A Bit of Catch Up

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You know how when you get behind in something, it feels so much harder to get caught up?  Take the dishes for example.  Or laundry.  My life is laundry, so let’s go with that example.  You do laundry every day (with a family of 5 boys it seems necessary).  It isn’t a ton, but a couple of loads and you manage to stay on top of the piles.  But then someone gets sick on top of a big pile of stuffed animals.  Now you have to wash all those stuffed animals and the regular laundry doesn’t get done and then you realize that all the bedding on a couple of the beds should also be washed and the regular laundry still doesn’t get done.  And when you look at all the laundry that really, really needs to be done … all you can do is close the door and walk away until you can build up the courage to attack it.

That’s kind of how I feel about my blogging right now.  I feel so behind.  Instead of closing the door and walking away any more, I’m just going to … pardon the phrase … vomit a bunch of pictures out and get myself caught up real fast.

Bear with me.

Bobby enjoys drinking from a bottle, but he is incredibly messy at it.  His face is always covered with milk and if you are the one feeding him, you’d better protect yourself with a towel or you’ll be sporting a lovely drool spot!


The boys enjoy going for walks with me and their favorite path goes around this corner where two donkeys live.  One day on our walk, these two ran up to the sign and said, “Hey!  Take a picture of us!”  Okay.


Ricky and Billy both accomplished some goals at school so as a reward I took them to the soft-serve ice cream place.  They found a new heaven!


The boys all got free dinner coupons to Texas Roadhouse so away we went.  Unlimited chocolate milk and soft, warm rolls … delightful!



Circus Day at preschool.  I know some people aren’t fans of clowns but I like ’em.  Especially if their name is Rusty!


Ricky’s class assignment.  I’m not sure what the real answer to number 8 was, but I like what he put!


We went to the park one day recently and found this owl watching us in the tree.  Clowns I don’t find creepy…owls on the other hand …



Kevin got this big teddy bear when he was five.  The thing is old and a bit, well, icky to me, but it holds good memories for him and so we keep it.  He found Rusty sleeping with it one night and couldn’t resist a photo op.



And then there is Tommy.  Never a dull moment.



Billy got a letter from Grandpa Brent.  He carried that letter with him everywhere and showed everyone and we even caught him sleeping with it (see that white rectangle under his elbow).



He particularly loved the owl – just like how Harry Potter gets letters in the stories!



A few weeks ago, Rusty got to bring home Rocy from preschool.  The monkey was supposed to go with us everywhere and we took pictures and wrote in his journal to share with Rusty’s class.



Rocy even went with us to have our family pictures done …


Why I haven’t been blogging …

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Tonight I was rattling off all the things I need to get done in the next couple of weeks to Kevin.

Ricky was listening and said,

“Wow, Momma!  It sounds like your plate is really small with a lot of stuff on it!”

Yes, yes, son.  It is.

There you go.

Pinewood Derby

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The cub scout Pinewood Derby was last week.  Ricky and Kevin worked on his car for about a week.  We are really big into letting our boys do a lot of the work themselves for these things, even though doing it ourselves would probably be easier.


Ricky drew out his design and Kevin used the tools to cut it down to size.  I used my shopping skills for accessories and showed Ricky  how to spray paint.  Then he hammered and glued and finally got THE car …




I believe he called it “Wreck Car.”  The name came because he thought all the little pieces would fly off when it got to the end of the track.


Ricky got to race 4 times.  He came in first in 3 of those races.  The last race he barely lost.  That gave him a second place ranking.


Ricky couldn’t have been more proud!


You can see one of his races and all the cars the boys made HERE.

Bobby Tidbits

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A few more Bobby-isms…

Last week he let go of Grandmama’s leg and stood holding onto nothing but a rattle for a few moments.  Sigh.  The crawling will end soon.  The walking will begin soon.  The walking is cute, but the crawling is so adorable.



I think Bobby will be a hand talker – you know, someone who talks with their hands.  He is so expressive with them.

Like when he really doesn’t want to eat any more dinner, we get this …




I gave him a baby fork to try to keep him eating.  He turned it into a comb.  Perhaps it is because I saw “The Little Mermaid” twice this summer, but I instantly thought of the seagull who tells the mermaid that a fork was used for hair and called a dingle-hopper.  Bobby was just fixin’ himself up …



Dang, he’s cute!

Budding Artists

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Rusty and Tommy have been very into drawing lately.

Now that Rusty goes to kindergarten, he is all about writing as well.  This makes for a long day of, “Momma, how do you spell dinosaur?”  “I know x-ray starts with x, but what comes next?”  “Is this how you spell zoo?”

The drawing/writing frenzy has expanded to our drive-way as well.  So has the questioning.  “Momma, how do you spell saber tooth tiger?”  Followed by, “Whoa!  That’s a really long word!”

Because I knew we were expecting a rainstorm, I thought I’d snap a picture just to show how thorough the boys have been with the driveway …



All.  Over.  It.

It was nice of Mother Nature to send a storm to erase it all so they can have the fun of starting all over again.