Utah – Edible Edition

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Ricky is thriving in 4th grade.  I was a bit concerned when I learned his class would be half 4th graders and half 5th graders, but he is doing incredibly well.

He’s loved the variety of subjects and the creative ways his teachers have of introducing subjects.  For instance, in Social Studies they were studying the geography of Utah.  He was asked to bring an “edible Utah” to school one day.  We whipped up a giant Rice Krispie Treat, cut a corner off, and called it good.

When Ricky brought it home, it had mountain ranges and rivers.  Pretty cool.



It tasted pretty good, too.  (we ate it for dessert that night)

And, just because he is so cute, here’s another one of Bobby, age 12 days.


Bobby’s First Bath

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Recently in the news there was a story about a blogger who posted that she rarely bathed her newborn baby.  Apparently, she was raked over the coals for this.  People think babies need baths.  People like to smell baby soap and baby lotion.  People did not approve of her saying that washing the babies face and diaper area daily is okay.

I had to agree with this blogger lady.  My babies don’t get a lot of baths.  I don’t think it is good for their skin or their emotions (have you ever seen how mad a baby gets while bathing?!).

Anyway, Bobby got his first full sponge bath when he was a little over a week old (September 14).  He didn’t seem to like it.



The other boys seemed very interested in Bobby’s bath … for about 3 minutes.  Then they were done.



I will admit that I love how extra fuzzy a new baby’s hair is right after a bath.

I love fuzzy heads.

Bobby was 6 weeks old before I gave him his first bathtub bath (October 20).  He didn’t really seem to like that one either.



The cat didn’t really seem to like it either.  He was looking into the tub over my shoulder the whole time and I was afraid he would attack my head as a way of protecting the baby!



After the bath, with that soft and fuzzy head, Bobby seemed to let me know that he was in no hurry to repeat that event any time soon.



And there you go.

I’m Mario

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Picture it … Hooper, 2013.

Momma finally let the boys into the costume box after months of keeping it locked up.

As she is sitting in a far room of the house feeding the new baby boy, she hears a three year old repeating over and over, in an attempted Italian accent, “I’m Mario … I’m Mario … I’m Mario …”

Then she sees this come dancing by the door …



Momma breaks out into laughter.



(and please note the photo-bombing Billy in the background … he kills me!)

Bad Guy

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Tommy is pretty cute.  I’m biased, I know, but he’s 3 and 3 is such a dang cute age.

One day, as he was just being cute, I asked him if he was my sweet baby.

Tommy replied, “No.  I’m your sweet big boy!”


Then he said, “I cut you in half  ’cause you a bad guy!”



And the moment was gone.



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For quiet time today, I put in one of the preschool DVDs we own.  This one teaches the sounds each of the letters makes.

While watching, Tommy wanted Rusty to read a word and said, “Read it, Rusty!  Hurry!  Read it!”

Rusty replied, “I don’t know how to read.”

Tommy countered, “You do!  Read it.”

Rusty replied, “I don’t know how to read.  You don’t either.  This movie will teach us both how to read.”

Maybe, bud.  Just maybe.


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