Mistaken Identity

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I took all four older boys to the dentist for a cleaning.  They happily played with the dentist office toys while we waited and none of them had any issues or cavities.  (Whew for Kevin passing on his tooth genes instead of the boys getting mine!)

They took the boys back for their cleanings starting with the oldest to the youngest.  Tommy was having a hard time waiting and kept coming over to me asking if it was his turn.  One of these times, he noticed the stack of magazines on the table next to me.  The top magazine was Time with a picture of Pope Francis on the cover as their “person of the year.”

Tommy looked at it and said, “Hey, look.  That’s Poppy’s dad!”

There you go.

(Hi, Grandpa Brent!)

Things I hear … pre-Christmas Edition

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We were role playing how to graciously receive a gift one night (gotta teach those social skills).  The lesson we were trying to teach was to say thank you and one nice thing about the gift … no matter what it is!    It was Billy’s turn and I “gave” him a pink headband.  He thought for a moment and said, “Thank you.   I like to wear headbands when I work out!”


Tommy is obsessed with chicken nuggets so for Christmas, my sister gave him a gift card to McDonalds.  He was SO excited!!  Kevin asked him if he liked his “chicken nuggets” from Aunt Suzy and Tommy said, “There’s french fries, too!”  Then he turned to Billy and said, “This is my credit card for chicken nuggets and French fries!”  Tommy didn’t put that card down for the rest of the afternoon.


A week before Christmas illness struck our home.  Kevin, Ricky, Rusty, and Tommy all got a nasty stomach bug.  It was fairly short-lived, but they all got it at once.  I actually sent Billy to school with the thought “it’s more healthy there than here!”  My boys are all pretty good at using the toilet for throwing up or at least a bucket, however, Tommy didn’t make it to either once and as I prepared to clean it up, he said to Ricky, “Wicky, don’t go over there by the throw up I made.  That is my cat barf.”  (Perhaps he’s seen the after effects of our cats having hair balls one too many times!)

December 26, 2013 iphone

We went for a family drive to look at Christmas lights.  While we were enjoying the lights at the Roy City building, we noticed one large pine tree had been synchronized to a radio station.  Billy said, “That…Is….So….Coooool!”  Ricky wanted to know how it worked and Kevin told him that the tree was listening to the radio.  Ricky thought for a moment and said, “we should get a tree like that.”


Tommy falls down a lot.  We really should get him some skid-proof socks.  He runs and walks with a bounce and our hardwood floors are just too slippery for that!  He also bumps into things and rolls off of things … he’s all boy!  The nice thing is that he rarely gets very hurt.  What usually happens, and I what I frequently hear, is a thud followed by that sweet little voice calling out, “I’m okay!”


The Word According to Rusty

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“I like snow plows.  That’s what Christmas was made for … snow plows!”


Visiting Santa and Mrs. Claus

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You know how your own feelings as a parent shape your parenting?  I find Santa kind of creepy.  I always have.  From a distance, Santa is magical and fun and good.  But try to make me sit on the creepy, old guy’s lap … no thank you!

Case in point number 1 … (I’m the terrified baby)

with suzy and santa

Case in point number 2 … (hard to get a Santa picture when the subject won’t get onto Santa’s lap)



So, my point is that I don’t have a lot of pictures of the boys with Santa.  We don’t seek him out and since our ward doesn’t bring Santa to our church parties … there just isn’t a lot of Santa lap-sitting going on here.

Grandmama seems more fond of the old man.  She took Ricky and Billy out for hair cuts last week and came home not only with shorter hair, but also this …



Aren’t they good looking boys?

Rusty and Tommy had a field trip to Ogden’s Christmas Village this last week and part of that included a visit to Santa’s Castle where Mrs. Claus was waiting for them.





(See even Mrs. Claus can be creepy … what’s up with the sunglasses?)

I will have it noted that all four of the older children have had their lap-sitting experience this year.  However, I have no intention of taking Bobby so we’ll just have to be content with this …


Merry Christmas!



More Randomness

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We had a volunteer squash patch this summer.  There is an RV parking spot on the side of our house that was growing knee high weeds when we moved in.  We had a friend till it with his tractor and up sprouted a bunch of squash plants.  We don’t have an RV, so we let them grow.  Some were pumpkins, some were butternut squash, and some we aren’t quite sure what they were.



I’ve never seen a tie-dyed looking zucchini before, but we got several.  We also had pumpkins that had skins looking like cantaloupe and watermelon, but a definite pumpkin shape.  It was odd.  Also, a lot of grasshoppers hung out in that squash patch and the boys had a great time chasing the ‘hoppers.

Sometimes babies arms disappear.  Weird how that happens.



I know I’ve mentioned the boys’ fun with toads this summer.  The slightely cooler temperatures didn’t change that.



We did have to be strict about putting them back in the garden at night, rather than leaving them in their watery kid-made habitats.  I didn’t want the boys to come out one morning to find a toad-cicle.   They also found some frogs in the yard …



Pretty cool, but please keep them away from me!

Our front maple trees were the coolest colors …



I tried and tried to get Bobby to take a pacifier.  I’ve loved having all my babies use them – it is just so nice to have something that will soothe them.  The boys even tried helping …






But Bobby resisted.  He’s not interested in that darn piece of plastic.  He’s a skin lover …



Which I’m kind of okay with …



Pictures of a baby sucking his thumb are way cuter than a baby with a pacifier in his mouth …



But I get the feeling it won’t be so easy to take that thumb away when he turns 2!

Bobby may not like pacifiers, but at least he’ll take a bottle and let Momma be gone for a while.  Another added bonus is that Poppy gets to have sleeping, drinking baby snuggle time.



I think Ricky likes Bobby.  Especially when you catch him like this …


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