Bobby’s One Year Old Pictures

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I love pictures.


I love the stories they tell without words.


I love having my kids’ pictures taken.


Even when my baby decides smiling is not his thing.


I love capturing memories that could be lost … like Bobby laying his head down and just looking at us at random moments.


And the sweetness of playing peek-a-boo over a chair.


The tongue!


How sweet is his “cigar tongue” now and how funny will it be in the future!


The chubby tummy and arms and double chins …


I just adore this brown-eyed boy!


Again, that tongue!  And it is all the time.  Crawling around the house with his cigar tongue just hanging out!


The photography place likes to do “smash cakes” for their one year old sessions.  Bobby was not interested.  But even in his saddest get-me-away-from-this-cake faces, there is a memory I want to cherish forever!


Sigh.  I love him.

Merry Go Round

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My childhood park had a merry-go-round.  A big red and white one that we heard all sorts of warnings and horror stories about – you’ll break your arm…you’ll be thrown off and broken … one kid got sucked under and you should see him … (and my favorite) you could get your head cut off.

Perhaps the first two stories are possible, but I still loved that thing.

Merry-go-rounds are a thing of the past.  Playgrounds have taken them out and destroyed them.

But we found one.

We were at our Stake Camp for a ward camp-out and our little family went exploring.  We reached the end of our campground and helped ourselves to the one next door.  There we found it.

It was smallish.  It was homemade looking.  It was sitting next to a swing set.

A merry-go-round.

The boys weren’t exactly sure what to do with it, but Kevin and I quickly taught them.



And as Ricky lost his grip and nearly got thrown from it, I thought for a moment, maybe it was a good thing I was told all those horror stories …



Then Kevin and I got on without the kids and it all came back to me.  The rush of spinning…the world tilting…the G-forces trying to fling you off …

And I thought to myself,

Nah!  This is the best playground toy ever!!!

For Some Day

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Kevin took this picture.  We tried to get Bobby standing in it, but he wouldn’t cooperate.

It is a picture for someday.

Someday when Bobby is big and grown.

Someday when that tree is huge and full of cherries.

Someday when we can tell Bobby how we planted that tree when he was a baby.

You know, someday.


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We were having a dinner discussion about different types of schools and how private schools can have restrictions about who can attend.  For example, to go to Hogwarts, you have to be a witch or wizard.

BYU and its Honor Code came up in the discussion and we told the boys how you can’t grow a beard while you go to school there.

Ricky asked, “Can you have a mustache?”

Kevin and I weren’t sure, but told him that we thought you could have a mustache, just not a beard.

“Oh good,” he said.  “I want to grow a mustache because how COOL will my blonde mustache be?!”

Well.  There you go.


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Kevin got to work as a volunteer at the Ogden Temple Open House.  He was a parking usher.  It was a neat experience and opportunity for him to be a part of something so big.  I was glad he had an umbrella to shade him from the sun – sunburned noggins are no fun!  (and I totally thought that umbrella was suction-cupped to his head when he sent me that picture – it is really just stuck in the fence behind him, just so you know)



This last weekend we were able to attend a session at the Brigham City Temple.  With Bobby being one, it is finally time for us to get going to the temple regularly again.  There is a season in life for everything and I take that to heart when I just can’t do the things I think I should be doing.




I have a strong testimony of temples.  I know that through the work done inside them and through our faithfulness, families can be together in this life and in the next.  That brings such peace to my heart.

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