From Kevin’s Camera in August

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Sometimes Kevin takes pictures of things I miss.  Sometimes he just gets a different angle of my same thing.  These are some of those pictures…

One of the things our PTA did this summer was support our community’s new Farmers Market.  We provided a children’s booth each week.  Kevin took the boys to the market one week when face painting was going on …


The kids doing the painting are friends of ours and they took good care of the boys.


Sometimes you need to be a green bunny…


Naturally, the little man had to get his face painted like his brothers.  Doesn’t he look thrilled about it?  hee hee


Rusty wasn’t interested in having his face painted.  Ricky was also a bunny and Billy was a red ninja.


Bobby loves animals, especially our cats.  Even if the cat is still bigger than he is!


After our good friend Buffey passed away in June, I realized I had never taken a picture of Buffey and I together.  That made me sad, so I’ve made a point to get pictures with some of friends.  This is my friend Ashley, we like her.


“What?  Am I not supposed to crawl under this bench?” says the small fry.



He sleeps in his bed.  Still not our best sleeper, but he’s getting better.   Plus, he’s cute.


See what I mean?

Kevin uses selfies to entertain Bobby like I do.  ‘Tis the lot of this generation, I’m afraid.


Kevin took this picture because he was surprised how long Billy was when he stretched out sleeping …


Rusty loves helping Kevin in the garage.  This project was flat bike tires.  We have many flat bike tires all summer long.


The job Kevin had from the end of June until the end of August was far enough away that Kevin took the train to work.  This was a picture of his last day riding the train!


Don’t you all put the ring toss ring on your head in order to play ladder ball?  If not, Bobby thinks you should.


It has really improved his game …


The boys were in a skit at their last Pack Meeting together …


Another view of Ricky’s face paint…


Hair cuts.  It seems like someone always needs a hair cut.  I wish I was better at giving them.  I was mid-Rusty hair when my clippers broke.  Thankfully  my friend loaned me hers so I could finish.  Bobby sat still … for most of the hair cut.


I’m not sure Kevin is allowed to make oatmeal in the microwave any more…


Grandmama gave Billy this Batman Bear for his tooth removal surgery.  Billy really loves his stuffed animals!



And there you go.

Rusty’s Physical Therapy

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When Rusty started walking at about 13 months of age, he often walked on his toes.  So did our other boys.  The difference was that the other boys walked more often on their feet and eventually stopped walking on their toes.  Rusty, at age 6 1/2, was still predominantly toe walking.

I’d brought it up at yearly check ups and the response was that he’d probably grow out of it and as long as it wasn’t impacting his quality of life, not to worry.  When we were hiking in Goblin Valley in April and Rusty couldn’t keep his shoes on to do some of the hikes, I decided it was impacting his quality of life.

We ended up at Primary Children’s with a pediatric orthopedist.  Our options were casts on both feet for 6 weeks or physical therapy.  I opted for physical therapy.


Twice a week for over a month, Rusty went to therapy.  When he started, he could not pull his toes toward his shins even 90 degrees on his left leg – that’s how tight his heels and calves were.  He generally works with Eli (I’ve got to remember to get a picture of them together next time) for his exercises and then gets a massage with the “tools of torture” as he calls them from Chad.


The office I chose (because we’ve been friends with Chad for years) has a mascot.  His name is Frank…


Most often, Frank is asleep while we are there.  Sometimes he wakes up for a good petting!


Rusty warms up on either the treadmill or the elliptical (the treadmill is his favorite), does a series of corrective walks, stretches on a stretching board, plays catch while stretching on the board, uses a rocker to lengthen his calves, and does strength exercises with an exercise band.  Eli turns everything into a game and the two laugh a lot.  Then Chad massages and it is hard to tell if Rusty is laughing or crying!



6 weeks later we are down to once a week visits.  Rusty can now pull those toes past the 90 degree mark by almost 10 degrees.  We are still working on making his heel hitting the ground first a habit, but at least now his body is physically able to walk that way.  When he started, his muscles were too tight to walk correctly – his feet curled out and he could NOT walk right.  One of his exercises was to learn how to walk pigeon toed – at first he had no ability to do that and it was hard to watch him try.  Today, he not only pigeon walked with his heels hitting first, but he speed walked pigeon toed with his heels hitting first!  Lots of improvement!  I’m not sure how many more times we will need to go in.  Rusty really enjoys it and he is really good at doing his exercises at home with minimal reminding.

School starts 2015

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It was a good summer, but I think we were all ready for school to start.   Maybe not the little guy … he didn’t understand why his playmates were suddenly all gone!


I volunteered to be PTA president for the next two years.  With 4 boys in the elementary school this year, I knew I couldn’t devote enough time to each one’s classroom, but I could do good things for the school as a whole.  Our first big gig was Back to School Night the evening before school began.  It had a carnival theme and was busy and wonderful and everything I’d hoped it would be!  Amazing things can happen when you surround yourself with good people!  However, I was an exhausted momma trying to get these boys off to school the next morning and just didn’t have the energy to deny Bobby the right to stand in the pictures with his brothers.


Thankfully, he would move out for at least one picture. Rusty started 1st grade …


And Bobby is back.


Billy started 3rd…





And there is Bobby again.



Ricky started 6th grade…


Aren’t they all so cute together?!



This is what I got when I asked them to be superhero statues.  Sigh.  I love them!



Off to the bus stop …



The school year started really well except for a poorly handled bus driver change situation.  The adults involved forgot that these aren’t just cattle being hauled by unknown drivers.  They love their bus driver and, after school on the second day, they were yanked off their beloved bus with no warning or explanation and told to get on a stranger’s bus.  This caused concern and confusion.  Thankfully, I was at the school and came out as it was happening.   I was able to figure out what was going on and ended up just taking the boys home myself.  I explained to them what was going on and, they were fine.  They’ll miss Tom, but they’ve accepted Todd as an okay bus driver for now.

Tommy had to wait a week to start kindergarten…


Bobby wouldn’t stay out of Tommy’s pictures either!


No fear from this man.  He knew exactly where to go and what to do when he got there.  How did he get so big?  When did they all grow up?


Where did these guys go?


Big or small … I DO love them all!!


Ricky’s Arrow of Light and Crossing the Bridge

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The end of August brought Pack Meeting and with that meeting we are back down to one cub scout … but we added an 11 year old scout.


The Cub Scouting program and awards have all changed, but Ricky was able to finish out on the old program.  He decided in early spring that he wanted to earn all the compass points before leaving Webelos.  He and I worked hard all summer and finally got everything done for that … he had to earn all the Webelos pins except 1. Nineteen pins later, Ricky got his compass points and earned his Arrow of Light!


Ricky was also advanced from cubs to 11 year old scouts.  We got to draw on him as he was reminded of the purpose and things he’s learned as a cub scout…


Drawing on your child is kind of fun…


Then his cub scout leaders sent him across that blue bridge towards the tee-pee where his new scout leaders welcomed him to the troop.



It was fun watching Ricky apply himself to earning all those pins.  I may have needed to remind him, but he did the work and accomplished his goal.

Scouts, here we come!

July 24th

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Kevin and I both come from pioneer stock, so it is delightful that our state celebrates the pioneers with a big holiday!

I was itching for an adventure, so we took the boys to the Golden Spike National Historical Site since Kevin had the day off work.  We had never seen the joining of the rails and Bobby loves “choo choos” so it seemed like the perfect adventure.  And it was, other than being so stinking hot!


You can go out most any day and see the trains that met in northern Utah as the transcontinental tracks were completed.


They bring the Jupiter and the 119 out a couple of times a day.


They are full-size regular steam engines restored to look like the original engines.


The boys were pretty impressed as they came puffing out.


Some more than others.  Some were just too hot to get excited.  Next time we need to remember the water!


But only a few times a year do they actually do a reenactment of putting in the golden spike.


Because it was a holiday, we got to see this and it was pretty cool (actually, remember it was hot, but … anyway).  These gentlemen give the speeches that were given and recreate the excitement of what these two trains meeting meant for the country.


I don’t know how much the boys got out of it, but I was very much impressed.



The boys got to hold the golden and silver spikes.




Even though they were melting, the boys were very well behaved and even acted interested!  I’ve got good kids!   Once the show was over (you can see it HERE – it lasts about 25 minutes), we got some food and had a picnic at a park in Brigham City.



We had fun feeding this seagull fries and Ricky got really close to catching it.  Or maybe it came close to stealing his hat.  Either way is good with me.


I am glad my husband humors me in my need for adventure once in a while.  I sure like him!



That night we were invited to join our good friends in a BBQ pot luck.  The boys love playing with these friends and there was a lot of good food and good visiting.  Bobby learned the wonder of Pop-its (those white fire-cracker type things that you throw on the ground and they pop).  Kevin is guilty of introducing him to those!


Our friends still had fireworks left over from the 4th of July, so we bought a few more so we could have a fun show.  The boys enjoy the fireworks, but they love sparklers.


We also bought some fireworks that shoot a parachute in the air and the boys had a great time chasing after the chute as it floated down.



It was such a fun day and evening.  I love summer adventures!

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