Kevin’s Lenses Pt 3

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In August, we took the boys camping and went to Dinosaur National Monument Park.  They had a junior ranger program, so my boys had to do the junior ranger booklets!


It was hot, but we still hiked and looked for fossils!


The boys were sworn in as junior rangers!


Camping was great.  I love our old trailer with its flaws.  I loved seeing the boys around the campfire roasting dogs and ‘mellows!


I just loved it!


After Bobby gets out of the tub, he collapses to the ground and becomes a “rock.”  In this case, a green rock.


Sometimes this is what happens when they are supposed to be cleaning the garage …


Bobby and Tommy share a bedroom.  If Tommy sleeps in his brothers’ room, it disturbs Bobby.  He likes knowing that Tommy is there and really likes waking him up every morning.  Sometimes that waking up is at 5:30 AM and involves the bright light on and stories being yelled at Tommy!




Billy begins every night in his bed.  But we find him in random places the next morning!


Part of this furrball is Maggie our cat.  Part of it is a stuffed cat.  I’m not sure which part is which or how this even happened!


Rusty borrowed his dad’s reading glasses to see the tiny parts and read the tiny instructions!


Brothers have learned that selfies entertain an impatient Bobby pretty well…


Love my alpha and omega!


Billy proudly represented Alabama during the singing of “Fifty Nifty” at our Tomato Days flag raising ceremony.  He sang with the school choir.


I was working the PTA both at Tomato Days, so Kevin took a picture of the boys watching the parade since I missed it!


I also missed Bobby riding the train…


and Tommy riding the train …




Tomato Days was also Bobby’s birthday.  He was all about the Batman!  Jammies and stuffed bears for him!


For Bobby’s birthday party, we borrowed this animal train from some friends.  I didn’t get to drive it during the party, so I got the final drive before taking it back the next day!


It was adorable and I think we need one!


With enough spots for everyone to ride!  🙂


The end of summer also brought some of our friends moving.  Eli and Charlotte had been good little friends for the boys, especially Tommy and Rusty.  We sure miss them!



Kevin’s Lenses Pt 2

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Summertime makes it hard to get regularly scheduled naps.  Bobby fell asleep like this on the couch way more often than I would have liked.


Billy got to participate in a Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta this June.  His boat is the blue and white one in the middle.


He blew his heart out!


And had a great time!


Sometimes it is quite dangerous at the McDonald’s playland!  Bobby came off the toy with these teeth marks in his arm!!! He was big and brave about it though!


Kevin went with Ricky to Scout Camp and the big old squirrels were too many to just be considered cute.  They were definitely in the pest category!


Ricky was determined to do the swim challenge so he wouldn’t miss out on the swimming and canoeing.  The water was frigid!


And he didn’t pass at first.  It was just too cold!


But he decided not to be beaten.  He took a second try and passed with flying colors.


Kevin said it was a good group of boys that went…


and the scenery was beautiful!


It was a week long camp, and Kevin came back so rejuvenated and renewed.


It was worth having him gone for a week.  We missed him and Ricky terribly though.


Deer weren’t afraid of their camp – even when they were in it!


I may have nudged Ricky to do the basketweaving merit badge.  He originally wasn’t going to, but then he brought me home 2 baskets!  I LOVE them!


If you sat in just the right way on just the right log, you could get cell service and do a bit of work emailing or wife texting …


My 2 baskets and one stool seat (minus the legs)…


These two had a marvelous time together!


Ricky literally being the low man on the totem pole …


Right after they got back from Scout Camp, 3 of Kevin siblings and their families came over for a family BBQ.  Here we are with Marc and Cindy and Kristi.


After a firework snafu, our neighbor brought out Popsicles and fudgesicles.  Bobby’s shirt never did recover from its yumminess!


Watching the bunnies play in their pen …


They weren’t so tiny any more but still lots of fun!


Sparklers with friends for the 4th of July.


I LOVE this shot!


Ricky and Billy just after their play from their Theater Camp.  They did “Enchanted” and were marvelous!


Pretty sure they earned these snow cones after mowing Grandmama’s yard.


Grandmama had a birthday!


We sang … she blew out candles!


More fireworks for Pioneer Day (this time with no snafus).


Kevin took Bobby to Toddler Tracks at the Nature Center.  It is a fun camp for 2-3 year olds.


They learned about water and water animals and got delightfully wet!


Kevin also got wet as he spent much time this summer trying to fix this spot in our sprinklers.  The tree root grew in such a way that it smashed a hose and broke a sprinkler head.


Summer equals wet days of swimming and sprinkler running.  It also equals swimming suit and beach towel messes.


And cleaning up all those kinds of messes, makes this momma very tired!


There you go.

Kevin’s Lenses Pt 1

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Having our camera just a part of our phone is pretty cool.  It allows us to take pictures ALL. THE. TIME.

The only downside to not just having one family camera comes when blogging.  I often will have long ago blogged about something before downloaded pictures off of Kevin’s camera.  Then my blogs posts are out of sync.  That kind of bugs me.  But I’ll put my own idiosyncrasies aside and just give you several posts from Kevin’s camera (since there were over 1800 images when I finally got around to downloading them!!).

His images went back as far as May … ah, Boston!

Part of the roof at Fenway Park has been turned into a city garden.  If I remember right, the food grown there is used as the produce for the park.  It was impressive.


The Red Seat at Fenway park marks the longest home run ever hit in the park – Ted Williams set the record in 1946.


Gotta love a Babe Ruth ball!


As much as we would have loved to see a game, doing the tour was pretty darn cool.


Sigh.  Since Kevin is behind the lens, I am in a few too many of this pictures.  Here I am, soaking my toes in the Atlantic Ocean and collecting shells for the boys!


We don’t have castles in Utah.


I didn’t know he’d taken this one.  Kevin had to visit a restroom, so I found this delightful swing over looking the harbor and enjoyed some beauty and solitude.  So unlike home.  So beautiful.


Another thing we don’t have a lot of back home is wild rabbits hoping around – Ricky would have loved seeing them all!


Kevin graduated from the Rabb School at Brandeis University.


He was pretty excited about getting his Masters degree!


Sight seeing in Concord and Lexington was pretty fun for a couple of people who love history.


We didn’t do very many tours, but we drove by several landmarks and historical buildings, like Louisa May Alcott’s home.


Such a beautiful sunset that night as we drove back to Salem.


Kevin humored my silliness and we ate lunch at Cheers.  AND I got my root beer in a commemorative glass mug which I brought home with me!


I loved it and I loved him for making it all happen!


And then we came home and I was so exhausted and still had so much to do that last week of the boys’ school, that I got fairly sick.  Sick enough to take my kindle and tissues to bed and be this sound asleep before 9 one night. (I sure appreciate Kevin taking these types of pictures – real life, folks!)


Our good friends got baby goats this spring.  The boys think they are adorable.


I’m not sure if Bobby was playing with the goat up here or trying to get away from it!


Our friends also have chickens.  And apparently those chickens are okay sitting on people’s heads.


Sometimes playing in the yard requires ALL the safety equipment …


I love to share my love of reading with my boys!


Next we were off to Yellowstone with a stop first at Bear World and a tiny roller coaster ride!


Bear World also had these jeeps (I love pictures of me taking pictures)…


And a spinning ride that Bobby really did like, despite this picture …


The petting zoo at Bear World had two baby deer born just that morning!


It looks like Bobby is either being swallowed or is climbing back out of the bear’s mouth! Ha!


The cabin we rented for our Yellowstone trip had this awesome tree swing out back and here’s Rusty showing off his stuff …


Kevin and I both took pictures of these signs we saw in the restroom.  We thought they were so funny that we had to share them with each other … which only made it all that much more funny!


Bobby did a great job hiking around Yellowstone, but by the end of the day, this was his preferred method of transportation…


It melts my heart to see my boys not only being brothers, but being friends!


Good looking view.  Good looking family!


Sometimes you need to sit down and rest.  And open your mouth.  And let your tongue hang out.


My favorite part of the Yellowstone trip … the rafting with the boys!


The boys saw lots of big wildlife in Yellowstone, but they had the most fun with these tiny frogs at the cabin.


A 2 year old can only take so much vacationing before crashing …


Sitting around a fire and listening to Yellowstone Ghost Stories is more exciting for some than others…


When you get the chance to handle antlers and horns, you must try them on …


When we stopped at the 45th parallel (half way between the north pole and the equator), Bobby was asleep.  Kevin captured this picture to make sure Bobby could never say he didn’t have his picture taken there like the rest of us.


Another highlight of our Yellowstone trip was stopping at this river.


I loved just sitting back and watching the boys play in the mud and look for minnows.  Capturing this pano shot with missing body parts and duplicate children was pretty cool, too!


I LOVE when Kevin lets his inner child out!


And then he captures one of the two of us.  In love.


Sigh.  Life is good.

Final 2016 Camp-out

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We took our trailer out for one final camp-out of the year the second week of October.


One of the reasons for the trailer was to make it easier to pick up and go camping for just a night … and that’s what we did!


The boys came home from school and we just drove up to the north end of Willard Bay to a campsite.


The boys explored and played.  Rusty protected us from any dementors by casting Harry Potter spells all around camp.


We didn’t have to make a fire – we just cooked freezer pizzas in the trailer oven for dinner and used the trailer furnace to keep off the cold!


We were home by 10 the next morning ready to do chores around the house … it was exactly what I was hoping for!


I’m so excited to use the trailer even more next year!

Things I’ve Heard

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Kevin and I take the opportunity a couple of times a year to clean up our eating for a month and eat mostly produce, mostly raw, nothing processed food.  We call it our “detox.”  The boys understand what we are doing and that we are trying to make bodies more healthy.  During one of our detoxes this year, Tommy had some potato chips on his plate.  He said, “Momma!  I’ve got detox chips!  See, there’s potatoes!”

Almost, son, almost!


Ricky’s first grade teacher retired at the end of last year.  She was a good teacher and will be missed.  The boys were talking about her leaving and Rusty said, “Mrs. Child is like 84 and she’s been teaching for 45 years!  That’s why she’s retiring!”

His numbers might have been a little off … I’m not even sure she’s 65 yet!


While at Bear World this summer, in the petting zoo area, there was a big pig.  Kevin patted its side and said, “That pig is solid!”

Rusty immediately responded, “He’s made for bacon!”


As we were driving through Targee National Forest this summer, from the back of the suburban we hear Rusty say, “There’s miles and miles of nature!”

We still aren’t sure if he was referring to the view out his window or to the map he’d been studying.  Either way, he was right.


After spending a day in Yellowstone, we stopped at Pete’s Pizzaria for dinner.  It was your basic pizza joint, complete with plastic red and white checked tablecloths.  Rusty informed us, “This is a really fancy restaurant!”  I guess we should start taking him to a few more places!


When we entered Dinosaur National Monument Park, the ranger we showed our park pass to was odd.  Without making eye contact with Kevin, he gruffly said, “How many miles have you got on your car?”  It was incredibly unsettling and made us wonder if we were going to be turned away for our old suburban!  It was actually that the guy was thinking of buying a suburban and wondered how long they last.  Next time, he should ask in a little bit more friendly way so as not to creep people out!


I told the boys that it was Grandpa Dick’s birthday in September.  Tommy asked how old Grandpa Dick was.  I told them that he’d just turned 93.  Without missing a beat and totally deadpan, Rusty said, “He’s old!”


Rusty and Tommy were asking me to write their names in cursive one day.  After writing their names and a few other words, Tommy went up to Rusty, thinking I couldn’t hear, and said, “Wow!  Momma is really good at cursive!” Why, thank you, son!


There you go.

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