The Garden

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I like to grow a garden each year.  There are lots of reasons and one on that list is how pretty the garden can look.



And then you go on vacation and come back 10 days later.  You can no longer find the rows between the peas or even find the pepper plants at all!  All the squash plants disappeared, too, but these weren’t eaten up by the weeds – they were actually gone.  No plants at all.  Well, not AT ALL.  The voluntary, miscellaneous squash plants that grew on their own are still thriving!

The garden doesn’t just include the vegetable patch, there is also the pool area.  We didn’t use it quite as much this summer because our weather was so different, but we were all so excited to put it up in June.  Even Bobby couldn’t wait for all those poles to be put together!



The garden (or yard, for simplicity’s sake) includes all sorts of toads and bugs for the boys to explore around and find.  Sometimes they build habitats for them to live and other times they try to catch them.  Rusty built this trap for something.  With a ball being the bait, I almost wonder if he was planning to catch a brother …



Proper head gear is required when working in the yard – until a half naked toddler comes and steals it.



But the best thing about the garden is watching Kevin and the boys work in it.  I do a lot of the work just because of Kevin’s job, so when I happen across them all out their working, I love it!


Bobby Sleeps Weird

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Our vacation to Disneyland gave us wonderful memories and we had a FANTASTIC time but … it ruined Bobby.

Before Disneyland, he slept in his crib.  We could give him some milk, lay him down, leave the room, and he would sleep  Then when he woke up, he just stayed in his crib looking at books until we came to get him.  If we took too long, he would knock on the wall repeatedly to let us know that he was ready to come out.

This is no longer our Bobby.

On our trip, Bobby learned how to crawl out of his crib and insisted on sleeping on top of either Kevin or me.  Not ideal in any way.  We hoped this would change back to normal at home, but it hasn’t.  The crib came down the first day back (after he climbed out) and he was no longer content to be put to bed alone.  Kevin took on that challenge.


We tried the crib mattress on the floor one night.  Bobby wouldn’t even touch it.  It was evil to him.  Kevin spent most of that night on the floor with Bobby on his chest.  If, and it was a big IF, Bobby fell asleep enough, Kevin could slip him off and leave the room.  However, don’t put him on that evil mattress or he’d immediately wake up again!


Tommy had a few issues with falling out of bed, too, so we still hoped the situation would fix itself.


Because he wasn’t sleeping well at night or for naps, my baby boy fell asleep more randomly.  Like at dinner …


So so cute, but not a regular occurrence when your mom is a Nap Nazi.


After a week of no improvement, we tried a new tactic.  We had Rusty go in with Bobby.  Our hope was to teach him that the mattress was NOT evil.  Bobby’s hope was that he had a new bed mate!   Rusty was really good with him.   He would calm Bobby down when he was crying and they slept together pretty well.



After a week of that, though, Rusty was ready for his own bed again.


It worked without Rusty once.  Just once.


Bobby still wasn’t sleeping well without company.  Sigh.  Back to Kevin.


The mattress wasn’t quite so evil, but Kevin’s chest was a better alternative in Bobby’s mind.


So was sitting behind a chair at 5 AM looking at books … just to annoy your father!


Add the fun of trying to keep him from wandering the house at 5 AM, so we put a baby gate up in his bedroom door to keep him in.  He pretty much hated that.  In the middle of the night, he’d open his door, call to us from the gate, cry because we were ignoring him, and end up sleeping on the floor.



Bobby had been making really good progress about going to sleep in his bed with very little parental involvement as summer went on.  Then he got sick with a high fever for several days in early August and we were back to needing to be held (and looking so sad because he felt so awful) …



I would love to say that nearly 3 months later, Bobby is sleeping like a champ.  And he IS better, but not much.  Billy now shares a room with Bobby – he has his own bed, no brother bed sharing!  Bobby’s mattress is not evil and he does sleep on it every night.  The gate is down and he doesn’t come out wandering until 6 AM now.  His go to bed routine includes at least 3 stories, quiet music playing, a drink of milk, and, most recently, a firm hand on his knee as he falls asleep.  One or the other of us, sits in the rocker near his bed as he falls asleep and he insists we touch his knee.  Not every time, but most times.  Sigh.  Someday, it won’t be so tricky to get this child to sleep.  And, yes, I know he is my baby and I’m spoiling him.  But, he is getting his nap and sleeps long enough at night again, so I say that we survived the summer of weird sleeping quite well!

California Adventure – Part 8, the end

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Saturday we just kind of chilled.  It had been a busy week and we took the day to just hang out with Kevin’s folks.   Kevin put up a new light for his parents.  The boys ate fudge-cicles.  You know, typical chill stuff.



And, of course, there was the pool.  We love Grandpa Brent and Grandma Jeanne’s pool.  Bobby, however, did NOT love his life jacket.




The water in the little spa pool was a bit warmer than the regular pool!




One of my favorite vacation pictures is of Kevin tossing Ricky into the air in the pool when he was 1 or 2.  I love it!  And, now, almost every time we visit Kevin’s parents, I try to get a picture of Kevin tossing the children.  Ricky didn’t want to play this year.


Tommy, on the other hand, felt like flying!


Bobby just wanted to be held – no air time for him, please.


This is, perhaps, my new favorite…


There was also some chilling in front of the tv.


It is an amazing thing to watch tv with the grandparents now … they got a new BIG tv!


And there was some scolding for playing up and down with Grandpa and Grandma’s electric chairs!  Hmph.


Finally, once the kidlets were in bed, a final night of games with the grown-ups.  The perfect ending to a magical vacation!



We left for home early Sunday and, especially compared to our journey to California, made excellent time home.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just a nice ride home with my favorite people.

Bobby might have been feeling a little anxious about leaving all that fun behind … or his toe nails were just too long.



Here’s to another fabulous Disneyland vacation and spending time with the Pendletons.  Until next time… signing off.

California Adventure – Part 7

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Friday was our last day at Disneyland.  We were up early again, but this time it was so we could pack up our hotel rooms and check out before going into the parks.

We first went into California Adventure hoping to ride the Radiator Springs Racers one more time.  It wasn’t meant to be as the ride wasn’t up and running yet.  So we settled on Mater’s Tractors again.



Rusty just HAD to have one more picture by the cute little tractor.



Our shirt theme for the day was Harry Potter.  It wasn’t as obvious but we still got quite a few comments through-out the day.  And different comments, too.  The cast member on Mater’s Tractors stopped me and said how much he really like our shirts – that was typical enough, but the guy in the afternoon who flashed his own 9 3/4 tag at Kevin with a knowing smile was a less typical.  Then there was the worker on Thunder Mountain who actually approached me, leaving her post, to say that, “I never do this, but because of your shirts, I thought you would want to know …”  She then told me how there are some lanterns at the end of the ride that are a homage to Harry Potter and to keep my eyes out for them.  I might have seen what she was talking about but I don’t think we are quite as Harry Potter-ish as she is … we just thought the shirts would be fun.



Our real fun of Friday morning was eating at the Plaza Inn on Main Street Disneyland.  It is a character breakfast and is just one of the most fun things EVER!


Where Goofy’s Kitchen is fun and nice, this is crazy chaos fun!  These characters come by so often you barely get a chance to eat!


And they play with you and talk with you WAY more.  The Fairy Godmother wanted to know all the boys’ names and guessed what they were nicknames for … then she remembered them when she circled by a while later.  Awesome!



Dale was especially adorable with Bobby.  Well, they all were but I think the chipmunk loved that he wasn’t afraid.


There was some nose protection needed though!


Followed by a Billy hug!



Another fun part about this experience is that the characters seem to be friends and interact with each other.  They come up behind each other and tease and play and it is just so much fun – for grown-ups, too.


Ahhh, Tigger!





It made me sad knowing that we had to leave the magic when I saw sweetness like this …



You just felt like the characters really were your friends.  You hadn’t waited in line for a photo op … they came to you!  They posed with YOU.  As a mom, it was just really neat to see.


Did I already mention how much I loved it?


Sigh.  Love.


Pure joy.


And playfulness!



We didn’t take as many pictures on Friday.  We didn’t keep track of our list of rides and attractions.  This day we just kind of went with what we wanted to do and what wasn’t too crowded.


The camera didn’t come out as often because I was too busy playing with my boys!



We were on the Mark Twain Riverboat for this photo-bombing experience…


We spent some time on Tom Sawyer’s Island.  The boys loved running and exploring the caves and treasures!






We rode rides like Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.  We window shopped.  Kevin and I even took Ricky and Billy on the Astro Orbiters and felt horrible guilt.  Rusty had been wanting to ride them all week, every time we walked by, but the line was always so long.  Mom and my cousin Alice (who works at D-land) were watching the youngest 3 so we could go ride Space Mountain but it was closed for a bit.  They were going to meet us in Tomorrowland, so we decided we’d get in the Astro line and pull Rusty and Tommy in with us when they walked by.  But they never did.  There was a lot of mom guilt and “you don’t need to mention we rode that ride” talk to Ricky and Billy afterwards.


I love my husband.  It was a hard decision to spend the money on this wonderful Disneyland vacation when he was out of work and had been for so many months.  We had saved up and been planning on it for 3 years, though, and he said, “Yes.  Let’s go have fun.”  He is my favorite!


So are these other 5 dudes!


Normally I’m not a fan of screaming children, but put us on a ride and I want to hear the squeals of joy!


Kevin’s squeal of joy is pretty awesome, too!


My dad was the one to take me on these fast rides when we went to Disneyland as a kid.  I’m sure my brothers and sister were there, too, but I have very distinct memories of waiting in line for Space Mountain with Dad.  I miss my dad but taking my boys on those rides that I remember riding with him keeps Dad close.


Billy really did like Space Mountain.  He just has a more serious ride face!


And then it was over.  Grandmama had gone to get her shuttle to the airport.  We’d ridden the Railroad through the dinosaur tunnel one last time.  It was the hottest day we’d been there.  And it was finally time to say good-bye.  It is hard to say good-bye to something so much fun.



As we finished checking out at the hotel, Rusty found one more photo op … this car was just hanging out around the corner from the lobby.  We hadn’t seen it all week, but he got one last “ride.”



We made it back to Grandpa Brent’s much later than we had planned.  There we found this waiting for us …



And our day ended with some visiting and a family prayer.  Bobby folds his arms the right way now (August) so I am glad we caught his cuteness then.


California Adventure – Part 6

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We were back in Disneyland bright and early on Thursday morning.  This time we used our early entry to get us on the Matterhorn ride.


Its lines had been pushing 90 minutes the other days, so our 20 minutes wait that morning felt like nothing!


The boys had mixed emotions about the Matterhorn.  It was closed 3 years ago when we were there, so there were no memories of riding it, however, they new there was an Abominable Snowman/Yeti on it somewhere and that frightened the younger two a bit.  Or a lot.  By the end, there was no fear, lots of smiles, and promises to ride it again someday – when the wait ISN’T 90 minutes!


We hadn’t ridden the carousel the morning we did Fantasyland, so we all went for a ride!


The simplest thing like a merry-go-round still makes them all happy…


Or almost all of them.  Bobby wasn’t fully convinced of the fun of this ride either.




Sigh.  I love my boys!


Our next destination was Toontown.  Here is the land where you walk into a cartoon to play.  My imaginative boys loved it.


We explored Minnie and Mickey’s houses, Goofy’s Garden, Chip & Dale’s Treehouse, Donald’s boat, and the Go-go coaster.



Lots of exploring and playing!


Minnie’s house was very girlie …


See, Kevin and I were there too …


Maybe it is a good thing we only have boys …



They are never this interested in dishes being washed at our house!




Bobby was all over Minnie’s computer – trying to hack his way in, I’m sure!



On one shelf in Minnie’s house, tucked at an odd angle, Kevin found this book.  A bit of Disney humor perhaps?


Finally it was our turn to meed Mrs. Mouse.  Bobby was in love!


She was incredibly sweet with him and all the boys …






My mom has always been a Minnie fan, so I made sure we got a little Minnie love for her, too!




Mickey wasn’t quite as much fun, from a mother’s perspective.  It was a dark room and none of the photos really turned out well.




But Bobby loved that big mouse, too!


Kevin took the older boys on the Roger Rabbit ride, we played in Goofy’s Garden.  There is a slide and some giant vegetables for playing in and on.  Rusty surveyed the area and said to me, “I’ll be in a pumpkin if you need me.”

I guess Bobby needed him …


The best part of the day was our matching Captain America shirts.  We’d be walking around and hear people say, “Look 4 Captain Americas!”  or “Hey, 5 Captain Americas!” or, my favorite, “Wow!  4 Captain Americas, no 5, no 6 … how many are there?!”

We even earned a comment from the tour guide on the Jungle Cruise.  Pretty awesome!



Our cameras didn’t come out much that afternoon, but only because we were having too much fun.

We enjoyed the Tiki Room with Bobby completely enthralled by the singing and dancing flowers, birds, and tikis.

Grandmama took Bobby off for some window shopping while we did Thunder Mountain again and while we took Ricky and Billy on Indiana Jones.  They were so excited to get to go on it!  Kevin and I taught them how it is done – lots of screams and wahoos!  It might have been a little much for Billy, but Ricky was certainly ready to go again!  And Billy probably was as well, since he kept talking about it for the next couple of hours.

We rode the Railroad around to where we were supposed to meet Grandmama (because Rusty loves the dinosaur tunnel) and then we sat down at a nice spot on Main Street to wait.  Apparently, we sat down by the Horseless Carriage Stop, because the driver pulled up and offered us a ride!  I’d never done that before, so we all climbed in and rode around Main Street in an old fashioned car.

Nap time finally came and after that we played in the pool.  The boys loved the water slides and Bobby and I enjoyed the kiddie pool with its water squirts here and there.  The weather was perfectly warm for being at the pools without being too hot!  It was a great afternoon!

Dinner that night was at the Tangaroa Terrace.  It is a cute little place overlooking the Disneyland Hotel pool and gardens.


The food was quite good … we’d definitely eat there again!


We had the company  of a sparrow which hopped around looking for stray crumbs.


At one point, the boys wandered from their seats and were looking through the fence into the bushes.  We try to teach them good eating etiquette, especially at restaurants, so I told them to sit down.  They weren’t actually disturbing anyone and it turns out they were talking to a cat.  Once they finished eating, I let them go back to finish their conversation!



It had been a good but long day, so we went to bed a little earlier that night.  One more day left in our visit to the happiest place on earth!

Thursday Rides and Attractions:  Matterhorn, Carousel, Go-go Coaster, Roger Rabbit, Mickey’s House, Minnie’s House, Goofy’s Garden, Donald’s Boat, Chip and Dale’s Treehouse, Indian Jones Ride, Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Thunder Mountain, Rail Road, Horseless Carriage, Pool