Christmas 2013

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Ahh, Christmas.  If I had blogged about it a month ago, I probably could remember a lot more details and cute things my boys did or said.  Sadly, I didn’t.  But I do have some cute pictures to commemorate the day.  (Don’t mind the cats – they think they are allowed to be in every picture.)


It was kind of fun decorating this year.  Having a new house and trying to figure out where to put things … like a Christmas tree.  I don’t think this house was really built for a Christmas tree, but we made it work.  To make it work, we had to take a section out of our couch and store it in Ricky’s room while the tree was up, but hey, it worked!


The boys’ big present from Kevin and I this year was a toy box.  They now have a place to put their very own stuff and their brothers aren’t to get into them.  It is working out well and they seem to like that ownership.  I did hear Ricky tell Tommy just today that he could get something out of his (Ricky’s) toy box.  Tommy was so excited to have that permission that I almost thought it was Christmas morning again!


We try to not overdo it much for the boys.  We’ve asked Santa to just bring them one gift (it is always unwrapped and ready to play with right away) and we try hard to just give them one or two fun things, a book or two, and some clothes and pjs.  However, the boys get gifts for each other and for Kevin and I and a few other people of their choosing.  Even if we all got each other just one gift, that would be 7 people each buying 7 gifts … a minimum of 49 presents under our tree.  I think we had a few more than that this year…and Bobby didn’t even give any presents this year!


The boys started waking up around 6:30, which was the time Grandmama arrived to see them open their gifts.  Tommy was the last one awake and he wasn’t really ready to be awake yet.


With the layout of this new house, it was a bit trickier keeping the boys from seeing into the family room, but they were good sports and hung out on the very top step until I said it was time to come downstairs.


Tommy immediately broke into his stocking and ate a chocolate Santa.  He was feeling much better and much more awake after that!


Bobby and Grandmama had a good time with his stocking …



It is always fun to sit back and watch the boys open their presents on Christmas. Sometimes they stop and play for a while, sometimes they eat some candy, sometimes they just want to keep opening more and more.  They just seem happy on Christmas.  I like that.



I also like putting present bows on babies’ heads.  Yeah.  I like that, too.


We spent the morning playing with toy castles and Ricky loving his new ipod.  On Christmas afternoon we went over to my mom’s for lunch and more time with the extended family.


Flannel shirts for Christmas is a bit of a tradition and I love it!  I even have one for Bobby, but he needed to wear his Christmas outfit for the day.


I know Kevin’s eyes are closed but this is the best family picture we got on Christmas.  Sigh.  Someone was either blurry or picking their nose or falling off the couch … 5 out of 7 looking pretty decent is as good as I got this year.


Then it was back home for new Christmas jammies and our favorite things pictures.  This guy in his flannel jammie pants was one of my favorite things …


I mean seriously … isn’t he cute?


So cute that I had to pose him under the tree.


The other boys are all pretty cute, too.  This was not planned … red couch, red and black pajamas, red and black favorite toys.  I mean, sure, it was planned.  Don’t you color coordinate all of your random family snapshots?


Again, trying to get all of them happy and smiling by the Christmas tree just wasn’t going to happen.


But I could get them all to look at the ceiling.  Now that takes talent!


I also got this guy to kiss me by the tree … it was definitely my lucky day!


In all, it was a really nice Christmas day.  And even if I can’t remember all the minute details to share, I can remember the feeling of watching those boys enjoy their day together and play together.   It’s a warm fuzzy memory.


Just as warm and fuzzy is watching your 9 year old son make a working radio all by himself.  He was pretty proud!  (Thanks for the present, Aunt Wendi!)



So that, in a small nutshell, was our Christmas Day 2013.  Only 11 more months and we can do it again!

Some pre-Christmas Fun

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Bobby was excited for his very first Christmas.


So many lights and presents!


I wish I remembered why Tommy was so sad in this picture.  Sometimes we take sad pictures of him because seeing himself crying makes him laugh.  And that’s not dirt around his mouth.  It’s pop tart.  Of course.


Bobby’s a happy baby.


Rusty couldn’t wait for his baby brother to be born and he just loves having a baby around the house now.  I’m hoping this love lasts even after Bobby stops being a baby – but only time will tell!


We created a couple of sledding runs off our driveway.  The boys quite enjoyed them … after their dad did a test run.


The cat didn’t seem to like the reindeer outfit.  I’m not sure why.


The other cat kind of ignored the fact that she was dressed up like an elf.  It was better that way.


Aunt Suzy had to work on Christmas Day so she brought some gifts over for the boys a few days early.


We totally look like each other … or maybe not.


And here is Tommy’s very own “credit card” for chicken nuggets “and there’s french fries, too.”


Bobby is 4 months

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Actually, he’ll be 5 months in about a week and a half, but for the moment … he’s 4 months old.


I took him in for a photo shoot on Friday.  Why?  Because I’m crazy and want to remember how cute my babies are at all their little stages.  I don’t trust my memory to remember how cute he was at 4 months old … so I pay someone to capture that adorable face forever!



Earlier this month, I took Bobby to the doctor for his well-check and some shots.  He weighed in at 14.2 lbs and was 25.5 inches tall.   He’s a bit above average on height (70%) and below average on weight (40%).  In other words, absolutely perfect.


Until I ran into two rounds of strep throat and had mother’s milk issues, Bobby was sleeping about 11-13 hours each night without waking up.  We are now doing a combination of mama’s milk and formula and his sleeping is getting longer again.


I’m sure I’ll dedicate a post to it … but his first little tooth just broke through two days ago!  It’s his bottom right front tooth.


Bobby isn’t quite rolling over yet, but he’s getting close.  He can squirm his way around in a circle, meaning we never know which way his head will be in his crib after a nap.


He’s drooling, but isn’t my biggest drooler (Tommy still claims that prize).  He seems to always have a fist, or two, in his mouth, too.  I would assume this is because he’s teething.  But maybe his fingers just taste yummy.


He’s not sitting up on his own yet.  To get this next picture, I propped him up on his tummy, quickly moved my hands, and the photographer snapped the picture just before he toppled over.  Then we did it again.


Bobby loves to stare.  His toes are usually hidden in socks, so when they come out, he can’t resist being fascinated by them.  He stares at faces, fans, the TV, his brothers, the cats … anything the moves or doesn’t move.  His little brain is working and you can just see him thinking, “What IS that?  How DOES that work?”



A friend watched the boys for me the other day and when I picked them up she asked, “Is Bobby always such a pleasant baby?”  Yep.  He really, really is.

I sure love him.


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We have had our fair share of germs around our house this winter and I’m ready for the germs to go away!   Winter I don’t mind so much.  Everybody taking turns being sick drives me nuts!

The week before Christmas, four of the seven got sick.  Kevin was one of those sick.  To try and help him feel better, I ran a nice warm bath … and made him bathe with the baby.  Who wouldn’t feel better splashing with this little face?



Hee hee hee

Olds Family Christmas Party

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We added something new this year to our Family Christmas Party … we acted out the nativity.  I figured it was a great year to start since we had a Pregnant Mary (Andrew’s wife Sariah) and a Baby Jesus (Bobby).  I was behind the scenes directing it all, but from where I stood it looked great … until my speaker’s battery died and I had to plug it in.  Bobby saw me and then cried through the rest of it.  Oh well.  Nothing should ever be perfect, right?  Kevin videotaped it but I haven’t watched it yet.



We just did the bathrobe thing this year and a few borrowed costumes from my neighbor.  Maybe we’ll have to invest in something fancier some day.  In the picture, Wiseman Ricky is bestowing a gift to the Baby Jesus … an I Spy video game.  We are nothing if not authentic!

The family party is one of my favorite get togethers of the year because we usually get everyone to come.  I think we were only missing Aunt Diane this year.  The house feels full and we laugh and visit and eat good finger foods and exchange white elephant gifts.  There just isn’t much bad about the family party!



One of the white elephant gifts included some mustaches, so they made they rounds.  Our family does facial hair good!







My cute little nieces have grown up.


Does that mean I’m old?



They are beautiful and I love them!



My boys get pretty excited about the family parties and enjoy being surrounded by people who think they are cute.



I consider that family party a success.



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