Billy turned 7

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Billy wasn’t so concerned about counting down to his birthday, but Rusty was.  Once his own birthday was over, Rusty’s new daily question was “How many days ’til Billy’s birthday, Momma?”  He didn’t seem to care how many days until MY birthday … I see how he is!


Billy’s birthday was on a Friday and I had to be gone for dinner that night, so Kevin fixed some good old macaroni and cheese with Cosmic Brownies for dessert.  I made it up on Saturday night by bringing home pizza and red sauce (marinara sauce) and Kevin whipped up some scrumptious brownies.



Billy was very excited that I was going to bring treats to his class at school and that I got to read a story to the class.  It was supposed to be his favorite story, but he currently says that is “Harry Potter.”  I didn’t think a chapter book was the best idea, so I read “The Boy Who Cried Ninja” instead.  Billy was cool with it.


Billy had his well check just before his birthday.  He came in at 45 pounds and 3 ounces (20th percentile) and 46.7 inches tall (30th percentile).



The boys all knew exactly what they wanted to give Billy.  Ricky wanted to give him a video game and settled on Harry Potter for the Wii.



Rusty wanted to give him a kendama (ball on a string that you flip into a cup type toy) because Billy gave Rusty one for his birthday, but Billy always played with it.  Rusty wanted to give Billy his own so he would leave his alone!



Tommy went to the story with me and picked out a playdough fun factory.  I think he just wanted it for himself, but Billy seemed to like it.



Billy got several other presents that he very much enjoyed.  And, as always, he gave some great facial expressions as he opened them!



This boy is a character and I adore him.  I’ve known since he was six months old, though, that he would be the death of me!  He has that smile and knows how to get himself out of most any situation.  There are lots of positives with that kind of personality, but he keeps me on my toes.  Everybody loves Billy and Billy pretty much loves everybody.  He’s always looking for a hug and a kiss!  He is a ball of energy and goes goes goes.  He’s very bright, but he does things on his own schedule and his own way.  He loves the journey just as much as reaching the destination.  I just love my Sir Billiam.

Let’s remember my #2 Baby …

baby billy


billy 1


billy 2


billy 3


billy 4


billy 5





First Day at the Park

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Mother Nature has given us a wonderful gift – several days of sunshine and 60* temperatures!  The boys have been on their bikes and scooters and sidewalk chalking and going for walks and spending more time outside than inside.  It has been delightful!

On our walk yesterday as we were passing this house …



… Tommy said, “Look, Momma!  A gingerbread man house!”  Followed by Rusty asking, “I wonder if any gingerbread men live there?”

I’ve wondered that myself, son.

This morning, Billy let me know that he didn’t have any clean jeans, and then, in a totally Billy way, he said, “You know, Momma, it’s supposed to be a really hot day today.”  Knowing my child, as I do, I immediately said, “No.  You cannot wear shorts today.  I folded your clean jeans last night …”

While Ricky was at piano lessons today, I took the other boys to the park for a quick visit.

On the way to the park, we passed “the haunted house”



And Tommy pointed out, matter of factly, “Momma!  There’s the Whomping Willow!”  (from the Harry Potter story)



At the park, the three boys happily ran off.  Slides and rock walls and more slides.  They were very happy.



I stayed at the van and made the littlest boy happy, too …



But you know it isn’t really spring yet.  How do you know?  The restroom at the park is still locked.  Our park visit was cut short by an urgent need that sent us speeding home.

Come on, Spring!  We are ready for you!

Rusty turned 5

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Rusty was counting down the days to his birthday for a month.  Maybe even all the way since Christmas.  Every morning I was asked, “How many days until my birthday, Momma?”  I should have given him some sort of visual that he could count on his own … NOW I think of that!



Usually my boys don’t get excited about clothes, but the first gift Rusty opened included a dinosaur shirt … he was so pumped up on adrenaline, that he even seemed to be excited about the new church clothes he got!



The presents got a bit more exciting …



He had asked for a Star Wars Lego Ewoks set.  He would show me the exact one he wanted and so I got him that exact one.  Rusty was tickled pink and immediately started building!



I think Rusty’s favorite part of Legos is that they come with an instruction manual!

His birthday was a Sunday and after church we did his birthday dinner … Velveeta Shells and Cheese with brownies for dessert.



Everything about his birthday excited him.  This was his choice for dinner.  This was his choice for dessert.  This was a day all for him!



He might have wished that he could have a birthday every day!

After dinner we opened some more gifts from his aunts and from Grandmama.



He’s just grown up so much!



He is my goofy boy.  The one who will focus on a little task and spend more time studying the instructions than actually building the thing.  He likes to help (when he wants to).  He likes to see what I’m doing, especially if I’m creating something.  He’s content playing or reading by himself, but also loves to play with his brothers and friends.  He’s smart and is starting to learn to read.  He is great with counting and numbers.  Rusty has a grin that you just can’t resist!



Rusty weighed in at 40 pounds (45th percentile) and 42 inches tall (30% percentile) at his well check.  This was a big check for him because it was his pre-kindergarten check-up.  He did an eye exam, a urine test (which he thought was TOO cool), a finger prick, and had to have a few shots.  He was brave through all of it.  He was so proud of his band-aids from his shots, that he wouldn’t let us take them off for almost a week!  Our pediatrician pronounced him a healthy boy!


For my own sake, here’s a glance back at my Rusty …

baby rusty


rusty 1


rusty 2


rusty 3


rusty 4




Randomness Continued

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Bobby’s little fingernails are razor sharp!  I try to keep them trimmed well, but he manages to scratch himself a lot – like this one on his little nose!



I had strep twice in January.  Kevin had it once.  We took care of each other, but the cats liked me better!



I got my dark-eyed boy.  It is so fun!


My other boys didn’t lose much hair from the backs of their heads, but Bobby has worn a nice bald spot.  Since this picture, his head shaking has spread the bald spot around toward his ear on one side.  He likes to shake his head no – back and forth, really fast!


Flannel should never be made into a onsie.  Ever.


Rusty loves looking at books.  I’m not sure why this one required so much concentration.



With the help of the Bumbo chair, Bobby is getting really, really, really close to sitting up on his own!



Sometimes you just need to put a cup on your head.



Bobby is becoming a fan of bath time.




His brothers like taking a bath with him … until he goes potty in the tub.  Then they are ready to bail!


Hey, Grandpa Brent!  Do you like Bobby’s outfit?



Some days, hanging out with this little chunky tub is all I have energy to do.  And I am so good with that!


Uncle Harold’s Funeral

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My uncle passed away last month.  He was my mom’s older brother, Uncle Harold.  We didn’t know him very well as he was a bit of a recluse, but we’d see him for an evening every couple of years.  He was always kind to my boys and really loved Trouble and Daisy.


Uncle Harold wasn’t married and had no children, so my mom and my aunt traveled (with my brother, Tony) to Big River, CA to settle his affairs, pack up his house, sell his truck, and arrange for his body to be brought back to Utah for burial.  He’s buried near my dad.


There was just a small graveside service that my family and a few of my mom’s friends attended.  It was cold and snowy!


The boys were very well behaved.  I think it was their first funeral.  Maybe.  Probably.


Bobby got a bit cold, but Uncle Tim warmed him up!


After the service, some longtime family friends arranged a luncheon for our family.  And after the nice food, Uncle Dan taught the boys some basketball moves!


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