Bobby Rolls

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The last few days of February, just before turning 6 months old, Bobby started rolling from his back to his tummy.



It wasn’t consistent and sometimes required a lot of coaching, but it was dang cute!  See for yourself HERE.



Now you lay him down on his back and he almost instantly flips over.

Ah, the good old days.

First Meal

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Bobby started on baby food early in March.  Oatmeal was his first meal.



So far he isn’t really a fan of this eating thing.  He spits at me.  He clamps his mouth closed.  And when I do finally get some food into his mouth, it either drools right back out or he makes retching sounds.

Lots of fun around our house!


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Family Pictures Again

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I have several friends who very rarely get family pictures done.  One friend has had 3 children (and her youngest is 4) since their last family picture.  When I mentioned to these friends that I was going to have family pictures done, the response was, “Again?”  That was followed by “You are so good at doing family pictures.”


That is the nice way of saying it.  They could very easily have said I am obsessed with having family pictures done and I wouldn’t have argued.  I love doing it.  I don’t really stress about clothes or hair (until after the fact when I mutter about uncooperative hair for a while) or location or cost.  I just want pictures of my family.  I want to see my boys in each of their different ages and phases.


There will most likely come a time when I don’t get them as often.  Maybe even not once every year (shudder).  But for now, my babies are changing so much and since I can’t freeze them and keep them little forever – I will just “freeze frame” them!


St. Pat’s 2014

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Please note two miracles about this picture.  The overwhelming cuteness is NOT one of them.

First, all 5 boys are looking at the camera at once.   AND with fairly pleasant expressions on their faces.   This does not happen much.  Rarely, actually.  Miracle one.

Miracle two … no one has holes in their socks.

There you go.

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