Summer Camps

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I already mentioned that Ricky did his theater workshop this summer.  That was at the Treehouse Museum.

The boys love the Treehouse.  While Ricky was doing his workshop one day, the boys and I stayed to play.  They have their favorite places to stop while we are there.

Rusty is going through a dinosaur phase and loved putting the dinosaur puzzle together…


The Utah Map is becoming more and more a favorite as the boys remember visiting different parts of the state…


Pokemon.  A picture must be taken with this pokemon …




My heart melted when Tommy and Rusty climbed into this boat and started fishing.  That was new and so, so sweet!



We got to watch a dress rehearsal of Ricky’s play …



Which led the other boys to the play stage upstairs at the museum and to some of this …



And some of this …



And some of this little boy being dressed up like a king …




And we must always visit the fire truck …



The boys also got to do my Camp FitPlay this summer.  The day with the preschool aged kids is all about fun …



And, this year, parachutes …





Each of the boys also got to attend a day camp at the Ogden Nature Center.  It isn’t a camp that sounds all that exciting, but the boys always come away from it chatting non-stop about this animal and that bug.  Plus they get camp shirts.  I’m a sucker for camp shirts …


Billy also brought home a cool water bottle from his day camp.  He was very excited about that bottle …



Ricky was able to go to two scout camps this summer.  As a Bear Scout he went to a day camp in June and as a Webelos Scout he went in August.   Kevin got to go as a chaperone in August and had a lot of fun with our boy and the other scouts.


They went on a nature hike along side a river …


And shot some arrows and bb guns.  Ricky even hit the target, which he was very excited about …


They went to a few other classes …


And paddled some row boats…



Ricky earned 4 pins from his day at camp and is well on his way to earning his Webelos badge.

I am so glad we can give the boys these opportunities to learn and experience.  I’m glad that they LIKE it.  They all seem to enjoy making new friends and learning from a variety of adults.

They don’t seem to miss me at all while they are gone.

I guess that’s a good thing.

Where Can An Elephant Hide?

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Ricky got to do his theater workshop again this summer.  He just really enjoys it and I enjoy the confidence it gives him.

This year they performed “Where Can An Elephant Hide?” and Ricky played the parrot.  He got into his role quite nicely.



You can watch the entire play (in less than 10 minutes) by CLICKING HERE.


Logan and A Couple of Caves

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One of the items on our Wanna Do 2014 List was “explore a cave.”  I’m a bit claustrophobic, so this wasn’t a high on my priority list…but I’ll do most anything for my boys.  The cave I picked was one I’d been to as a teen and I thought the boys would enjoy it.  Since it was 3 hours away, we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.

We headed up to Logan to spend the night.  We made a stop at the BlueBird Cafe for dinner.


The boys loved the restaurant.


We were in a room with a mural around the walls that spanned more than a hundred years of Logan and Ricky loved picking out all the details.


The boys were really well behaved … and Bobby didn’t even leave much of a mess behind!


The boys were so well behaved, that an elderly gentleman came over and complimented us on them.  He was the mission president from Ogden who was visiting the temple that day, and asked if we took our boys out to eat often to practice behaving so well.  Kevin laughed and said, “This IS their practice!”



We were able to find a hotel room to accommodate our crew of 7.  Three queen-sized beds that called for jumping on … much to the momma’s annoyance.




Bobby couldn’t resist the pipes under the sink.  Every time he got down to crawl, he went straight for them.



We couldn’t be so close and not stop by Utah State for some Aggie ice cream.


While they loved the ice cream, I think the boys loved rolling down the hill outside even more.  Bobby didn’t roll, but he crawled up and down and up and down …



When bedtime came the boys took a little while to settle down since they aren’t used to all being in the same room.  Bobby was especially funny – he kept calling out for his brothers, bouncing in his bed, and then he found the light switch … we moved his crib shortly after that.





The next morning we were up nice and early so we could drive up to Idaho.  Minnetonka Cave is the cave I was planning to take the boys to, but I’d found out about an Ice Cave in Paris, Idaho that we thought we’d check out.  That was where we decided to start.


It isn’t a very large cave, but it was chilly and still had ice and snow.



Another family came in while we were exploring and I practiced my eaves-dropping skills.  Apparently, the man’s father used to frequent the cave 30+ years ago and he shared some fun facts.  The rocks the boys are climbing below used to be the ceiling of the cave.  It was dynamited and opened up.






Kevin and Ricky were more adventurous than the rest of us.  They crept farther into the cave and found another room with a pond in it.  According to my eaves-dropping, that room used to be a fun ice skating spot for the locals.



Billy wanted to tag along with Kevin and Ricky, but since their only source of light was Kevin’s cell phone – I said, “no way!”



Just a word of caution…it is a very long dirt road with a lot of pot holes and cows to get to the Ice Cave.  Consider yourselves warned.  Rusty said of this road, “I don’t get why this road goes on and on forever!”



After exploring the cave, it was time for lunch.  We hit a local burger joint and ate our lunch on stumps …



To go into Minnetonka Cave, you have to have a ticket time.  Ours wasn’t until 4 pm, so after lunch, we killed time at Bear Lake.


We pulled into Bear Lake State Park and the ranger warned us that it was really busy that day.  He even went so far as to say, “You aren’t going to have any fun!”


He was totally wrong.


The boys were in heaven!


It was busy, but we found a good spot for our blanket and splashed and played in the sand.



The boys didn’t want to leave when it was time to head to the cave.


Bobby had fun eating the stinky sand and letting the water play with his toes.



The final stop of our mini-vacation was Minnetonka Cave.








It is a large cave with 444 stairs into the center and then those same 444 stairs back out again.  The boys did great and didn’t complain about the climbing at all.   But Rusty and Tommy did have this little conversation …

After climbing a few sets of stairs, Rusty said, “No wonder they call it 100 steps!”  To which Tommy replied, “I was here yesterday and counted that there ARE 100 steps!”  (to which I said in my head, “um, what?”)



Once you reach the heart of the cave, they turn the lights off.  The older boys really liked that but not Bobby.  He’d been a bit tired and cranky up until that point, but after the lights came back on, there was little to console him.  Kevin finally found a position that Bobby liked and had to carry him out the rest of the way across his arm!


On our way out Rusty needed to use the restroom, so I took Rusty and Tommy and we sped ahead of the tour group …



We made it to the restroom in time and had fun watching and chasing chipmunks as we waited for the rest of our family to come out of the cave.

It was a totally fun little vacation and the boys are already making plans to go back to those caves again someday!

Non-ALS Challenge

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For a slew of reasons, when we were challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, our family opted not to do it.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get wet … or get our kids wet!

We did have to trick the boys into this – we told them we were going to see if Kevin and I could each hold two of our boys on our shoulders and wouldn’t the pool be a lovely backdrop to video tape our show of strength?

Oh, and Ricky’s reaction isn’t a fear of water … but a fear of the huge dead dragon fly that was floating around in the pool!


Click Here


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One of the things on our Wanna Do List for 2014 was “Go to the movies.”

We left Kevin at home with a sleeping Bobby, and the four boys and myself headed to the movies.  We saw “How To Train Your Dragon 2.”


The boys ate a lot of popcorn and there were only two other groups of people in the theater with us.  Ricky and Billy really enjoyed the movie.  Rusty and Tommy liked parts of it and found other parts of it a bit slow for their tastes.


Rusty let me know that he needed to use the restroom just before the end of the movie.  I could tell the end was coming, so I just kept encouraging him to hold it.  A little bit longer, son.  Just a bit more.  And ….we have credits!   Everybody run for the restroom!

We made it just in time.  And we saw the end of the movie.

A perfect little outing.

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