Out Numbered

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I took Rusty and Tommy with me on a couple of errands this afternoon.  One of our stops was the hardware store where I needed to buy some 2×4’s.

I needed my boards cut and the very helpful dude was great, but slow, so the boys and I were wandering around the store.  As we passed the restrooms, Rusty suddenly declared his need to go.

I explained that we’d have to go into the ladies’ restroom because I couldn’t let him go alone and after a moment of debate (and a more urgent need to “go”), Rusty relented and went into the ladies’ restroom.

I had Tommy standing against the stall door (so I could easily stop him from looking under stalls) and we were waiting for Rusty to do his thing.  This is when Tommy loudly stated, “Momma, we aren’t girls.  There are two of us and only one of you.  We have you out-numbered!”

Yes, son.  You do.  Trust me.  I know it!

Is that Bobby?

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At church today, our friends in the pew in front of us swiped Bobby and were playing with him.  Apparently, Tommy missed this exchange.

Bobby had been with our friends for a few minutes when Tommy came over to Kevin.  He looked incredibly confused and, with lowered eyebrows, Tommy pointed to the baby in front of us and quietly said, “Is that … Bobby?”

When Kevin told him that it was, Tommy became obviously relieved.  I guess he thought it was our baby, but wasn’t sure.  And he wasn’t sure why anyone else would be holding Bobby because he next said, “How’d they get him?”

Good to know that Tommy’s watching out for his little brother … or is the moral of this story that Tommy might not be able to pick Bobby out of a line-up?



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We have a rule at our house about not singing at the kitchen table.  We just find it impolite to sing during mealtime unless it is the Happy Birthday song.

The boys may have taken this house rule to the extreme.

This morning I heard Rusty singing a song from the movie “Frozen.”  He was in the bathroom (don’t ask … they all do it).

Then I heard Tommy say, “Rusty!  No singing in the bathroom!”

Rusty replied, “That’s the table … I can SING in the bathroom!”

There you go.

Spring Break 2

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Kevin took an afternoon off and we went exploring on Antelope Island for the Friday of Spring Break.  We’ve been out there before, but there is always something new to see.

As we drove across the lake, Tommy asked if we were going to the beach.  So we decided to go to the beach.


It isn’t Hawaii, but it is technically a beach.


Tommy was satisfied.


We haven’t stopped at the beach before with the boys, so this was new for them.  The water level is really low right now, so it was quite a walk to get to the water.


And once we made it there, I had them taste it.  They weren’t really fans of that.


We promised to bring them back sometime to try swimming in it.


Our next stop was a hike up Buffalo Point.  I’ve done the hike many times and Ricky has done it once or twice for scouts but it was new for the others.  Billy is a big fan of hiking … fast hiking.  He wants to get there and get there as fast as possible.  Unfortunately for him, his mother is a slow hiker … the kind of hiker who stops and looks around and walks a little and stops to look around.  I like to enjoy the journey.  Kevin is a fast hiker, but with Bobby in a pack on his back, his pace was more my speed that day.  Poor Billy spent most of the hike being told to slow down or wait up.


See?  In this picture, he’s “waiting up” …


When you get to the top of the point, there are fantastic views and really fun rocks to climb over.  We didn’t go to the farthest out rocks for two reasons … Rusty and Tommy weren’t quite as steady on their feet as I would like them to be for rock scrambling.  And two, a storm was starting to blow in so we needed to head back.


But we were still able to enjoy the views …


And scramble around some rocks …



As we headed back for home, we found some sleeping bison.  This picture isn’t zoomed in at all.  He was huge.  And very close to our van!



The boys had so much fun.  I think there will be many more hikes in our future.

Spring Break 1

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The boys had Spring Break at the beginning of the month.  It started out pretty mellow.  The four younger boys had all been sick the week before and Ricky had been fine.  I predicted that he would wait until the school vacation to take his turn.  Sadly, I was right.

But he did a lot of reading.  And reading.  And more reading.

By Thursday, he was feeling a bit better and I was tired of being inside with five boys, so we went for a little adventure.  I took the boys to the local bird preserve.  They have a mile walking path through the marsh lands that is part of the migratory path for many species of birds.


The boys were just so excited to be out of the house … they ran and ran along the path.  Whenever they stopped to wait up for me, they were dangling over the edge of the boardwalk stabbing sticks into the mud.


There is a large watch tower that has great views.  We only saw a couple of birds and one huge cracked egg, but it was still fun.


The boys just had fun hanging out somewhere different.



We’ll have to visit the bird preserve again.  Probably when Kevin can go.  He loves teaching the boys about birds and is better at it than I am.

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