Halloween 2015

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Halloween is my favorite.  I love autumn and soups and chili and pumpkins and hay rides.  I love it all!  This year we let the boys actually carve pumpkins.  In the past, we’ve just done pumpkin potato head parts because it was faster with 5 little boys, but this year they were old enough to do the work and they did a great job!


They thought it was totally fun and I think their jack-0-lanterns turned out awesome!


It was pretty warm for Halloween this year which was nice, too.  No coats to stuff under costumes!


The boys all picked awesome costumes and I had a lot of fun making them!  That’s why I learned to sew after all – Halloween costumes and pajama pants!







I have wanted to do a 70s couple for years and years.  Kevin has done this costume before (I love those pants!) but I’ve never had a good costume.  This year I bought this jumpsuit secondhand and I love it!  It smells hideous and shows off all imperfections, but I loved how we looked!


And I love anytime that I can give Kevin hair!


We were groovy!



We went to the neighborhood trunk or treat and then around one of the other neighborhoods to show off our awesomeness!  The boys got loads of candy!



It was Ricky’s last year to trick or treat (family rule says 6th grade is the last year), so here he is one last time – all you can see is his black backside.


Have I mentioned that I love Halloween?!


Fall Stuff from Kevin’s Phone

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Sometimes Kevin and I pull out our phones at the same time and catch slightly different angles of the same thing.  Other times, Kevin catches totally different stuff.  Here are some of my favorite images from his phone this fall…

Kevin took the boys to our old house to pick some grapes this fall.  I asked him to get me at least one picture of Bobby by the grapes since I have pictures of the other boys there.  Here it is…


Our former neighbor’s dogs came out to talk to the boys and Bobby loved them!


Ricky’s last time to Lagoon with his season pass was for Frightmares.  There are Halloween type decorations around and our friend took a few pictures for us.


That’s Ricky’s friend Hyrum about to pull the switch!



Kevin gave his phone to Ricky while he was blowing out his birthday candles …


Billy, aka Harry Potter, after visiting a fire station safety fair for scouts …


Then I find pictures like this one.  Bobby mistook me for the couch and apparently Kevin thought it was picture worthy!


Part of my PTA gig was to assemble emergency food kits for the students.  A gallon sized bag with water and snacks for each student is our goal.  Kevin was a good sport and picked up all the food for me from Sam’s Club.


We were “boo’d” for Halloween and Ricky thought the ghost balloon that came with the goodies was the cutest thing ever!


It is really nice that we have neighbors who have so many fun animals for the boys to visit.  Billy was showing Bobby how friendly this goat is …


And then Ricky decided to pretend he WAS a goat!


I find pictures like this more often than I would like.  Sigh.


Just call me the Cat Lady.  I’ll claim it.


Not a clue about this one, especially since Kevin is actually IN the picture.  Gotta love my boys!


Bobby loves trains and loves having you draw pictures of trains for him.  He made Kevin draw him this big one on the driveway…


When Kevin cleaned up the yard for the winter, he had to pull a few things out of the shed before he could load it up again.  Bobby saw this little swing seat and immediately sat down.


He also knew it was some sort of ride and on rides we go … No Hands!!!!



Ricky finally reached the weight that would allow him to mow the lawn.  Yes, weight.  The battery is under the seat and you have to weigh enough to make the connections connect – he finally could do it and so Kevin taught him how!  He did a really good job at it, too!



Rusty is the best toy room cleaner we’ve got!


I made these bean bag targets for preschool PE and the cats thought they were a great place to play.


That big orange cat is incredibly patient …


Kevin came to the Reflections assembly at our school where 3 of the boys earned awards that advanced them to the next level.  This is Rusty getting his trophy for his sculpture called “Eye Monster.”


He’s cute.  He’s a stinker, but he’s cute.


Billy sleeps weird.  And thumps and bumps in the night.


Halloween Parade at school!   Kevin was able to capture the kids really well as they paraded along.




When we carved pumpkins, Rusty’s had very few seeds and was nearly solid!  We had to take a picture!


Kevin took the boys to a park when I was off in Arizona for a weekend.  I love this picture he took for me!


Ricky earned the privilege of going to a Weber State football game with the other 6th graders who earned enough good points.  He was very excited about going and had a good time!


In the winter, we use this black mat under the van in the garage.  It does a great job catching the snow and water drips and containing them.  However, we roll it up all summer and it doesn’t always want to flatten back out in the fall.  Kevin employed Rusty to help – worked pretty good!


Now that Ricky weighs enough to mow the grass, he also weighs enough to mow the leaves!  Muahahahaha!!!  Child labor truly is beginning!



And there you go!


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October was super busy for me with PTA things and Halloween costumes and Reflections Contests and I’m not even sure what all.  I just know that I didn’t get a lot of time to breathe and put my feet up!

Bobby found his stuffed raccoon in his toy box and loved on that thing for weeks.  It was always under his arm and melted my heart to see it!  There is just something so adorable about a boy lugging around a raccoon!


Rusty continued his therapy for his feet.  Twice a week he met with Eli and stretched those muscles during what Rusty considered a bunch of games.



He adored Eli and was not super thrilled the couple of times we went when Eli couldn’t be there.


Rusty still toe walks habitually, but at least he now is ABLE to walk correctly.  Before therapy, that wasn’t even an option!  He continued his therapy through November and early December before being declared good to go.  We still have to practice his stretches at home, but his feet have greatly improved!



When I get busy, I’ll admit it, we have cereal for dinner more than we probably should.  Bobby likes the Lucky Charms.  Or I should say, he likes the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms.  And there is no need to wait for a bowl – it is just as easy to pick out the marshmallows straight from the box!


I took Tommy and Bobby out for lunch one day.  We went to Arctic Circle and they had a great time on the play set.


We have a thing for board games at our house.  Perfection was the game of choice most of October.  Bobby had to sit on the table so he could be closer to the board so that he could squeal  every time the time ran out and the pieces jumped into the air!


Little boys in overalls is my favorite!


Billy had a piano recital in October.  The students were allowed to wear their costumes.  We didn’t have his all the way finished yet, but he opted to wear it anyway.  Billy’s piano teacher is more of a music teacher and has her students do more than just piano.  For this recital, Billy had to compose a short song.  The students also did a music project where they explored some part of music besides piano – some learned about a music genre, others learned about a composer … Billy learned how to play a song with the Boom Whackers!  His teacher had him perform his song, “Baa Baa Black Sheep” at the beginning of the recital.  You can see him perform at his recital HERE.


While sorting through the costume box, I found the little Batman costume.  I loved this costume.  I loved my boys in this costume.  Bobby wasn’t going to Batman for Halloween – that was Billy – but I still had to have a picture of him in this dang cute costume!


We finally had vision insurance again, so the boys and I went to the eye doctor.  The Nintendo DS’s came in handy occupying the boys while they waited their turn.  The verdict … they all have perfect vision, a couple of them have more than perfect vision.  No glasses for any of them in the foreseeable future.  Whew!



Bobby doesn’t play video games yet, so I was his entertainment – and selfies make him happy!


He didn’t get to have his eyes examined yet, but he did take a turn in the chair.  And he gave the eye doctor an awesome look!  Our eye doctor is wonderful and played right along!


Kevin and I went out to dinner at The Training Table one evening.  We used to go to the one in Provo a lot when we lived there and didn’t even realize that the one up here was still open.  It was very nostalgic and the dipping sauce is still one of my favorites!


Billy’s orthodontics work began!  He had an expander put in and every other night for 8 weeks we had to crank it a little bit wider.  I had one when I was about Billy’s age and just couldn’t bring myself to ever do the cranking – that lot fell on Kevin’s shoulders.


Billy was really brave and never complained about food getting stuck or aching from his jaw moving.


Ricky had a doctor’s appointment that Tommy and Bobby had to come along to.  All three ended up getting flu shots and all of them had to sit on the exam table together.  Kodak moment that I couldn’t resist!


Our town puts on a Halloween celebration that they call the Hooper Haunt.  There are spooky displays, carved pumpkins, luminaries, a spook alley, and more.  Our PTA put together this display with the help of Ricky’s class.




Several of the displays this year were photo ops.  My favorite was this one with the head in the jars…




This year there was a pirate ship for the boys to climb on.  This was Bobby’s favorite thing of the evening!


Here is our family, by the light of the van’s dome light…


We love Halloween!


And I love this little boy – especially in overalls!!!




Our central vacuum system stopped working – some sort of a clog in the pipes.  We blamed Bobby since he liked to talk into the openings as though it was an intercom system.  It wasn’t easy to fix the clog, so it fell low on the priority list for a while.  Our cats were very interested in the process …


High on the priority list was finishing the boys’ Halloween costumes.  I love making these for them – it makes me very happy!  This year, Ricky was a hobo clown, Billy was Batman with Bobby as his Robin, Rusty wanted to be a spider, and Tommy was happy to be a clown (I do love when my boys dress up like clowns!).


The boys’ school had a costume parade.  Bobby came with me but wasn’t quite brave enough to walk around with his brothers.


He did brave up to walk through the gym next to Billy though.  So.  Dang.  Cute.



A good friend of ours passed along her family’s Thomas the Train stuff that they didn’t use any more.  Bobby was in train heaven and just adores Mrs. Buck for sharing!!  (and more overalls!)




Kevin’s birthday & October Begins

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Let the summing up begin …

Kevin’s birthday came.  I had made a chocolate chip cookie in a skillet a few days before, so for his birthday, we tried brownies in a skillet.  Can you say, yum?!


The boys all wrote their dad a love letter and gave their dad some love …


They are growing up, but they are still little enough to give the best hugs.


And I love seeing Kevin love on them!


Especially this little one that knows that Kevin is his Poppy, but insists on calling him “Dad.”  Not a clue where he got that from!  He also calls me “Mum.”  I try to correct him to Momma and Poppy …. his brothers all still call us Momma and Poppy … we have no idea why or how he knows to call us Mum and Dad, but he does (and it is kind of cute!).


My husband and boys are the cutest!


The weather was perfect and the boys enjoyed some backyard baseball after school.  I hated to call them in for dinner because they were so picturesque – like a Norman Rockwell print!  Bobby didn’t really know what was going on, but he had a mitt and he chucked balls – sometimes at his brothers!


My PTA gig was just starting to get busy!  We invited Hank Smith to come do an anti-bullying assembly with the students and he was fabulous!  He is on the LDS speaking circuit, but also does assemblies.  We learned to not let others “crush our chips” and about chickens and their pecking order.  It has made it easier to talk to the boys about getting along with friends because I can pull things they learned from the assembly!  Oh and it was really, really funny!


Many times a day I say to different children, “You are NOT a cat!”  They know that means to stop laying on the back of my sofa.  Bobby is probably the most guilty of this – the couch was just made perfect for him to lay on top of!


We put up our Halloween decorations and Rusty decorated the sidewalk in front of the front door.  His jack-o-lantern was pretty awesome!


He Speaks!

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Bobby has been saying words for quite a while now, but today he put three together into a sentence.  Kevin and I thought it was pretty cool that we recognized what we believe is his longest sentence yet.

What that sentence was, might not have been worthy of our great admiration …

Speaking to himself in the other room Bobby said, “Where pants go?”

No worries.  We found the pants.

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