Just This and That

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Sometimes the boys will still snuggle with their grandmama …



Sometime we will completely take away his bottle, but for now it is the only way he’ll drink any milk, so he gets to keep it.  Usually only while sitting in his high chair or rocking on a parents’ lap before bed … not while sitting in laundry baskets!



And definitely not usually when playing with potato heads …


Sometimes you have to take lots of pictures of a really old chair before you get rid of it because your oldest son loves the chair so much.




Sometimes the cats are insistent about sitting on your lap … even when you don’t really want them to.  So you smile and take a picture.



Sometimes the momma thinks it is a great idea to let the littles create with stamps and ink pads.  Sometimes one of those littles doesn’t quite understand not putting his arm on the ink pad … over and over and over …



Sometimes there are just no words …


Sometimes there are toys that have survived 5 boys and are still going strong.  Now …


Then …

ricky rocking horse


Sometimes the neighbors get a new puppy that is so adorable you must take multiple field trips over to visit her.


Sometimes the boys assemble a puzzle and want their picture taken with the finished project – yet they can’t quite all manage to look at the camera at the same time or make normal faces …





Sometimes you sit inside the upside down stool … just because you can.


Sometimes your shoelaces come undone and someone steps on those shoelaces as you are climbing the steps on the bus and you get a groovy looking wound because of it.



Sometimes you get to try out your brother’s new roller blades but your dad makes you stay on the grass so you won’t hurt yourself.  You smile anyway.



Sometimes you steal other people’s water bottles (he does this all the time, actually).   And sometimes you get to be dressed adorably while you do it.


Sometimes you just need to sit on a hose crank or in the dirt.


Sometimes a little brother will come and copy everything you do … even if that includes laying on random big cardboard boxes.


Sometimes you create with magnets and are so pleased with yourself that you beg for a picture – so Momma can put it on the blog!


Billy is 8

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Billy requested freezer Mexican food for his birthday dinner.  I knew that.  I planned on that.  I made him freezer Chinese food.  Sometimes I’m a good mom like that.  Fortunately, he likes Chinese, too.


The day before his birthday, there was a shoe-lace stepped on and Billy face planted his way onto the school bus.  He got a beautiful case of road rash around his eye – but no bruising!  I was hoping for a shiner, but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be.


Billy was excited to turn 8.  He is excited to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He is excited to now be a Cub Scout.


For his birthday, Kevin and I got Billy roller blades.  He had only asked for a couple of books, so the blades were my idea.


He may or may not have been more excited about the knee and elbow pads and gloves that came with the roller blades.


He gave them a good try on his birthday in the garage and is gradually getting better and better at them.  His brothers are trying to keep up by rolling around in mine and Kevin’s old roller skates!


Billy is a great brother!  Yes, he is a tease and sometimes he plays a bit more rough than a few of his brothers like, but he adores his brothers.  He is an excellent helper with Bobby and is very patient with Tommy who always wants to play video games with Billy.


Sometimes it is hard when your brothers have birthdays and you don’t, so you smile your prettiest 4 year old smile and say, “Poppy!  Take a picture of me!”


Billy had requested brownies for his birthday dessert.  Yet, again, his mom missed the mark.  We had had a church party a week before his birthday and had half a sheet cake left over.  It wasn’t cut into and it was decorated cute, so we stuck it in the freezer and that was Billy’s birthday cake.  He ended up thinking it was pretty, darn tasty!


Grandmama joined us for dinner and cake and ice cream.  She brought Billy a few gifts as well.  He is good with his grandma – she volunteers at his school and whenever he sees her, he must give her a hug.  Billy is all about the hugs!



His brothers had very specific requests for what they wanted to give Billy for his birthday…an astronaut costume and a space calendar.  Okay.  We can do that.



Billy is a fun addition to our family.  He is full of energy and it almost bursts from him spontaneously!


He is getting good at playing the piano and we catch him more and more often reading a book.  He likes balls and bikes and all things dare-devil.  He requires a hug and kiss before school every day and another before bed.  He is patient and kind with his brothers and his friends.


I just adore my Sir Billiam!




A wee bit of February stuff

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February is our busy month.  Not only is it the shortest month of the year, but we have 3 birthdays, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and this year I went to 2 different conferences during the month.  So much fun, but so much busy!

Here are just a few snippets from the middle of the busy-ness:

Mr. Houdini figured out escaping this high chair a few too many times, so he got demoted back to the baby chair we used when he was little.  It is not for such a big kid, but it does a better job of containment.  He was just too, too proud of himself for figuring out how to sit ON his tray!


We have had a very mild winter and the boys have enjoyed playing outside with just a light jacket or sweater.  Bobby has grown to love the outdoors and always wants to be out there with his brothers.  He knows where we keep his shoes and his jacket and if he hears anything that sounds even close to “go outside,” he dashes off to get them.  This day his brothers were outside but I’d kept him in with me.  So he stood on a chair and yelled to his brothers through the window.  Naturally.


I teach PE a couple of times a month at a local preschool and one of our lessons was about keeping our heart healthy with exercise.  And you can’t exercise correctly without your sweat band!   I had a few extras, so the boys received them and a lesson on calisthenics.  Is there much cuter in this world than little boys in sweat bands?


Richard Simmons, eat your heart out!


I was able to spend some time with Ricky’s class for Valentine’s Day.  I led them in a craft and a “showing love” activity.  They each made a heart and went around writing good things about each other on the hearts.  The only rule was that it couldn’t be about the way someone looked.  My favorite on Ricky’s is in black toward the bottom, “You’re smart like a rabit.”  That’s a true friend right there!


With the mild winter, the basketball hoop has gotten a bit more use.  Billy is getting quite good and, while he prefers to play handball against the garage door, he seems to enjoy it.


I was dribbling off to the side while taking pictures of Billy, and Bobby grabbed this blue and white ball, put it on the ground and started whacking it with both hands.  I didn’t call him for double dribbling!


Then he left and put himself in a hole in the dirt.  He’s one.  He does these things. (I so need a sandbox!)


Rusty went with me to a playgroup one day.  Tommy wasn’t feeling well and Bobby doesn’t get anything from playgroups, but I wanted to visit with my friends, so I took Rusty.  The home we were at had a climbing wall installed in their basement.  Rusty was fascinated by it.  At first he was a bit timid …


But by the time we left, Rusty owned that wall!


The middle birthday of our three February birthdays belongs to me.  Kevin took me out to lunch and to the hardware store where he bought a few supplies for some projects – an excellent birthday present!  Even better … I didn’t change a single diaper all day long!  Happy birthday to me!