Say Prayers

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Bobby is getting big enough to take his turn saying prayers (this is seriously messing with our number system we’ve used for years – but we’ll adjust soon enough).

Last night it was his turn to say the blessing on the food at dinner.  I said to him, “It’s your turn to say prayers.”

Bobby folded his arms and listened to me whisper the words to him.  After each phrase I paused for him to repeat it.

Heavenly Father, I whispered.

Prayers, said Bobby.

Thank you for the food, I whispered.

Prayers, said Bobby.

Please bless it, I whispered.

Prayers, said Bobby.

Amen, I whispered.

Prayers, said Bobby.

I was right.  It WAS his turn to say “prayers!”

There you go!

Family Pictures … again!

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I love doing family pictures!

download image2-001

I love having them.

image.jpeg (1)

image.jpeg (2)

I love the challenge of coordinating clothes for them.

image.jpeg (3)

image.jpeg (4)-001

I love seeing what my boys do in them.

IMG_5561 (1)



As we had this latest batch taken, I realized that we won’t have a need to do them more than once a year any more!

image2 (2)


We’ve done them a bit more regularly because we’ve had little people who change so much so fast.



image.jpeg (5)


If Bobby is our caboose, he’s almost through that fast changing stage.


That makes me kind of sad!


Summing up of September

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Here are the last few pictures from our September…

Two year olds get to pick their own footwear sometimes …


I’ve been trying to make a point of taking more pictures of myself with friends.  At a bridal shower in September, I made a point to get a picture with my friend Ruth.  She is approaching 90 and I admire her stamina and no nonsense attitude.  She will say it like it is and she likes me.  Although, she did tell me once at church that I’d lost too much weight and she liked her people with more meat on them.  Ha!  No worries about that with me, Ruth!


The end of August brought Kevin a new job finally as a manager.  That brought us new insurance and that brought us the chance to go to the dentist again.  We all passed with flying colors.  Rusty was kind of bummed when it was his turn to go back to the chair because he was having a groovy time in the toy area!


Bobby informed me that he was finished with his meal one day.  This is what I found his plate looking like …


The upside down cup was suspicious.  I picked it up and found … his cupcake!  I told you he doesn’t really like desserts!   What kid hides his dessert?  Broccoli, yes!  Stinky fish, sure!  But a cupcake?  Really?


Sometimes there is no room for my feet under my desk.  Not because of the totes of pending projects but because of the furry creatures that like to sleep there!


Sigh.  The cuteness.


Bobby is a couch potato.  He loves to watch TV.  Not just any TV, he’s picky and he lets you know that he is not statisfied with the choice of show if it is not one of his shows.  He likes, surprise, Thomas the Tank Engine, but also Curious George, Paw Patrol,  and Team Umizoomi.  Cars and Cars 2 are another of his favorites.  This is his TV position …


Tommy created a puppet show for me, complete with backdrop!


I became a great aunt again on September 21.  Sonny Timothy MacBeth was born on September 22 and was 8.6 pounds.  Notice the oddity in the dates?  That’s not a typo.  My niece Melissa lives in Australia and I got the message the night of September 21 that her baby boy was born on September 22.  It was very strange.  But he is VERY cute!  Wish I could snuggle that little butterball!


For Kevin’s birthday, we tried a new restaurant.  It specializes in sushi.  I’ve generally been opposed to sushi – for no other reason than that it is sushi.  But I’m lightening up in my old age.  MY old age?  Kevin’s the one who had the birthday!


I caught him like this once during our date.  I did mock him.


With the boys, we had a scrumptious brownie in a skillet for Kevin’s birthday.  Put a little ice cream on top while it is still hot and eat it right out of the pan … yum yum yum!

The boys all drew their dad pictures or wrote him letters.  Lots of love coming Poppy’s way!







Bobby enjoys our cats.  They are just a given in his life.  And why shouldn’t he try to clean out Hunter’s ears with a q-tip?



Tommy got to be the “Hero” in his class in September.  He was the very first one.  I recalled him coming home one day with a crown on his head but I was probably preoccupied and didn’t really pay attention to it.  That is until the following week when Tommy told me that the hero of that week hadn’t had a crown to wear because Tommy hadn’t taken his back.  WHAT?  I felt like a total mom failure!  I made the boys dig around all the toy boxes until they found it – smooshed of course – and the guilt increased.  I love Tommy’s teacher and I felt awful that any child didn’t get a crown to wear, so I made felt crowns for the whole class that weekend.  They were easy and now no one has to ever go without because someone’s momma wasn’t on the ball enough to say, “Hey!  Should you have brought that crown home?”




Backyard baseball at its finest.  Bobby didn’t have a clue what was going on, but he wasn’t going to be left out of it!


And that was our September!

There you go.



Bobby is 2

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Bobby had his birthday!


Oh how I love this brown eyed boy!


He is determined and perhaps a wee bit spoiled, but completely irresistible!  I love hearing Ricky say, “But Bobby is just so cute!!!”


It’s the truth.


This kid has the best smile and the funniest laugh!  He also can scowl with the best of them!  He rolls those eyes up and burrows those eyebrows down and glares at you…sometimes he then hides a smile.  Other times, he might just stalk away.  No one will ever accuse him of not having a personality!


His big birthday gift was a coupe car.


We never got one with the other boys, but Bobby loves trains and planes and cars so much that we decided it was time.  I think his favorite part of all was getting to help Poppy put his new car together!


His own set of wheels …


Awe, yeah!


Bobby weighed in right at 30 lbs and was 34.5 inches tall for his second birthday (50% and 75% respectively).  This boy is solid though.  No rag doll tendencies or limpness – he’s solid!   He also thinks he is 8 and can do anything the older boys do, whether it is trying to climb monkey bars or roller skating or 2 wheeled bikes – he tries it all!  He isn’t very successful at some of it yet, but I have no doubt he will catch on to things quickly!


Bobby already thinks he’s a big kid.  Things like high chairs and cribs are for sissies and he refuses.  His stroller is only for long walks and don’t even attempt to feed him – unless, of course, he wants to eat what you are eating and then he’ll waive this rule.  He is a good little helper though.  He likes to help clean up and is really good at putting things in the trash can.


I mentioned that he loves vehicles.  Thomas the Tank Engine is probably his favorite, although Lightning McQueen is a very close second.


See?  He loves himself some Thomas!


Bobby knows how to spit.  We had potatoes and gravy a few weeks ago and I thought he would love them.  I managed to spoon a bite into his resistant mouth and he froze.  His mouth was open and his eyes were saying, “What in the world did you just put in my mouth?”  I thought he’d taste it and fall in love – because I’ve had 5 kids, I know it all, right?  Wrong.  In the next blink, Bobby had spit those potatoes out.  Not just down onto his plate but horizontally across the table!  Tommy, the poor child across the table from him, didn’t quite know what to do about the flying mashed potatoes!


This spitting ability was not helpful in blowing out his birthday candles.  He just kept baby spitting and not making the flames even dance.  Sometimes the momma has step in and help…


Bobby doesn’t really like desserts.  I really don’t know what to do with a child I can’t bribe with sugar!  Knowing that he didn’t really want his birthday dessert, I didn’t bother to even make him one – store bought cupcakes it was!


He tried some of the frosting, that’s about it.


Opening presents with him was delightful!  He was excited about each one and just couldn’t wait to play with everything!


His brothers all picked out very thoughtful gifts for their baby brother.  Billy wanted to get him a very soft teddy bear – Bobby approved!


The other brothers agreed that Thomas trains were the best choice for this little man.


Again, Bobby approved!



Some Thomas the train love even came from California!


As of Bobby’s birthday, he had decided that Momma was his favorite.  I’ve never been the favorite before, so I wasn’t even sure how to deal with that!  Kevin has since been working double time to reclaim favorite status … I think we are about even now!

Bobby is perfect for our family and the boys take such good care of him.  He loves his brothers and wants to be where they are.  We are so lucky to have this little man in our family!


Tomato Days 2015

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Our city celebrates Labor Day weekend every year with its heritage celebration called “Tomato Days.”    It is a two day celebration, that started with a flag raising ceremony on Saturday.  Ricky and Billy were in the children’s choir that performed that morning.


It was a really cute show and they sang some fun songs.


Billy really loved singing “God Bless the USA.”


And Ricky loved the rap song the 6th grade teacher wrote.


You can see what we recorded of the singing HERE – it is about 14 minutes.


The parade was on Monday.  I was setting up the PTA’s booth at the park, but was able to slip away and watch the parade since all 6 of my menfolk were in it.


Our church Primary did a tomato float and needed adults, so Kevin got to join the fun.  I was sitting with my friend and we got pelted with candy as those tomatoes went by!


I really love a small town parade!


I was working the booth all day.  It was a “History of Hooper School” booth with almost 30 years of old year books and pictures of the school a hundred years ago.  We sold a few t-shirts and talked to a lot of older people who remembered the old school and wanted to share their memories with me.  It was a good day.

While I was doing that, Kevin was playing with the boys.  They ate corn dogs and the younger ones rode the train…


I caught up with them for a few minutes on my lunch break and Bobby was loving that train!  He was NOT pleased when his turn was over!


The older boys got to do a few more adventurous activities, including this spinning bar jumper thing.  That’s Billy catching some serious air!  Ricky kept trying until they called him out (HERE) and Rusty spent some time crouching on his podium as the spinning bar passed over his back (HERE)!



It was a good day and Kevin was a good sport with me being gone all day.