Random July

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Some July happenings …

The big boys did theater camp and all the boys attended my PE camp, Camp FitPlay, but otherwise our July wasn’t very adventurous.  Kevin had started a job at iCentris in Woods Cross and was now gone all day.  It took a while to get used to not having him around and we all missed him.  I have to admit, I was in no hurry to take 5 boys out and about all by myself!

Walking around the neighborhood – now THAT I could do.  Stopping to talk to the neighborhood llama – we could do that, too!


Family room forts?  We could do that, too!


I know Billy and Rusty are in there – Tommy might have been as well.


Bobby just kept learning and exploring on his own.  Water is a fun thing.  Running water is even more fun.  I just sat and watched him playing in my sink and when his feet slipped off the stool, I only made him call for help a couple of times before I got up and saved him.


Grandmama had a birthday and the boys really wanted to help her blow out the candles – but she did it all on her own!


Our small town has amazing people in it, including some friends who decided we needed a Farmers Market of our own.  They organized and got it up and running – it is still small, but will just get bigger and bigger.  Even more amazing is that the proceeds from the market are being donated to our elementary school’s PTA.   As a sign of our appreciation, the PTA was asked to provide a children’s activity booth each week at the market.  I got to man the booth in July and it was a lot of fun!  One week I set up the boys’ tee-pee with a basket of books and called it the Book Hut.


When we visit Grandmama’s house, the boys always find something new to play with.  Sure, we have lots of Thomas trains at our house, but not THESE Thomas trains.  All 5 were mesmerized!


Some longer than others.  Rusty preferred the reclined snacking to the train watching…


Our garden started producing the end of July!  Yum, yum!


I love being connected to family and friends through social media, but sometimes things are posted and said that weigh on my mind and heart.  I was having one of those times and, in answer to prayer, I read this scripture.  Anything that is stirring up contention, or just looking for a fight, is not of heaven.  That is Satan’s tool.  The reminder brought me peace.


One of the hardest things about summer is feeding the boys lunch every day.  Not that I mind feeding them, but they all like such different things – some will eat a sandwich every day, others would rather a hot lunch.  By the end of July, they are lucky to get a chocolate sandwich, popcorn, carrots and yogurt…enjoy!



There you go.

Treehouse Museum

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During Ricky’s birthday week, he and Billy attended the Children’s Theater Workshop at our Treehouse Museum.  It is a few hours every morning all week and then performing a play on Friday night.  Ricky has gone a couple of times before and was excited to share it with Billy this year.  They also had a couple of our neighborhood friends who went as well.

One day, while the boys did the workshop, the other three and I stayed to play at the Museum.  But, the museum didn’t open as early as the workshop began, so we walked around the Ogden Temple grounds for a while first.


The boys love the museum and I love that Bobby is mostly old enough to just play without me having to hover over him too much.  Everything here is child friendly and they welcome climbing all over the big train engine (Rusty is the engineer).


Their imaginations went wild!


Bobby loved that there were 5 different train tables for him to go back and forth between!


Rusty thought this eagle puppet was pretty cool!  “Momma, take a picture of me with THIS!”


While the older two played on the computers, Bobby set up his own imagination land.  It was a land where robots chased dinosaurs and fairies because the giant one year old was going to sit on them all!  I thought it was a good story line.


No visit is complete without a turn on the firetruck!


And then Bobby was back to the train tables.  I actually don’t really like the museum myself.  I like how much fun the boys have, but I despise how other parents just let their kids go and don’t watch them at all.  It drives me crazy and, try as I might, I can’t let it go and relax knowing no one is watching most of these kids.  It was nice when we first got there, but it got more and more crazy as time went on.  I actually heard one mom tell her son who could not have been more than 3, “Mommy will be right here.  Go do what you want and be kind!”  I saw that kid later.  He wasn’t being kind.  Sigh.  And that is why we don’t go to these places more often!


Once the workshop was over, we picked up the big boys and our neighbor boys and got some lunch at Subway and a box of donuts (it was Ricky’s birthday).  Then we picnicked at the school playground.  I earned my Mommy-Stripes that day!



Then on Friday night, we went back to see the production of “Take My Advice.”  It was a series of fables and Ricky had one of the lead roles of being the Stubborn Ram.  Billy got to be a sheep and  Young Mouse.  15 minutes is just perfect for these boys and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance.  You can too … HERE.





Ricky Turned 11

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Ricky has grown up so much!  He’s getting a little taller and he doesn’t have an ounce of baby fat on him – of course, he doesn’t have ANY fat on him at all, so …  His arms and legs have gotten long.  But the biggest change, and the most fun one, is seeing him mature.  He takes on more responsibility and does more just because he knows it needs to be done.  One day he started a load of laundry JUST BECAUSE his clothes were dirty!  Miracles still happen, folks!


It only happened that once, BUT it still happened.


Ricky is quick witted and smart.  He’s very compassionate and kind.  He is rarely angry and just goes with the flow of life.   Even if someone is unkind, he looks for their good and refuses to call anyone “bad.”  He still isn’t a fan of scary movies (and by scary, I mean any intense or slightly scary thing happening) and he prefers fuzzy animals to most anything.  He still loves to pretend and imagine and is usually the last one home from the bus stop because he’s taking his time and reliving some book or story in his mind.  Ricky reads likes there is no tomorrow and is open to reading all kinds of books.  He is even in a book club at school with 7 members – him and 6 girls!  Ricky doesn’t care because he likes girls … “not like THAT,” he reminds me.


For his birthday, Ricky wanted a variety of pizza for dinner.  I wasn’t about to make a “variety” of pizza, so we all went with Grandmama to the Pizza Pie Cafe.  They have a pizza bar, a pasta bar, and a salad bar there.  All the boys were happy!


Bobby was happy, he just likes to scowl.


Afterwards, we had Ricky’s birthday cake.  He wanted an ice cream cake, so I made him one using ice cream sandwiches.  He was completely happy with that.


I love that he’s 11.  I will cherish my memories of his babyness forever, but I absolutely love this phase with him.  He can talk my ear off about seemingly unimportant things, but I love it.



Eleven is a hard age to buy gifts for, though.  He’s moved beyond toys and you can only buy so many books at a time, so what to get him?  We decided to try something different this year.  Our good friends have season passes to Lagoon and had hinted about us getting passes as well so we could go with them.  Since Kevin didn’t have a job until the end of June, that didn’t seem like a good use of our limited money, but we could buy one.  So, Ricky got a season pass to Lagoon and has gone many times with our friends.


Ricky gave our friends another big kid to ride with the little ones and since he never complains about little kid rides, it was a perfect arrangement!


He was trusted to go on big kid rides with his friend Hyrum and he proved that we could trust him by not going on the scary new Cannibal roller coaster.  I asked him not to go on it and gave him my reasons.  The ride was new and I wanted to hear a few more reviews about it, but I also wanted to see what he would tell our friends.  Ricky proved himself by telling them he couldn’t go on it yet.  So, the next time he went, I told him he could ride Cannibal and he loves it!   He really has proven that he is growing up and can handle a few more big kid things!



He has loved Lagoon and Lagoon-A-Beach and can’t wait for the rest of us to go to Lagoon so he can show us around!   Birthday present win!

I love my Ricky.  Very, very much!

Some Randomness in July

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The ease of taking pictures with our phones means that we snap pictures of much more random things than my parents ever did.  Here is some from July …

Lazy days of summer means more TV time than during the school year.  I very much appreciate that the boys almost always can agree on the same show to watch.


Helmet safety while wagon-ing is often overlooked during safety courses, hee hee.



Sometimes this small fry thinks he can crawl into bed with his parents.  Most times he see us kissing or hugging and he comes to put an end to it – he will push and shove his way right in between us.  I’m not sure if he doesn’t like public displays of affection, if he is jealous, or if he simply likes to be bossy!


I adore that the boys play so well with Bobby … right down to taking him for tricycle rides!


Gotta wear that helmet …


… gotta crash into Tommy!


Speaking of crashing, Billy was riding his bike through the neighborhood one evening and I thought he’d been gone longer than I expected.  Just then a neighbor showed up with her van and said, “I’ve got one of yours inside!”  Billy had a bit of an accident where the gravel beat his bike and he met the road.  Nothing major, but it looked ugly!  His elbow and his thigh up to his armpit took the worst beating …


If you look closely at Bobby’s left eye, you can tell that his eyelid is pretty swollen.  He was playing on the slide at Grandmama’s and a wasp got him.  The pictures don’t really do justice to how puffy it got.


He was fine and it didn’t really seem to bug him at all, except for one thing.   For the next couple of weeks, Bobby was terrified of flying bugs.  Flies, lady bugs, bees … didn’t matter.  He’d see one and run away or start crying and hiding.  When you live with as many mosquitoes and flies as we have here – this was a problem for him!  Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to have any long term fear of flying insects!



There you go.

Fourth of July

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I love the Fourth of July!  I love a good small town parade (I love a bad small town parade, too) and a community fair.  I love grilling food and hanging up a flag.

We hit up our usual Fourth of July Parade in West Point with Grandmama.   Someday the boys won’t wear matching shirts and pose on the sidewalk for me, or so I’m told, so I’ll treasure these photos as long as I can!


Kevin and I do like a parade!


Bobby liked all the big fire trucks and tractors.  We got the F-16 fly by just as the beginning of the parade was getting to us as well.  Lots of candy and everybody waving at our cute boys.  We cheer and clap -it really is just fun!  The family who lives in the home we were sitting in front of, had their water hose ready and took on a couple of floats that tried to squirt them with water guns – the hose won again this year!


After the parade, we went to the park and looked at the booths and played on the playground.  It was a really warm day, so we didn’t stay very long.  Later that day, Grandmama, Uncle Dan, Aunt Cathy, and Danny and Cate came over to eat and play.  There was good food and the kids went swimming in the pool and rode bikes and just had fun together.  I like days like that.


The boys decided to put on their own bicycle parade around the house.


We sat on the porch and cheered and waved.


Rusty decided to be the water sprayer in the parade …


We didn’t really appreciate getting wet!


The parade wasn’t finished with just the bicycles … Bobby had to come by in his float!


And then the momma got sprayed with water after specifically telling her child not to, so the fun was over.  But it was great while it lasted!


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