Rusty’s 7

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How did he get so grown up?


Each day I’m amazed!  Rusty is very smart and very sweet.  He has enjoyed reading chapter books and plugs away at them until he finishes.  He celebrates!  He counts down to holidays and especially “Groundhog’s Day” (his way of not saying his birthday).  Rusty has a stillness about him that is so different from his brothers – but don’t underestimate him!  He’s a super fast runner and drives Billy crazy when he beats him in a race!


Rusty loves legos and following a set of instructions or a manual.  He keeps Kevin on track during projects by saying “Now you are on step 7 …”  He still loves puzzles and flies through them with ease.  He is a chatterbox in the car, especially on one-on-one trips with his Momma!  Boy, that boy can talk!


He loves dinosaurs and discovering bones.  He wanted a dinosaur shaped cake for his birthday, but I wasn’t feeling that.  Instead he got a fossil cake and he was perfectly delighted!


This boy LOVES his birthday!  His teacher told me that she hadn’t seen him so smiley all year long as he was on his birthday!


Bobby may have confiscated every single present Rusty opened by saying, “Mine!” and not letting go.  Rusty was so patient about it and just waited for Bobby to get tired of the toy before swiping it back!


This is the year of birthday parties (I’m SO not birthday-party-mom!  This is a HUGE stretch for me, but I am determined).  Since it is too cold to do a backyard party and our house isn’t really designed for a dozen kids, I opted for the old standby – Chuck E. Cheese!


If possible, Rusty was even more excited about his birthday party than his actual birthday!  We did it on a Friday night and invited one other family as well as 5 other friends.  We had 14 kids and 4 adults in our group!


The boys loved every minute!  Pizza!  Games!  Rides!  Friends!  Cupcakes!  They were all in heaven!


And they all mingled really well!  Tommy even got to play with his friend Von – Von’s brother Vance is Rusty’s friend and his whole family came to hang out while we partied, so Von joined in with us!  (That’s Vance with Tommy laughing hysterically at this ride/game)


The presents were perfect – dinosaurs, legos, candy – Rusty was truly spoiled!


For not being “birthday party mom,”  I think I did alright!



Not everyone made it into this picture with Chuck E. Cheese, but we had Hyrum, Eli, Mason, Lilly, Tucker, Vance, Gage, Landon, Jake, Ricky, Billy, Tommy, Bobby, and Rusty!


Brothers having birthday parties is pretty cool!


Rusty can’t wait to come back to the big Cheese someday!



Happy Birthday, my Rusty!  I’m so glad it was a great day – I love seeing you smile!


Summing up January

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January seemed to fly by – it could have been because of Puke Fest 2016.  All 5 boys down at once or at least really close to it!  There was lots of laundry, carpet cleaning, sofa washing, and vegging in front of the TV.  Here is a picture from the tail end, when we were down to just Tommy catching a cold as Puke Fest was ending …


We didn’t quite get everything done on our Wanna Do List 2015.  Ice skating and a basketball game just moved over to our 2016 list …



Ricky and I didn’t accomplish our family goals last year.  That’s okay.  We chalk it up to learning and progress.  No bad feelings – but we also didn’t choose the same goals for this next year, either!


Sometimes my cats just tolerate each other.  Other times they are adorable friends.


How did I entertain my first couple of children before I had a cell phone and selfie pictures?!


We rearranged the bedrooms a little.  Tommy is back in with Bobby and Rusty and Billy are together again.  With the switch, we rebuilt the bunk beds.  Rusty doesn’t mind being on the bottom one bit!


We are getting a new local library in March.  The old one was …. old, so a new fancy one has been built.  The boy loved the library and insisted that we get a picture of their beloved fish tank in case it doesn’t get moved over to the new library.


I make no apologies for liking my cats.


One of the programs at Ricky’s school for 6th graders is called NOVA – Nourishment Opportunities Values and Accountability.   They learn all sorts of coping skills and life skills regarding making choices.  It is a cute little program.  Ricky had to take a 7 day hiatus from media, write an essay, and a few other projects.  At the end, there is a graduation program for those who met the requirements.  I like seeing my son succeed!


We celebrated with dinner at Wingers.  The boys filled up on so much popcorn that we got to eat their leftovers the next day!


I finally finished a project I was doing for Ricky.  It is a banner with all his Cub Scout achievements, pins, belt loops, and badges.  It hangs in his room and has been a good reminder of what he’s done and what he hopes to do – he wants to earn a ton of merit badges in Scouts!



The boys pulled out the costume trunk.  Bobby saw a picture of our Thomas costume and insisted that Ricky get it out for him!


He might be a bit persistent!


They are all getting so grown up and outgrowing several of the costumes!  Sigh.  I’m glad I have pictures like these to help freeze the memories of my little boys forever!!



I love them!

Ricky’s Science Fair

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The 6th graders at Ricky’s school are required to enter the Science Fair in January.  We’ve known about it since early October and Ricky got to work almost right away.  We had actually decided what his project would be last summer when Kevin got a catnip plant – Ricky wanted to test the effects of catnip on cats.  I thought it was great and I helped him make it happen!

We found friends with cats and video-taped their reactions to both live and dried catnip.  He made charts and learned each cat’s name.  Ricky loved getting to be around all the different animals!  What he found was that most cats do have some reaction to catnip, but not all.  The number was much closer to half and half than he had anticipated.

Ricky didn’t win a prize or advance to the next level, but he had fun doing his project and he did it pretty much all on his own – and was done with it a couple of weeks before it was even due!  That made me a very proud momma!


January Dates

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Kevin and I try to date weekly but sometimes we need some company!  In January, Ricky and Billy joined us on a date to the Terrace Playhouse where we watched “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.”


Kevin and I enjoy theater productions and this was our first time to this little local playhouse.  It wasn’t big.  It was created in an old grocery store, but the show was well done and fun.



The boys seemed to enjoy it – at least they laughed at all the right spots!  They also enjoyed getting treats from the snack bar at intermission!  Plain Hershey’s bars for Ricky and Peanut Butter Cups for Billy, please.




Theater is something Ricky loves and he was very excited to have his picture taken with these “stars” afterwards.  Billy, not so much.



Tommy was the lucky duck who got to go on January’s Mom and Son date!  He was so excited to be the first!  We went to Costa Vida for dinner and then a quick trip to the grocery store.  Perhaps not exciting, but he opened doors for me, ordered for himself at the restaurant, and enjoyed having me all to himself!


Silly pictures are the proof of date night!  Kevin and I may have mastered them …








A few January Moments

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Kevin and I went bowling.


We hadn’t been in at least a year.  I realized I like bowling the ball fast!  The faster the better!  My fast is probably really slow compared to pros, but I was bowling faster than Kevin!  heehee


It totally paid off for me, too, since I got my first ever Turkey!  I may have done a Dance of Joy!  I ended the game with 151 points, which is probably an all time high for me.  AND I didn’t even tear my thumbnail like I usually do when bowling.  Date … success!



Bobby loves Hunter.  He loves to chase him.  He loves to hug him.  He loves to be where the cat is…



He loves that cat!


Sometimes Bobby takes a break from his non-stop moving and snuggles.  It doesn’t last long, but I love it when it happens!


We had some family over for dinner on New Years and Bobby gave the best night-night hugs …


The Santa hat probably helped the cuteness!


I’m in two book clubs and often just read the book of choice on an app on my phone.  The phone hurts a lot less than physical books when it hits me in the head when I fall asleep reading (thanks for this picture, Kev!).



There you go.

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