Not aliens. Not spacemen. Martians.

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Tommy came home from preschool the other day looking like this (with his friend, Mason):

martian boys


I put on Tommy’s hat and asked him if I was a cute squid.

“Nooooo!  It’s not a squid!”

Of course, I was wrong.  So I asked him if I was a cute alien.

“Noooo!  It’s not a alien!”

Hmm.  I was stumped, so I asked him what it was.

“I don’t know the word,” was his reply.

As I emptied his backpack, I found a spaceship with an alien inside that they had made that day.  I asked him if it was a spaceman.

“Nooooo!  It’s not a spaceman!  I don’t know the word!”  Translation:  Duh, Mom.  If you don’t know what the word is then neither of us are going to know what the word is.

A little while later, Mason’s mom sent me that picture and called them cute “monsters.”  Now I was really confused because Tommy totally knows that word.  My confusion was saved by the beep of my phone.  It was Mason’s mom.  Apparently, Mason had suddenly remembered the word.

So I asked Tommy, “Is it a Martian?”

His reply was a celebratory squeal and dance.

Later Tommy told me, “You find Martians on the planet Jupiter.”

Rusty chimed in, “I thought they were from the planet Mer-sure-y.”

And Ricky added his two cents, “No, you take the first 4 letters of the word Martian and that tells you where they are from.”

I’m thinking a solar system lesson might be needed in the near future.

Buses or Bust

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I was trying to get Tommy to move a little bit faster this morning as he was getting ready for preschool, so I said, “Bust a move, son!”

He looked at me, in all seriousness, and said, “Momma, I don’t have any buses!”

There you go.


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There is always so much going on in December and once the month is over I seem to forget most of it.  It was a busy month … Kevin was gone, Billy had a recital, we saw Christmas lights and Santa parading through our neighborhood.  There were quiet moments at home watching Christmas movies and eating Christmas goodies.

A lot of my Christmas decorations are children’s toys.  By design.  I have no desire to spend my holidays guarding things or constantly saying, “No!” so I decorate with Fisher Price.  I do have a few special things that I just put up where they can’t be reached and we put a gate around the main tree so that Bobby (and the cats) can’t undecorate it so easily!  But, for the most part, my decor is playable and play the boys do!

Bobby enjoys cars.  None of the others “vroom vroom”-ed cars this little.  He took the Mickey Tour Bus to see the Christmas decor … Next stop, the nativity scene.



The Sunday before Christmas, one of the speakers shared a story she’d read about a little boy who rearranged his mom’s special nativity scene so that all the pieces could see the Baby Jesus.  That night I saw Billy rearranging ours and had to stop myself from telling him to leave it alone.  He was just making sure everyone could see the Baby Jesus.



The boys’ classes at school all did fun stuff for Christmas – art projects and parties galore.  One day Tommy came home from preschool looking a bit different.  He told us it was Elf Day (that hat came complete with pointed ears).



The Saturday before Christmas we had my whole family (minus Melissa who is currently living in Australia – Hi, Melissa!) over for the Olds Family Christmas Party.  We were too busy having fun to get very many pictures this year but here is my mom with her great-granddaughter, Audrey …



We exchanged gifts … (I have NO idea what that random purple circle is.  Aliens?)





And this year we added a ring-the-bells sing-a-long (gotta admit, I was a bit surprised at how much everyone seemed to enjoy it – it may become a tradition!) …




And there was, of course, the acting out of the nativity.  I didn’t get any good pictures because I was behind the scenes directing and Kevin didn’t get me any really good pictures because he was video taping it for me.  However, our camcorder randomly snaps stills as it is recording, so here are a couple of those that it captured.

Three randomly costumed angels singing to the shepherds …



And the shepherds and wise men honoring the baby with Mary and Joseph …



The best part of the party is just having family around.

And that Bobby didn’t scream and cry whenever someone looked at him.  That was pretty cool, too.



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It isn’t very often that you get to celebrate the date being sequential numbers.  And it won’t happen again for a long time, so we made sure to point it out to the boys.

In December, the 12th month, on the 13th day of the (20)14th year we took a picture … at 15:16:17 (3:16 pm and 17 seconds).  Well, we might have been off a second or two, but I took a lot of pictures right around that right time.



We had met up with Kevin’s brother, Marc, and his family for lunch, so the cousins joined in on our random picture taking fun.

It was a good afternoon.  We haven’t had any of Kevin’s family living close for so long that it is a treat to have them just 90 minutes away now.  Aunt Cindy even had gingerbread house stuff out for the boys to do!  They seemed more interested in eating the supplies than crafting … but sometimes that’s what happens.



For the most part, the boys just loved playing with their cousins.  They don’t have very many their age on my side of the family, so getting together with the Pendletons results in a lot of running around and running around and … I think they played, too.

At one point, Rusty came to show us what he had found to play with.  Oh my goodness … he looked adorable with this little guitar!!  He must have one someday.  He just must.



I did a lot of visiting with the other Cindy and Kevin put his talents to good use and fixed some problems their computer was having.  Later than night, Cindy sent me a text that said, “So Grant is on the ipad with his friend and he said, ‘Dude, my super smart uncle came over and fixed our computer’ Kevin has reached hero status!”

Yep.  That’s my husband.  The superhero!

On our way home, we took the boys to Temple Square.  We have never taken them to see the Christmas lights there and figured this was a great time – not too cold, no snow or ice, and we were driving by anyway.



Our timing was great.  We got there just as it was getting dark and beat the crazy Saturday crowds.  There were still people everywhere, but there were a lot more as we were leaving …




It is actually quite difficult to get pictures of 5 boys and the lights at Temple Square.  One reason being … it is dark and using a flash kind of takes away from the Christmas lights.  Huh.  Well, I tried.



At one point, talking about looking at Christmas lights, Billy said, “This never gets old!”  I think he had a good time.





There were so many people that the lines at the restroom were super long, too.  Bobby and I kept ourselves entertained while we waited …



Gotta take the lovey dovey pictures …





As we walked right next to the temple, I asked the boys if they wanted to go up and stand by the doors for a picture.  They did but they seemed hesitant.  I’m not sure if they felt like they weren’t supposed to or not.  They ran up real quick, touched the doorknob, paused for a not-so-great picture, and then ran back down the stairs.  At least they understand that the temple is a special place.  I guess.



It really was a fun evening.  We didn’t go up and see the Christus – there were just too many people – but I promised we’d come back during the day sometime … maybe when it was warmer.



I’m so glad we have the temple.  Not just for its beauty at Christmas that “never gets old,” but because of it, I get to be with these faces forever and ever.  That’s pretty darn cool.


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Bobby’s first true word is kitty.  He’s been saying it for a few weeks now.  It certainly is what he says when he sees our three cats, but it is also what he calls most all stuffed animals and I even heard him call a neighbor’s dog “kitty” yesterday.

Grandmama added to the fun of this first word by getting Bobby a huge stuffed kitty.


And I mean huge!!!  He loves it!  (and his brothers fight over it when he isn’t playing with it)


He carries it around and calls for his “kitty” and gives it lots of loves.   The other night Tommy observed, “Kitty.  That’s the only thing that Bobby can say that humans say.”



Bobby especially likes to lay on top of his big kitty.  He does this same thing to our real cat and he isn’t quite as patient as the stuffed one.   When Bobby assumed this laying down on his stuffed kitty position the other night, Tommy exclaimed, “Oh, look!  Bobby’s doing the dead man!”


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