Tomato Days

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Labor Day weekend is when our town celebrates its heritage with what we call Tomato Days.  There are all sorts of activities and a rodeo, as well as a parade and firework show.

I opted out of Tomato Days this year (except for the firework display – we could comfortably see that from our drive-way).  I was feeling a bit too pregnant to go out around people and still be nice.  However, I wanted the boys to go and Kevin, in his usual wonderfulness, took the boys for me.

It was a drizzly day, but the boys didn’t care.  There was a parade to be seen and parade candy to be collected!  Tommy was most excited about the parade.  He danced and bounced and squealed about each float and horse that went by!

td 5

td 6


After the parade, Kevin took the boys to the park.  They looked at some booths and got to do a couple of rides.  They all rode the train.  I’m not sure how many more years Ricky will fit on this little thing!

td 3

Waiting their turn …

td 4

Ricky was big enough to try the rock climbing wall.  He didn’t make it as far up the wall as he wanted, but that was just more incentive for him to come home and work on our monkey bars!



Then they sat down with some lunch and waited for the Dog Races to begin.  We love the dog races.  They do make me miss Trouble and Daisy, but they are just so dang fun to watch!



And the waiting can be pretty fun, too!

td 1


td 2


No baby contest this year … but next year we’ll have a one year old ready to wipe out the competition!



Happy Birthday, Kevin!

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It is Kevin’s birthday today.  I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful father to my boys!  He plays with them, reads to them, changes diapers, makes mac & cheese, teaches them to work and does chores with them … Honestly, I think he’s the better parent.  I know he’s the favorite parent!


Fortunately, I love him too much to be jealous.


Happy birthday, Kev!



And with a husband who was this adorable when he was a kid, how could I help but have such cute kids of my own?


Football fan? Maybe?

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Ricky isn’t really interested in sports.  Pretty much at all.  Well, he probably wouldn’t mind being the mascot …


But, to my and Kevin’s shock, a couple of weeks ago we saw a glimmer of interest!  Kevin and I were up late watching the BYU vs. Texas game.  The kids were in bed and we were enjoying the beauty of watching football on the DVR (fast forwarding and rewinding at our pleasure) when we heard something on the stairs.  I assumed it was just a cat – they roam a lot in the evenings and they thump as they go up and down the stairs (noisy buggers).  But as time went on, I realized I could see all my cats and I was now hearing breathing.  My cats may thump up and down the stairs, but they are not heavy breathers!

Kevin went to investigate and found Ricky!  He had slipped out of bed and was hiding at the top of the stairs … to watch the football game!

There may be hope!

And here is another shot of my wee one …


A Bit TOO Observant

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Rusty has his little stuffed animal that he has always called his “Baby.”


The other day I noticed him holding his Baby.  Rusty then lifted up his shirt, pressed Baby to his chest, and started making sucking noises.

I asked him what he was doing and Rusty said, “Baby is getting some of my milk.”

Hmm.  There you go.

And here is another one of my littlest baby …


A First Look

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We had family pictures done last week.  I love having so much fodder for using on the blog!  Here is just a first peek, but you can expect to see many more and a new blog header soon.








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