A few more things Heard in 2015

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While watching neighborhood fireworks on the 4th of July, one of our neighbor’s fountain style fireworks tipped over and shot into another neighbor’s front yard where it spun in circles on its side.  As we all watched, hoping nothing would catch fire, Rusty said, “That one was definitely NOT kid approved!”


While the boys were raking a huge pile of leaves in the backyard, Rusty announced, “It is like we’re farmers!”


After Uncle Tony brought his new jeep over and took the boys for a ride around the block, Rusty declared, “Uncle Tony’s jeep is safe for kids!”


While waiting for church to begin, Billy was coloring verses in his Bible.  Kevin noticed that he was just coloring in a whole page and mentioned something to Billy about that he didn’t need to color every verse.  Billy responded, “The WHOLE creation is important to me!”  Then Billy turned to me and said, “We wouldn’t be here if Eve hadn’t eaten that fruit, huh?”  Nope, son, we wouldn’t.


Out of no where, Rusty announced, “I know why it is called the Milky Way!  Because it’s in the shape of a cow!”


Billy got a light up sword at Disneyland and once we got home and he watched it blinking, he said, “I just want to have a disco party in my bedroom!”


When we were driving home from California in November and were leaving Primm, Rusty looked at the monorail that runs between Buffalo Bills and Whiskey Pete Casinos and said, “Good-bye, one car monorail!”


Picking up a book from Kevin’s bookcase, Tommy said, “Poppy, are you reading this Russian book?”

Kevin said, “Not lately.  Have you been reading it?”

Tommy responded, “Not really.  The words are too small.”

December Wrapped Up!

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Kevin getting some use out of the mini-tramp the boys gave him …


It was still too cold to go light seeing at Temple Square, so we took the boys to Roy where they decorate the city building with a lot of lights that you can drive by in your car.  It was pretty and the boys seemed satisfied … especially when we picked up pizza for dinner on the way home!


Rusty FINALLY lost his first tooth (followed a week later by his second).   It just came out in his hand and he kept saying, “I can’t believe I lost my tooth!  I’m so excited!!  Isn’t anybody else excited?!”


For Christmas, Ricky arrange with Aunt Suzy (who works at a movie theater) to get me tickets to see the newest Star Wars movie.  He ended up getting 3 tickets – for me, Kevin, and himself.   Aunt Suzy agreed to babysit, so the three of us ate a lot of popcorn and enjoyed the movie together.


We got a good snowfall and Kevin was out shoveling while the boys were playing in the snow.  They were sliding down a small hill made by the snow pushed off the side of our driveway.  They were enjoying themselves, but apparently our neighbor thought we could do better.  He brought over his 4 wheeler, gave Kevin a quick lesson, and away we went!


I was the first guinea pig with Bobby on my lap.  It took a LOT of core strength to not tip over or fly off that sled.  I had to give Kev a few pointers for the well being of our other children!


The boys thought it was fabulous!


I liked riding on the back of the 4 wheeler with the Bobster while the boys took their turn on the sled.  You get a lot less snow in your face that way!


Either my tips to Kevin worked or the boys have stronger core muscles than I do or they are shorter so they weren’t as inclined to tip, but they did surprisingly well at staying in the sled!


All smiles!


The boys actually really liked going face first on their bellies – they are crazy!


When we returned the ATV, our neighbors were surprised we hadn’t kept it longer.  The boys had already been outside playing before, so their cold tolerance was spent.  But we still had it a good hour and our lawn was covered in tire marks.


Bobby and I were pretty toasty warm though!


Rusty went to his last physical therapy appointment.  He picked out a thank you card and wrote a message for Eli his therapist and even included a photograph of the two of them… and then Eli wasn’t there!  Rusty was heartbroken even though he didn’t say it.  His face was devastated but he’s good and went through the exercises with the girl he doesn’t really like.  I made sure he got to do all the activities he was looking forward to doing one last time.  He left his note for Eli at the front desk and as a “graduation” present he got a stuffed dog that looked just like Frank, the office’s physical therapy bull dog.  Rusty was all smiles by the end.



Kevin and I had been trying to go on a date a week or 52 dates in 2015 AND take a picture of ourselves on each one.  We didn’t quite reach the goal, hitting only 47 dates.  Our 47th was to our favorite steakhouse – and the picture … well, I have no words for that.  Sometimes we make cute faces and other times we get that!


The boys picked out a massager for me for Christmas and here I am using it.  Heat, vibrations … good!



And there you go!

Aquarium and Grandpa Dick

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As soon as I heard that Kevin’s Aunt Jolyn and her family as well as Grandpa Dick were going to be in Utah for the holidays, I started reaching out for a way to get together.  I also knew that I have 5 sons who don’t sit still very long and that Kevin’s Uncle Brian’s house was new (that’s where the out-of-towners were staying).  I figured that in order to spend a bit more time with family without destroying a house, we could meet somewhere different.  I proposed the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium and was pleasantly surprised that everyone was willing!

We had never been there before but the boys loved it!  This first picture is of the penguins.  I was having too much fun watching the penguins to actually take a picture of them, apparently.  But I did grab one picture of Kevin and a few boys watching the penguins swim around.


Those would be my boys walking across a rope bridge in the rain forest section of the aquarium…


One, two, three, four … those are mine!  Bobby was not invited to walk across the bridge.


But he was definitely invited to watch the sea turtles, which were really cool!   He was sitting on Kevin’s knee and squealing with delight.


Hello, my people by the giant orca!


We had Uncle Brian and Kay, Grandpa Dick, Aunt Jolyn with all her family, and Marc’s family with us.  We didn’t move in one group but just kept running into each other here and there.

Kevin and Bobby are in the viewing bubble for one of the large tanks…


I found the shark tunnel cool … and freaky!  I like looking at the big fish, but having them swim over my head is a bit disturbing.


Bobby found nothing disturbing about it.


Neither did the other boys.  They also loved petting the sting rays and star fish.


We were perfectly content just sitting and watching these amazing fish swim …


Rusty found a bone display to satisfy his paleontology desires …


We sat watching these beautiful fish for quite a while expecting to leave when someone else from our group went by.  Then we realized we hadn’t seen any of the rest of the family in quite some time.  We found them waiting for us outside in the waiting area.  Oops!  We still don’t know how they got past us!


Everyone was finished with the museum, so we went out to lunch at Village Inn.


We needed a table for 21!  The food was good and we had a great time visiting and laughing!


Marc’s family had to leave, but we went back to Uncle Brian’s to visit a bit more.  The boys hunkered down in the theater room watching “The Grinch” with Juston…


…while Kevin and I sat upstairs listening to Grandpa Dick with Aunt Jolyn and Uncle Jim.  They might have been a bit sleepy (heeheehee)…


Before we left, the boys gave Grandpa Dick the Christmas letters they had written for him.





Ricky made Grandpa Dick laugh by retelling, “When I was younger I just wanted all sports to just go POOF!”  Oh, how Grandpa laughed!




The connection between these two is very, very sweet.  I love the emotion in this picture!



We sure do love Grandpa Dick and I’m so glad we got to spend a little bit more time with him!


There was a ton of traffic on the freeway as we headed home, so we took the surface streets.  It was late and cold, so we didn’t stop to look at lights at Temple Square, but as we drove by I shouted, “Hey, boys!  Look at the lights!”  That’s good enough, right?



It was a wonderful day.  We have been blessed with such a fun expanded family and I feel so fortunate that we got to spend the day with them!

Christmas 2015

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The room was waiting for the boys Christmas morning …


The boys were waiting at the top of the stairs …


And then the fun began!

Santa brought stilts and pogo sticks for the big boys and they immediately tried them out!


Kevin must have been good this year because there were a few things for him under the tree as well!


I love Christmas morning.  Grandmama comes over and watches the boys open and play with their gifts …


The boys get such serious faces while they are checking out their new toys!


And then the madness is over.  Everyone puts on something new and settles in to truly devoting time to their Christmas stuff.  Ricky got a new video game that he’d been wanting, the three middles got Legos that required assembly, and Bobby got cars and trucks and more vehicles than his little heart knew what to do with!

Later in the day, some of my family came for dinner.  The boys get to pick out Christmas gifts for their parents, one sibling, one member of my family from a name draw, and then a couple give gifts to Aunt Nancy and the others give to Grandmama.  I wish we could gift everyone, but other than making cards of love, finances just don’t allow that!  It is always fun to see what the boys come up with for people.  Tommy picked out a doll all by himself for his cousin Audrey – Ricky was set on a selfie stick for Uncle Tony – and a couple of the boys pooled their money to buy Kevin a mini-trampoline.  It really is a joy every year to watch them pick out gifts.  I only steer them a little and that is usually away from buying everyone Legos and stuffed animals!


Ricky caught on to his stilts way faster than any of us thought he would.  He’s pretty much a stilts master!


Uncle Tony is pretty good at them, too!


After all the food and the games and the playing with toys, the mother announces that it is time to get ready for bed.  That can be so hard for a 2 year old to hear.


So, so hard!


But the fun isn’t completely over … first we need a new jammies and favorite Christmas gift picture!


And then we try out Ricky’s new tripod so we can get a family picture by the tree …


It may have taken many, many tries to get a good one …




And then I need a picture of MY favorite things … these 5 boys are my favorites!


Until they start messing around and everyone gets a big old headbutt from everyone else …


But there is one more favorite thing I need a picture with …


He’s my absolute favorite!  And then there must be a photo bomb …


Finally, they are all tucked in their beds and dreaming of the wonderful day we had being together and remembering the birth of our Savior.

And the mom and the dad cuddle on the couch and enjoy a movie by the light of the tree!



(and about an hour later, a nasty bug attacks the mother and puts her to bed all the next day.)

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Sledding

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Each year our family sits down and makes a list of activities we want to do that year.  The end of the year was coming and we were short a few items, one of which was sledding.  We got a good snowfall a couple of days before Christmas Eve, so when Kevin finally had a day off, we went sledding!


The hills we picked aren’t too far from home and aren’t too big.  But, for now, they were perfect for our boys.  Tall enough to give them a little thrill and short enough that they could haul their sleds back up to the top.


Plus there was a playground nearby that Bobby played on when he grew tired of the snow!


I do enjoy sledding!  It was cold and the wind was bitter, but the snow was perfect!


And my boys have no fear!


When we were done, we treated ourselves to cocoa from Starbucks which the boys thought was almost as neat as the sledding!


I love that Kevin and I still play together!


And I LOVE adventuring with my boys!


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