Rusty Turned 6

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For weeks and weeks, I daily heard … “I can’t wait for Groundhog’s Day!”

Why, Rusty?  Why can’t you wait for Groundhog’s Day?


“Because that’s my birthday!!!!”


I picture him turning 3.  He turned 6!



He was very specific about his birthday present request … a metal detector.  Okay, son.  We can do that!




He was also very specific about his dinner request…velveta shells and cheese.  No complaints about that from his brothers!



Following the pattern, Rusty knew exactly what he wanted for dessert, too.  After all, he couldn’t wait for this day!  He wanted chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting (I added marshmallows to mix it up a bit- mother’s prerogative).







Rusty is fun.  He is a thinker and still has a love for puzzles and solving things.  He’s our best lego builder.  He likes to follow the instructions, but is also great at branching out and being creative.  He is what his teacher calls a “free spirit.”  He likes to hide and pop out to scare you.  He loves dinosaurs and bats (the mammal, not the sports equipment).  Almost every night he asks me what we are having for dinner and when I tell him, he responds, “Do I like that?”  He is looking forward to being 8 someday so he can be baptized and go to scouts.  He is learning how to be a really good reader and he has the best giggle.  He might appear shy, but he’s really just taking it all in.  No fear in him!

I love my Rusty.  I miss the overly chubby cheeks and out of control baby hair, but I’m loving the little man he’s become.  He’s chatty and funny and always processing information.


Happy birthday, Rusty!


P.S.  After I took Rusty’s pictures by his bedroom door, I glanced down at my phone to make sure I’d gotten a couple of clear shots.  When I looked up, I found this …



Bobby thought it was his turn.



And then I tickled that big ol’ belly.


Camera Dump

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Since January wasn’t overly exciting, I’m just going to lump the rest of the pictures from the month into one random blog post.  Enjoy …

My mother would never have let me sit on the table to do a puzzle with her, but Rusty gets special privileges …


Yes.  I know I should have matched those laundry socks sooner.  But did you have to look quite so happy about spreading them all around my bedroom?


I stayed home from church with sick kids most Sundays in January.  Kevin took this shot of Billy one of those Sundays.  I’m guessing that it was a good thing that I was home if this is the attitude going on …


I hosted a baby shower for a friend and Kevin was told to keep the boys away for a few hours.  He took them to the Treehouse Museum.


They really like that museum.  Kevin didn’t get any rest though – it is hard work keeping up with Bobby and there are SO many places to wander at the Treehouse!







Bobby has learned the joy of Peek-a-Boo.  His favorite time to play it is at mealtime … when his hands are nice and sticky and covered in food.  Yeah.  That’s his favorite!


Tommy had “Doctor” day at preschool.  He came home looking like this and wanting to listen to everyone’s heart …


Kevin had the two oldest boys go with him for our assignment to clean the church one night.  They’d been gone a while and I had the younger three nestled snuggly in bed.  I got a text message with the following picture saying “We are on our way home …”  Ricky and a door had a disagreement.


The cuteness is sometimes too much for me…


I couldn’t resist a naked baby picture after Bobby took a shower with Kevin one day.  I didn’t even think about the possibility that it would be a “naked husband” picture if my angle had been different.  Kevin wasn’t really thrilled about this one … (heehee)


Need a bathroom cup?  I think there might be one in the boys’ bathroom …


Same Old, Same Old

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Sometimes I don’t blog because my schedule is packed and sometimes I don’t blog because of sick kids.

Other times I don’t blog because life is just life.  Nothing exciting or different happened.  Nothing particularly cute was said.  We were happy and content, but that gets a bit old to say.

That’s how most of January was.  Same old, same old.

There were a few moments that stood out a bit more.

Like that one time Bobby got a green marker …


Or when he got a red marker about 30 minutes later …


Actually, he’s pretty darn cute everyday…


But even that gets to be same old, same old after a while …


We had parent teacher conferences at the boys’ school.  They are all doing fabulously.  They are smart, good readers, and kind.  I love that their teachers tell me how kind they are.  I love having kind boys.  Ricky was waiting in his desk when I came to his conference …


Rusty made this penguin in class and his teacher tried to point out that he’d forgotten the penguin’s feet.  Rusty told her, “No.  He’s swimming.  His feet are under the water.”  To satisfy everyone, he labeled where the feet were …


We moved Bobby into the bigger high chair that the older boys used.  It worked just fine with the other boys, but not this one.  That silly seatbelt did nothing to contain our Houdini.  Since the high chair should be a safe place to stick the baby, Kevin found a way.  Hence, the goat-tied baby in the high chair …


I gave Bobby a hair cut and nicked his ear with the scissors.  Such a bad mom moment.  To add salt to my guilt, the darn thing bled and bled.  At least he still looked cute with a band-aid on his ear for a few days … (and the hair cut was actually pretty good, too)


Okay, so maybe his cuteness will never be considered “same old, same old”….


I already blogged that

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I try really hard to get pictures from both mine and Kevin’s cameras before I blog an event or happening.  Usually I’m really good at it.  Apparently, this last time I wasn’t.

So, I present to you … things I have already blogged:

Sickos during Christmas break




Bowling was on our 2014 Wanna Do List.  Ricky was too sick to go, so Kevin took the middle three.  They also went miniature golfing while they were there.  Ricky was so sick, he didn’t even care that he missed it.




They also got lunch on their way home and got to play on the play set…



Another carousel picture from our zoo trip …


And a couple shots from our post-zoo Red Robin late lunch visit …



And one final one, just because this kid is so cute …



There you go.



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Most of our time between Christmas and New Years was spent comforting the sick …



It started with a runny nose with Bobby, then to him being sicker and Ricky being sicker and then the three middle boys being kind of sick and then to Kevin and I getting it.  Happy Holidays, to us!  But the icks didn’t stop Kevin and I from enjoying our New Years Eve.  We had all the sickos asleep by 7:30 and then we played games and watched a movie before the ball dropped!



Bobby went from walking to climbing in what seemed a blink of an eye.  Suddenly every chair, stool, and table was a means to getting him higher and higher.  Our decorating style is now reflective of this climbing tendency.  The lid to our blanket box has disappeared … the stools and chairs get turned upside down … and bathroom doors have knob locks since the toilet tank was one of his favorite places to perch.  These tactics may have slowed his climbing, but they didn’t stop his creativity …



Bobby likes to be helpful.  He thinks that if you are doing it, he should be doing it.  Taking down the Christmas tree?  Then he is sure that that strand of lights needs to be stretched across the house …



Baking something?  He’s sure he needs to check on it, too …



Drinking water?  Well, Bobby will help you finish off that water bottle faster … (photo thanks to Tommy)



Man, I love that little man!



When Ricky was 2, he got a cute Little People set for his birthday.


It has been played with by all the boys and was put away for a while when Tommy was finished with it.  I needed a distraction for Bobby one day and pulled it out for him for the first time.  It was a success and I got something done!



Ricky is really good at getting 100% on his spelling tests.  Week after week, he gets perfect scores or misses just one word out of 20.  One would think his spelling was marvelous.  Maybe it is … for tests.  For daily life?  Not so much.  One assignment each week is to write me a letter about what he’s been learning about at school.  I loved translating this sentence one week … “Quire is coming up soon.”



Translation:  CHOIR is coming up soon.

There you go.

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