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I love listening to the boys interact.  Their conversations are a hoot!

One day Billy and Tommy were talking about some chickens.  Billy said, “Those chickens laid eggs!”

Tommy looked a bit confused and said, “They pooped them?”

With a look like he couldn’t believe his brother was so unintelligent, Billy said, “No – they LAID them!”


There you go.


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Tommy went walking past Kevin one day and Kevin noticed him holding something.

Kevin asked him what he had and Tommy answered, “A bandaid.”

Kevin asked him why he had a bandaid and Tommy said, “It’s for Rusty.”

Leery of why the 3 year old was administering first-aid, Kevin asked why Rusty needed a band-aid.

Matter-of-factly, Tommy said, “Because he was crying.”


Of course.  You always need a band-aid when you are crying.  Silly, Poppy.


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One day Kevin and Rusty were working together.  Kevin doing real work; Rusty typing on the extra laptop.

Kevin looked at what Rusty had typed.  It was R-U-S-T-Y.  He asked Rusty, “What does that spell?”

Rusty replied, “Me!”


Under his breath, not really looking for a argument, Kevin mumbled, “Actually, it spells Rusty.”

There you go.


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Billy is an old soul.  Always has been.  Probably always will be.

Part of this personality trait is his ability to play people.  That sounds wrong.  He just uses his smile and words and you forget that what he did was wrong and Billy doesn’t get in trouble.  I know about this talent and still I fall victim occasionally.

The other night at dinner, Billy wasn’t eating.  This is out of the ordinary.  Billy is usually my best eater and he eats and eats and eats.  This night he wasn’t.  The boys had had some candy before dinner, but I had told them just two pieces.

I asked Billy how many pieces he had eaten.  He became sheepish and finally admitted to 5 pieces (I think he probably had a couple more than that even, but I didn’t push it).  I said, “Billy, I said everyone could have two pieces.  Why did you eat five?”

His answer?  Well, it was something like this…

He put his face in his hands and looking tired and sick and woe-begotten, Billy said, “I guess, well, I didn’t hear you clearly.”


I was speechless.  Completely caught off guard.  Unsure where to go with that.


Well, he was busy snort-laughing with his head down over his plate.


Poppy Play

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I love watching Kevin with the boys.



Bobby is no exception.



Kevin is such a fun dad for the boys and teaches them so many things…



Like how to help Momma with the laundry!

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