Thankful Prayers

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We try to have family prayer every night.  Sometimes, for fun, I declare that it is a night for only expressing gratitude.  We call it a “thankful prayer.”

One night when this was declared, it was Ricky’s turn to pray.

He was thankful for typical things … family, home, cats … carpet, kendamas … dragons, surviving the night …

You know.  The basics.

Cougar Fans

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After my uncle’s graveside service in January, my family was treated to a nice luncheon by some friends.  While there, my sister was playing with Bobby.

She was clapping his hands and having him do cheers.  She sang with him,

“Lean to the left

Lean to the right

Stand up, Sit down

Fight, fight, fight!

Gooooooo, Bobby!”

Tommy promptly stopped her and said,

“NO!  It’s gooooooooo, Cougars!”

Yep.  It is.

Church Baby

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Bobby is lots of fun and the people at our church just dote on him.

One Sunday, some friends were holding Bobby in the pew in front of us.  Tommy had been down our row drawing.  He came to ask us something, saw the baby in front of us, and looked very concerned and confused.

He asked, “Is that Bobby?”

When we told him that it was, Tommy smiled like it was all okay in the world again.  But then he was very concerned about how them people got him.

Another Sunday, Kevin was holding Bobby while we sat in the pews.  Bobby is wiggly.  He twists and turns and grabs and is just all over the place.

I was down at the end, making sure everyone stayed and no one escaped our row.  From there I watched as Kevin tried not to drop Bobby.

Then I watched as Bobby reached out and grabbed two big handfuls of hair … from the lady sitting in front of them.

Then I watched as Kevin untangled Bobby’s fingers, as Kevin got up, and as Kevin found a new place to sit … without our long-haired friend in front of him.

Church can be exhausting with this little one!

Big Cup

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Tommy is a hoot.  He cracks me up.

During dinner one day, I was telling the boys that we were going to have a party for Grandmama because she got married 50 years ago. Tommy said, “Wow!  How old is he?”

I answered that Grandmama is 71.

His eyes got big and he said, “Wow!  She would get a really big cup – bigger than yours!”

Following that conversation took work on my part.  Laughing at it came easily.

It wasn’t over yet.

We then started talking about a possible sleepover at Grandmama’s house.  Wanting clarification, Tommy asked, “A sleep over at his house?”

Kevin corrected him.  “Grandma is a she. Sleepover at HER house and how old is SHE.”

To which, Tommy said, “I don’t know.”

And Rusty piped in, “71!”

There you go!



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I keep a file on my phone with various notes of things the boys have done or said that I might want to blog.  Here’s a few that I’ve neglected over the last few months.

#1.  A few months ago, I gave Ricky the Percy Jackson book series to read.  I adored them because they were all about Greek mythology set in current times and Ricky quite enjoyed them as well.  He enjoyed them so much, that he stayed up reading as late as he could before Kevin made him turn out the lights and then he was awake at 5 am just so he could read again before school.  Not just one day, but he did this a few in a row!  I love that he is such a good reader!

#2.  We sad down for a family night one evening.  I told the boys that we were going to write thank you notes to someone.  Billy quickly raised his hand and said, “I know!  We are going to write thank you notes to President Monson because he just got released as our bishop!”  So close … we were writing to Bishop Ropelato who had just been released.  I’m sure our bishop would have been flattered to know that our 7 year old thought he was President Monson.

#3.  While we were hiking on Antelope Island this spring, we came up to a small building by the parking lot at the head of the trail.  Rusty peeked in and then turned to declare, “Outhouse!  AH HA!  I found the outhouse!”  I didn’t know we were looking for one, but he was so proud to be the one who found it.

#4.  When we went to Wasatch County for Ricky’s county report, the boys had a good time looking around.  They especially like exploring at Soldier Hollow.  I think it was because we were the only people there!  At one point, Rusty picked up a rock and carried it around.  When we got close to the car, he showed it to me and said, “I’ve got a memory of this place!”

#5.  Bobby was having a fussy moment and Tommy was attempting to calm him.  He was singing “Jingle Bells” to the baby.  He sang, “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.  Then I plug my ears into a sleigh.  Hey.”

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