This month’s “Things I Heard”

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From Bobby to the cat while holding a toy tool:  “Here kitty!  Here kitty!  Change your tire!”


From Tommy after showing him a picture of Kevin as a little boy:  “Oh!  So you shave off his hair!”


Tommy:  “Are we having chicken noodle soup?

Me:  “No. Ramen noodles.”

Tommy:  “Ahh!  Rotten noodles!”


Bobby counting:  “2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10”


From Kevin as Bobby is following him around making fake barfing sounds:  “You’re not barfing!  Stop making that sound!”


From Bobby after I sat him on the toilet and told him to make the water come:  “Wah-er!  Come!  Wah-er!  Wah-er!  Come!”


From Tommy who is using the bathroom and Bobby won’t leave him alone:  “Bobby!  Just give me some silence!  I’m angry because you aren’t giving me quiet!  Just give me 5 minutes!”


Tommy spit out his water after taking a drink during dinner and Kevin asked him if he exploded.  Tommy said, “No!  I laughed because you said groundhogs were animals!  hahahahahaha”

Rusty then said, “They ARE animals!”

Tommy responded, “Nahooooooooo!” (more laughing)

When I asked Tommy what groundhogs are, he said, “They are like people!”


Bobby while pointing at my chin:  “Mum owie!”

Me:  “No, that’s just hairs, son.”

Bobby while trying to pull the offensive hairs:  “Mum!  Hair off!”

Me:  Sigh.


There you go.

Bon Voyage

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My niece and her baby boy spent the winter here in Utah and it has been fun seeing her and getting to love on Sonny!


But the time has come for her to return to her life in Australia.  We had the family over for some hugs, well wishes, and loves!


She plans to come back next fall … we certainly hope she does!


It is pretty safe to say that Grandpa Tim will be looking forward to this little man coming back.  They like each other a lot!


My boys may have ganged up on Uncle Tony during the festivities.  Or was Uncle Tony ganging up on them …



We will miss you, Sweet Cheeks!  Take care of yourself and that cute little boy!


The Trial of Alice in Wonderland

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For our school’s Literacy Night, the 6th graders performed the play “The Trial of Alice in Wonderland.”  Ricky really wanted to be the Cheshire Cat and his audition earned him the part!


It was a cute little play and the students did really well with it – especially considering they only had a couple of hours a week to work on it during school.


We all enjoyed watching and cheering on our “Cat” except for Bobby.  He was excited at first and then he spent the remainder of the play like this …


The students also performed for the student body during an assembly.  Afterwards, one of Ricky’s former teachers came up to me and was just glowing with pride!


She was amazed at how composed he was and how he just shined on the stage!  “He was so great!!!” she said!


Does he have a future on Broadway?  Probably not, but he loves doing performing and he is confident when he gets up in front of people.  Ricky enjoys it and is happy on stage!



And that makes ME happy!



The play is less than 30 minutes long and Ricky’s part is at about the 16 minute mark.  You can see it HERE.

Some Love

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I received a recommendation in February that I take a few more photos.   Not just more of the kind I already take – a few more of the moments I’m going to miss.  Bobby is already 2 1/2 and there are some little things that he will be growing out of soon.

Those moments are harder to catch on camera than I thought.

Like a sweet post-nap hug …


Or a giggly snuggle …


Cheek to cheek …


Walking down the hall and finding him quietly laying on the floor in some random room just playing with toys …


Him carrying around more toys than he can handle and then adding a big ole hat to the cuteness …


Watching TV from the floor …


Enjoying a tubby with his toys …


And loving his sick momma …


These are moments I will treasure forever …



And it has been kind of fun trying to capture them with my camera!

Billy is 9

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Our Billy turned 9!


I’m trying to not be in denial, but I still picture him as being 5.


I’m working on it!


Brother hugs … I love them!  I also love letting the boys pick out presents for each other – they come up with fun stuff!


These boys aren’t just brothers – they are friends!


Billy is fun.  His heart is big and he likes doing the right thing.  He hates being corrected or told he made a mistake.


He’s very smart and likes to do things on his own – a very independent streak!


Everybody who knows him loves Billy!


The year of birthday parties continued a few days after Billy’s birthday.  We took the family and a few friends to Classic Fun Center.


This place has bounce-y things, a pirate cove, roller skating, arcade, and laser tag!


The boys were in heaven!


Here is Billy (in black) shooting canon balls down at his friend Kaleb (white hat)…


In addition to all the games, Classic has a great set up for parties – pizza, soda, and balloons!  Hi, Grandmama!


After playing hard for a while, the boys came for the food!




Billy got to do the birthday box where he grabbed as many flying tickets as possible in one minute – he earned 50 tickets towards a prize.  And he got to spin the birthday wheel where he won $10!  Billy was on a roll!


Some of us gave skating a try and some of us were the stable feet.



A 2 year old trying to skate is absolute adorableness!



Billy was pretty good on his roller blades, but he still wanted to give the “walker” a try.  He liked how much faster he could go with it and he loved how much smoother the skating floor was compared to our driveway at home!


Kevin probably didn’t NEED the walker … but he certainly skated more smoothly with it!



Heehee!  I might have laughed!


I love him!


I love this little goober, too!



The boys had fun on the arcade games but Bobby seemed to enjoy this merry-go-round best!



The birthday bunch – Billy, Ricky, Rusty, Tommy, Bobby, Preston, Kaleb, and Zack.



Billy got some fun gifts from his friends …




Birthday party deemed a success!



Momma deemed tired!



Happy birthday, Billy!

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