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We were reviewing our schedules the other night at dinner.  Among the list of things going on, I said, “…and tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment.”

Tommy looked concerned and asked why I was going to the dentist.

I answered, “Oh, just to get my teeth cleaned.”

Tommy now looked very perplexed and said, “Why don’t you just use your toothbrush?”

There you go.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving … click here.

(The majority of the music is NOT my boys singing, but if you listen, you can hear them join in here and there.)


Am I a Christmas present?

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After church on Sunday, the boys wrote their letters to Santa for the year.

Part of that process is reminiscing about gifts from previous Christmases.

Ricky said to Billy, “Remember the year when we gave some of our toys to Santa and he gave us Tommy?”

I stepped in and explained that we did NOT trade gifts to Santa for a baby brother.  That was the year Santa’s elves got sick and hadn’t had time to make enough toys and we let Santa take some of ours that we didn’t need to give to other children.

There was a moment of silence as Ricky and Billy processed what I’d said.

That was the moment Tommy asked, “Am I a Christmas present?”

There you go.

This and That

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Our family scripture reading time sometimes has a dress code – come as your favorite house pet …


Dinosaur day at preschool sends Tommy home from school looking like this …


Who needs a bed?  The hall is so cozy …


Okay, so, Kevin and I saw Bobby on this box hammering away on the piano.  Cute.  Very cute.  Take a picture.  About a minute later, Tommy went and started playing on the piano with him.  About a minute after that, we hear Tommy say, “Bobby is climbing on the piano!”  Kevin and I both think of this cute picture we’ve taken and laugh and say, “Okay” without really looking.  Then we look.  There wasn’t time for another oh so cute picture … Bobby had indeed climbed onto the piano – he was crawling his way down the keys from high C to low C with Tommy creating a wall with his hands to keep him from falling off.  Um, next time, we might listen a bit more carefully to what Tommy is telling us!


I got to help with Ricky’s class Halloween party.  One of the games was creating a mummy out of toilet paper.  Next time Ricky is bored, remind me to just give him a roll of TP.  He had a blast throwing that roll around  and around and around.  I don’t know how mummy-ish his friend looked, but they had a fantastic time!


Bobby adores Hunter.  That collar gets ripped off daily.  The poor cat gets hugged or squeezed or attacked by a squealing one-year old every chance Bobby gets!  And that sweet cat just takes it all.  We couldn’t ask for a better cat.


Or a better one-year old for that matter…


I found Ricky like this one night before I went to bed.  He’s gotten so grown up lately, but seeing him all snuggled with his stuffed friends reminded me that he’ll always be my baby boy!


Just as a side note … I won a weight loss competition I entered with some friends.  Go me!  And just as fun, Kevin did it with me and lost enough weight that he needed new pants, too!  There’s nothing wrong with a dressing room selfie while waiting for your hubby to try on pair after pair after pair of jeans …


Fall Leaf Jumping

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Kevin was in charge of the fall leaf jumping this year.  And he was encouraged to take pictures for me.  I got one.



Granted, it is a very cool picture of Billy jumping into the pile.  But considering I have taken easily a hundred pictures at this event other years …  That’s okay though.  He did take some video.  Watch it HERE.

The chilly air (and lack of mother’s supervision) led to an impromptu fire pit being created in my back yard.


They roasted marshmallows, made s’mores, and told ghost stories.  A real fire pit may be a definite in our future …


Autumn is pretty much the best!

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