my shorts as he ate his sandwich.  Kevin wasn’t all that comfortable with the littles being back there either.  I thought it was great – loved the wind and view!




Plus it was right by the steering wheel – which was cool!  (it was locked into place, no fear of the boys steering us astray)…




It wasn’t very long into the ride that I noticed some seats had opened up in the middle under the roof.  There were plastic sides there and I thought Billy might be more comfortable.  I was right.



The front of the boat (I don’t know my ship terminology, sorry) had doors through which to access it and walk-ways around the edges to stand on and look out.  It also had netting for the floor in the middle that looked straight down to the water.  I guess our boat was actually a catamaran style and that is why the water was there, I don’t know.







I wish I could have stood on the water and taken a picture of Ricky.  He stood at the prow (ha, boat word) and felt the spray and smiled non-stop.  He was “adopted” by some ladies and they kept him steady when Kevin was busy with the other boys.  I didn’t hang out up front too much … my balance is off in normal walking, so the boat was not helping me be steady on my feet.






About half-way into our cruise time, the Captain kind of put us to drift.  We were surrounded by a pod of dolphins.  It looked like hundreds or thousands of common dolphins.  That kind of dolphin is smaller than the ones at Sea World but just as cool.









There were baby dolphins and jumping dolphins!  They were jumping all around us!   The Captain and his photographer dude called it our Fourth of July Dolphin Firework Show and said they were never this active and we got a special treat.  Whether they were selling us on it or not, it was pretty stinkin’ amazing!  And the boys were enthralled …






I’m pretty sure the motion of the water was soothing to Billy and Rusty …





Kevin warmed up to the back of the boat …


Ricky was still hanging out up front …  The ship was equipped with viewing pods down in the bottom front section.  You could climb down a ladder, lay on your belly, and be underwater in a glass walled room “swimming” right next to the dolphins.  It was very surreal and way better than Sea World!


We floated among those dolphins for a good 45 minutes before we headed back.  On the way to shore we hit a pod of larger dolphins.  There weren’t as many and they weren’t as jumpy, but still very cool.








As we came in to dock, we got to see pelicans … and sea lions!  There were about 3 of them hanging out on the rocks.  I think sea lions are cool!  The younger boys thought they looked like rocks.



It was such a fun trip and totally worth doing again.  Happy Fourth of July to us!



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