March Stuff

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We had some time to kill one day, so Tommy, Bobby, and I went to the Treehouse Museum.


We haven’t been in a long time and the boys were tickled!  They’d made some changes and Tommy told me about each one.


This boat mast became a May Pole as these two went round and round and round.  As we were leaving, Tommy wanted to know when we could come again because it was the best place!


We had a sick week at our house the end of March.  It started mildly with Tommy, then worse with Bobby and ended with Kevin.  Everybody had it a little bit and it only lasted a day to a day and a half.  Each of the boys missed a day of school.  They all got it one after the other.  It was a long 8 days – especially Saturday, which was my day of death.  Bobby’s sick day involved a lot of sitting on the couch cuddly to the TV time.  Maggie got in on the action with me …


March also meant that it was time to put away the snow boots and hats and gloves.  Bobby thought I meant put ON not put AWAY…


Kevin thinks it is funny to take pictures of his wife napping.  Ha ha ha.


Kevin, Ricky, Billy, and I were able to attend a dedication service for the new Provo City Center Temple.   I let the boys have notebooks to write or draw in while we listened.  This was what Billy worked on …


Sometimes things happen at bedtime …


And I don’t know why or what or have any idea what is going on … but I’m happy to take a picture of it!!!


Our power was going to be out for a day because of repairs in the neighborhood.  This wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but it was just before we were leaving on our big camping trip and I needed laundry done so I could pack.  I flew through the washing and drying, not slowing down to bother with folding.  I finished it all, but I had a stack of folding (or maybe two, cough cough) a mile high!  The boys were great helpers and it actually all got folded rather quickly!


We went to a family home evening with our friends to watch the NCAA championship game.  We were out way later than the boys’ bedtime, especially for Bobby.  The next morning, the boys all slept in a little (7:30 instead of 6:30) but apparently Bobby had still gotten up early and made it as far as the hallway before deciding he needed more sleep.  I found him in the hall like this when I got up!


Our friends no longer needed this battery operated drive-able car, so they gave it to us.  The steering is a bit stiff, but Bobby doesn’t care.  It makes him giggle and giggle to drive it around our yard!


And there you go!

Easter Happenings

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I quite like Easter.  I like teaching the boys the true reason why we celebrate – the Final Week of Christ’s Life.  I like our re-enactments and the lessons and discussions we have.  Here is Kevin bringing our “Jesus” into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday …


The other Easter stuff is fun, too.  I DO love the egg coloring.  I love it so much that we colored 6 dozen eggs this year!  Each boy needed a full dozen – not that they whined or begged, I just made that decision for them – and a dozen for me!


They love writing names and messages and drawing pictures on the eggs …


Bobby really got into it and we heard a lot of “My egg!  My egg!”


Sigh.  Aren’t colored eggs so pretty?


Easter morning, the boys had to wait upstairs until everyone was awake.  The Easter Bunny hides their baskets and all those colored eggs for them to find.  Ricky might have been slow waking up …


Once everyone finds their baskets, they can start gathering eggs.  Each boys got to find a dozen and then they worked together to get the last dozen found.  There may have been some chocolate eaten along the way!  We could have had an egg incident this year.  I ate one of the eggs after boiling them because it cracked open, so we really had 6 dozen eggs minus 1.  As we were finding the eggs Sunday morning, we counted them all up and I announced that we were only missing 1 egg.  A few moments later, Tommy found TWO eggs.  I was very confused because all the egg cartons were full!  Where was the missing egg that I had eaten?  We finally figured it out by touching each egg in the cartons as we counted … someone (cough Billy cough) had picked up my EOS chapstick thinking it was an egg!  It is red and kind of egg shape, so no harm, no foul, but if Tommy hadn’t found those two eggs, we might have had an unknown missing egg floating around the house!


After all the eggs and baskets, it was a mad dash to get ready for church in time – and to humor Momma by taking a picture before church while they all still looked nice!


We clean up pretty good!


We had Grandmama over for Easter dinner, but the rest of the family didn’t come until the next weekend.  Uncle John and Kevin spent time listening to General Conference and helping Ricky build a solar robot kit.


It looked cool but didn’t have much oomph!


Then Grandmama had an egg hunt for all the grandkids.  Bobby totally had down the pick up an egg and throw it in your basket by then.


There may have been a couple hundred eggs hidden around our yard …


Certain eggs were a kind of currency that could be used to redeem prizes from Grandmama’s Easter Shop.  The grown ups mostly hung out there.


Then we had to have bunny ear pictures.






I sure am a blessed lady!


Rusty Date

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I finally found time to go out with Rusty for our Mom and Son Date.  We kept it very simple …

Petting baby chicks and turkeys at IFA.


We wandered around and looked at the baby ducks and bunnies and all the camping equipment as well.  Then Rusty got to pick out his own plant from the garden center – he chose a “purple dragon” ground cover plant.  He’s very proud of that plant.


We ended our time out by getting some french toast at IHop.  Rusty does like his breakfast food!


And I sure do like my Rusty!!!

Day Off Fun

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Kevin earned a day off so we went to play.

We did a bit of shopping at Ikea and then got ourselves some lunch.  Swedish meatballs for most of us!


We landed at a BYU baseball game next.  We arrived at the top of the 6th and it was cold, so we got great seats on the third row.  Despite the cold and that BYU lost to Loyola, the boys had a really good time.


We watched Cosmo dance and sang during the 7th Inning Stretch and ate nachos and pretzels.


We may need to try it again when it isn’t so cold!


We ended our day out at Uncle Marc and Aunt Cindy’s house for pizza and March Madness basketball.  There may have been a lot of visiting, hide and seek, and some video games as well.


It was a good day out.

St. Patty’s Photos

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Two years ago, I happened to get this adorable picture of my 5 sons …


They were so cute and cuddly!  I thought it would be a great idea to recreate the picture.  After all, I still have the same couch and the boys still fit into a couple of those shirts!  It started off so nicely – for ONE picture …


And then I’m not so sure what happened.


I just kept taking pictures waiting for the cute and cuddly remake …


It never happened.  I guess the cute and cuddly years are past.


But these new crazy and hilarious kids are pretty fun, too!

There you go.

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