California Adventure – Part 5

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Wednesday morning at the Disneyland Resort was earmarked for Disney’s California Adventure.  It was another early entry … 7 am.

California Adventure isn’t my favorite part of Disneyland.  I don’t enjoy the feel of the park as much and it seems like there just isn’t as much to do there, as far as rides go – and what there is to do is broken down.   They do have great shows though!

We started our morning visiting Cars Land.  It wasn’t open yet the last time we went to Disneyland, so it was new to all of us.  It was really well done and we did feel like we were walking through the cartoon!


Bobby, however,  was not impressed with Mater’s Tractor Ride …



Rusty and I thoroughly enjoyed it!




Isn’t this little tractor just cute – yes, but Bobby wouldn’t stand by it for all the goldfish in my bag!



(It was BYU shirt day for our family – in case you hadn’t noticed)



Even though Bobby looks disturbed in this picture, he actually really liked seeing McQueen up close.  Lots of pointing and “key key key” sounds.



The perfect age for Disneyland right there …



The lines were out of control (like 100 minute waits out of control) and the Fast Pass system a bit sketchy for Radiator Spring Racers but we did manage to get on once during our week there.



The boys loved this ride and we really wanted to do it again, but it just wasn’t destined to happen.


Our car won the race, by the way, which only made it that much more fun!


On our must do list was a visit to see Olaf the snowman from the movie Frozen.



Bobby didn’t mind waiting in line when the end result was a character – goofy kid!


I quite enjoyed that character visit as well since the photographer went on and on about how “go-oood” I looked for having all 5 of these kids!  It wasn’t even one of my better skinny days, but I will totally take that compliment!


We went to the “Frozen” sing-a-long show and the boys thoroughly enjoyed that.  The actors retold the story from the movie and sang the songs.


There were fiery blasts and it ended with snow falling from the ceiling!!



We played in the Bug’s Life area and rode Soarin’ Over California.  On that one, Rusty was very concerned.  He didn’t like the idea of the ride and when we seat belted ourselves in, he seemed very nervous.  Once the ride started though, he loved it!  Well, almost loved it.  There is a part where you soar over the ocean for a ways and he nudged me and asked, “How much longer until we are back over land?!”

Just before lunch time, Grandmama took Bobby back to the hotel and Kevin and I took the boys on the Grizzly River Rapids.


I kept trying to tell them that they wouldn’t get wet, but they didn’t seem to believe me.  It didn’t help that people getting off the ride were pretty well drenched.  Ricky and Billy kept reading the warning signs to Rusty and Tommy – that didn’t help either, especially the one that said, “You WILL get wet, You MIGHT get drenched.”  There were other warnings about not riding with heart conditions or while pregnant and one that said, “Watch out for Sharp Turns!”

After we got off the ride (only somewhat wet – not drenched), Tommy said, “Momma, there weren’t any pointy turns!”  I guess he was worried about a “sharp” turn being kind of pointy!

We all had some downtime after lunch and then Kevin went with the boys and Grandmama to see the “Aladdin” show back in California Adventure.  I stayed at the hotel and napped with Bobby since I saw the show while Kevin stayed with nappers 3 years ago.

The boys sang the songs and quoted the Genie for hours afterwards!

After the play, Kevin and I took Ricky and Billy on the big roller coaster called California Screamin’.  It was the biggest roller coaster either of them has been on and it has drops and an upside down part.  I sat with Billy thinking he’d be fine.  He’s quite brave and a daredevil at home, so I didn’t think this would bother him.  I was wrong.



After we went down the first drop, I was sure Billy was going to upchuck … mid-ride … and it would get all over ME!  I don’t do upchuck well.  I then feared that I would upchuck as well.  So, while I tried my best to scream and enjoy the ride (which was really awesome!), I couldn’t fully enjoy it because I kept side-glancing at Billy waiting for the slightly green face to produce something nasty!  Ricky just kind of ducked his head and held on tight.  I guess we need to toughen these boys up by riding more roller coasters!

We think Billy might get a bit motion sick.  His bravery and daredevil status remain in tack.

Dinner that night was at the hotel restaurant, “Goofy’s Kitchen.”


It was our first character dinner and lots of fun – again thanks to Bobby loving characters!




Chip and Dale were the most friendly with the boys.  The boys remember which one has a red nose and which one has the black nose.  I can never keep it straight!


Pluto played the most with Bobby.



It is a buffet style restaurant and the boys loved being able to pick and choose and go back for more!  We were seated in a side room with another family with several kids.  I’m not sure if it was the BYU shirts or number of children, but that dad asked if we were from Utah.  Yep.  And he was from Idaho.


After dinner, because we hadn’t walked nearly enough that day, we took a stroll around the hotel grounds.  It is really beautiful there!  The boys gather flower petals that had fallen from the trees and found several “Disney cats” – wild cats that live at the hotel.


Then it was time for bed.  The boys were all tired and ready for some sleep!   Mom stayed with them so Kevin and I could slip off on a date to see “World of Color.”  It was all about the history of Walt Disney since the parks were celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland.



It was really well done and we had a good spot to stand and see everything.  I didn’t think it was quite as kid-friendly of a show as the previous “World of Color” was, so I was very glad the boys had stayed back and gone to sleep.


And sleep they did.  This is how we found them when we got back …


Grandmama had done her job well!!!




Bobby didn’t sleep well on this trip.  He figured out how to crawl out of the play pen and wanted to sleep ON either Kevin or I all night.  I’m not sure if the scary rides got to him or all the new people or what.  But every night was spent like this …



Good thing he is cute!

Wednesday Rides and Attractions:  Mater’s Tractors, Ladybugs, Bumper Cars, Flik’s Flight Balloons, Radiator Springs Racers, Soarin’ Over California, Frozen Sing-a-Long, Olaf, Grizzly River Rapids, Aladdin, California Screamin’, Goofy’s Kitchen, World of Color

California Adventure – Part 4

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Tuesday we were up and ready to go by 6:30 AM.  Well, most of us.  It was hard to have to wake this one up …


We could get into the park at 7 and we chose to take advantage of our early entry in Fantasyland.


And take advantage we did!  We blew through more than a dozen rides before lunch!


Bobby still wasn’t full convinced of the fun-ness of these rides.  Riding Dumbo with Tommy didn’t help.  We couldn’t be up and we couldn’t be down … we had to bounce up and then down and then up and then down and then up again … Make up your mind, son!  Your momma isn’t as young as she used to be!





Kevin was afraid I wasn’t going to be in enough pictures …



I’ve trained them well … no hands even on picture stops of rides!


I know we are in the minority here, but we really like riding “It’s A Small World.”  We have fun looking for all the hidden (or not so hidden) movie characters intermingled with the dancing nation dolls.


I love sharing these memories with my boys!


And I love making them laugh with funny face selfies!


I love that Ricky enjoyed the puppeteering and costumes and would have happily ridden it again!


After all the kiddie rides, it was time for my favorite ride, Thunder Mountain.


I’ve done my best to convince them all that it is the best ride.



So far, so good!



It is still my absolute favorite and probably always will be!


And I love riding it with Kevin.  He wasn’t so convinced about the joy of roller coasters when we first got married, but he’s a fan now!


Being with Grandmama is part of the fun of our Disneyland trips!



After Thunder Mountain, we met up with Grandmama and Bobby and went on Pirates of the Caribbean.  Bobby’s favorite part of that ride was playing with the chain railings as we waited in line.  He had to run his hand along each one – expressing his displeasure when the line was moving too fast for him to properly play with the chain.

Shortly before you get on the boats for Pirates, there is a pile of gold with a parrot watching over it.  Kevin pointed the parrot out to Tommy and asked him if the parrot was real.  Tommy acted all disgusted with Poppy and replied, “No!  It’s a bird in a costume!”

There you go!


Generally, we don’t wait in line to see any of the characters, except Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  We pay a little more to enjoy the character dining experiences where they come to your table and you interact with them that way.  However, since Bobby really liked the characters and we’d made such good time all morning, we opted to wait in line to see Eeyore, Tigger, and Winnie the Pooh.


The boys just seemed so excited to see the characters!


There were hugs and high fives and knuckle bumps … and Bobby had to touch all their noses!



Serious heart melting moments when Bobby would hug these big fuzzy beasts!


And when Tommy did, too …



Then Bobby would want some loving from his dad to reassure him that the big fuzzy beasts really were his friends.







Bobby liked the characters, but he wasn’t interested in standing in pictures with his brothers AND the character.  There would be none of that.  So I got my picture taken a lot with the characters, too.



How happy Tommy was just cuddled up with the giant Winnie the Pooh!


And the nose kisses!





After visiting with our friends from the Hundred Acre Woods, Kevin and I took the big boys on Splash Mountain.  They had seen the big drop as we entered Critter Country and Rusty and Tommy were excited but nervous about it.



But only a little bit nervous.


I was a little nervous having Tommy in the very front seat by himself as we went off the drop.  Holding on with both hands would have been a little too … mothery … so I wrapped one leg around his waist instead!



The boys thought it was awesome!

There are a gazillion reasons why I love the Disneyland Hotel and staying there, but one pretty close to the top of the list is this …


Characters right in the lobby!


Or just outside the lobby doors …



Everyday there was someone else just wandering around waiting for 5 little boys to need a picture…




or to squeeze their noses!


I didn’t get many pictures at the pool, but it was pretty nice.  We put Bobby down for a nap and Kevin took the older boys down to swim.  Two pools, 3 water slides, and a couple of hot tubs and shooting geysers.  The boys were in water heaven!



After the pool and some downtime, we went in to California Adventure and found a shady bench where we could watch the Pixar Parade and eat our hot dogs for dinner.

The Parade was fun and there were lots of bubbles that came floating down on our heads!

At one point, a girl dancer from the parade came over to us and put her hand out to Billy for him to give her five.  Billy paused for a moment, looking at her hand, and then he shrugged as if to say, “I guess it wouldn’t hurt” before he finally gave her five.

Once the parade was over, we asked the boys how they liked it.  We got “good” and thumbs ups.  From Tommy, though, we got, “That was more awesome than my dreams!  That was more awesome than my brain can think of!”  I think he liked it.

After the parade, Grandmama took Bobby shopping.  She tells us that he was a wonderful shopper and just perfect for her.  That’s good because we were running back and forth between parks trying to use our FastPasses.  First, we zipped over to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain (our passes were actually for earlier that morning, but the ride had to close for a little bit during our return window).


Surprisingly, Rusty and Tommy weren’t really fans.  Actually, Rusty’s exact words as we got off were, “I’m space sick!  I’m space sick!  I’m space sick!  I am NEVER going on that ride again!”

I’m sure they will give it another try some day.


Then we zoomed back to California Adventure and tortured the boys again by taking them on the Tower of Terror.


You have to break them in and, perhaps, freak them out while they are young!  We succeeded.

There may have been several children who stated, “I am NEVER going to ride THAT ride again!” once we got off.  Huh.  I thought it was great!



I love that Ricky and Billy have their hands so tightly clasped!

Tuesday Rides and Attractions:  Snow White, Pinnochio, Dumbo, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Tea Cups, Alice in Wonderland, Storybook Boats, It’s a Small World, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Winnie the Pooh Ride, Splash Mountain, hotel pool, Pixar Parade, Space  Mountain, Tower of Terror

What I hear

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I’m not really good about getting on the floor and playing with my boys.  It’s one of my many mom flaws.

While I may not get down and play, I do adore listening to them play together.

One day last week, Tommy and Rusty were playing trains and cars together.  Bobby was in the mix somewhere, too.

This is the randomness of what I heard,

Rusty:  “I’m not a very good driver.  I just just got this dump truck today.  These friends are in the Olympics.  See the astronomy tower?  It just appeared a few seconds ago.”

That was all said within a minute.  And Tommy responded just as randomly,

“My friends live in Texas.”

Olympics?  Astronomy tower?  Texas?  I’m with these guys almost all day long and I haven’t got a clue where they come up with this stuff.

I sure do love them and their randomness though!

Curly Fries

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We got Arby’s for lunch one day because Rusty was all about the curly fries.  He had gone on about them for several days.

As we were eating, the boys were discussing the differences, pros and cons, of regular fries vs. curly fries.

That’s when Tommy bestowed more of his wisdom on us …

“They make our curly fries curly by putting them in the dishwasher.”

There you go.

Bobby 18 Months

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I don’t think I blogged Bobby’s 18 month photo session.  I think he was 19 months when these were taken, anyway, but now that he’s 22 months – I probably should get these on here!

We did these pictures just before we went camping for Spring Break.  Bobby was then (and still is) very clingy and not really brave about sitting in front of a camera.  Our photographer was wonderful to work with and, given all the tears and disgruntledness, she got some wonderful Bobby shots.



How I love his gap-toothed smile!


Since it was almost Easter, they had live bunnies for pictures.  I thought it was the cutest, fuzziest thing ever.  Bobby wanted to know what this thing was that kept getting in the way of him playing with the Easter eggs!


He spent most of his time with the bunny ignoring it …


or trying to push it away from him.



In 2009, my family went on a cruise.  For the formal nights on the cruise ship, I got the 3 boys sailor outfits.  They were adorable in them.  I wanted to see one more of my babies wear the sailor suit, so I brought it along hoping for a cute picture.


Bobby wasn’t really interested in fulfilling my desire, but a couple pictures turned out kinda cute…


But my favorite picture of the session doesn’t show Bobby’s smile.  It isn’t traditional at all.

It shows my timid baby boy hugging his beloved stuffed puppy…and I LOVE it!


And then, having satisfied the favorite photo requirement, Bobby was outta there!


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