Tommy’s Birthday Party

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The year of birthday parties continued with Tommy.  I wanted something different, even though he kept asking for either Chuck E Cheese or Classic Skating (his brothers’ party places).  I finally found a local place that is art based – they do dance lessons, music lessons, and art lessons as well as being a daycare type facility.  It is called the Bravo Arts Academy and they also do art themed birthday parties … perfect for my child who always carries a pencil and notepad!


There were negatives to the place, namely it limited our attendees to 10.  With a family of 5 kids and great family friends with multiple children we wanted to invite, this was hard.  But it was May and there was no way I had time to host my own party, so Ricky and Billy were uninvited!  They went with their dad to the batting cages and the rest of us went to Bravo.  We ended up with a couple no-shows so they could have come, but it was better safe than sorry.


The kids got to paint a small tote bag as well as paint and decorate a treasure chest.


There was a gym room where they climbed rope ladders and swung on a rope swing and bounced and balanced and played some balloon games.








We sang happy birthday, ate birthday doughnuts, and opened up gifts.



Then Tommy got the special birthday boy treatment … he got to be inside of a huge bubble!



He thought that was pretty cool!


The last of the party was spent playing on the playland area.  They climbed, squealed, slid and ran.  It was perfect!

Tommy’s party friends were Rusty and Bobby, Eli, Mason, and Lilly, Ellie, and Vaughn.

Tommy loved it.  I just had to bring doughnuts and I loved that.  Perfect birthday party!



Mother’s Day and Tommy’s Birthday

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Tommy’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year, so we spread his celebrating out over several days.  We did his birthday cake on Saturday night.  Green frosting and lots of sprinkles!


Mother’s Day isn’t my favorite holiday.


I love my boys.  I love my own mom.


But as far as holidays go … eh.


We did invite all of my family over for dinner.  Here is Bobby playing with my nephew’s daughter Audrey.  He’s never quite sure what to do with her – I think it is the pink that throws him off!


Here is my mom with her three great-grandbabies!


Sonny and Melissa came to see us.  He’s learned how to get around-that’s when the fun really starts!


Once we finished celebrating moms, Tommy got to open his presents.  Bobby immediately assumed they were all his presents, too.  I did my best to at least let Tommy open them before Bobby started grabbing!


At least they were patient with each other.  I love their love!


And when Tommy would go to give a thank you hug, Bobby was right there saying thank you as well!  At least he had gratitude to go with his greed!


Melissa makes a cute mommy!


I’m not sure how this kid turned 6!  Seriously.


Tommy is super sweet.  He likes hugs and snuggles and wants to do things with me all the time.  He loves projects, especially art projects.  Scissors and tape are his favorite things and he usually has a notebook and pencil in his hand.  He refuses to believe that he isn’t as capable as his big brothers at doing things – he will climb, ride, jump off of anything they do.  He embraces his youngerness when it comes to chores and keeping his room clean though.  There must be a balance!  He will eat most anything and water is by far his favorite thing to drink.


I love his spunk.  He is quick to smile and such a fun addition to our family!  Happy 6th birthday, Tommy!

May Began …

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May can only be described as a whirlwind this year.  Everything was going on and it was going on all the time!  But let’s begin at the beginning …

Ricky has been asking for bunnies for years!  Kevin and I both had a stint raising rabbits when we were younger (although our reasons for raising them differed) and I just wasn’t sure I wanted another pet.  But when a neighbor who we have been trying to befriend offered us as many 6 week old bunnies and hutches as we wanted … for FREE, all my excuses were made invalid.


We ended up with four bunnies (hopefully all females).  From left to right, Frederica (Freddie), Bunnicula, Patches, and Red.  The four older boys all got to pick names, although I retained the right of veto.  Photograph did NOT make the cut!


They are pretty cute little things!


Billy had another piano recital.  He seems to really enjoy playing, although practicing isn’t his favorite.


Billy feels the music and his whole body kept rhythm as he played at the recital.  That makes him really fun to watch play!


For an early Mother’s Day gift, I took my mom out for a pedicure and lunch.  Always a good time for the feet!


Rusty really enjoyed his teacher, Mrs. Merrill, this year.  She was just what he needed – a combination of sweet and strict and he did so well!  Mrs. Merrill only stayed through the first week of May because of her upcoming baby being born, so we made sure to get a farewell shot with her on her last day!


Kevin and I were invited to a Cinco De Mio party with costumes “encouraged.”  How could I turn down the chance to dress up AND give Kevin hair in May?  Halloween is almost 6 months away!  We were going to go as Nacho Libre and the nun from the movie, but my nun costume didn’t look so … nun-like.  This is what I came up with at the last minute.


I really didn’t care what I was wearing … Look at Kevin!  Oh, I love him!


Our friends at the party loved him as well!  So much so that he became the object of several of our games that night.  How else would you draw a wig except to draw Kevin as Nacho?  Hahahaha


We have a cat nip plant.  It was living on a shelf.  It dropped some leaves.  The cat found them.  I looked down the hall and only saw the cat’s tail.  This is why.


And because May wasn’t busy enough, baseball started.  I didn’t get very many pictures this year (I can’t even find ANY of Rusty playing yet) and we missed the night when the teams had their pictures taken, so we have a few snap shots to remember the season by.  Tommy played his third year of Coach Pitch/Tee Ball.


Billy ended up on a much more competitive team than usual.  We missed the day of the draft and we had friends who were coaching, so we signed him up with them.  Didn’t bother to ask questions.   Well, Billy was probably the least experienced one on the team, but he had a great time and learned a lot AND got a jersey with his name on it.  Score enough for him!


This is Tommy with Kevin  – looking all cute and Mini-Me like!  Rusty had his first year of Machine Pitch and did surprisingly well.  Of course, he did his best the night of his very last game, but I was proud of his improvement and how interested he seemed to become.  He may never have the competitive edge Billy has, but Rusty got in there and got the job done!


What all that baseball meant was three nights of baseball each week, with Billy’s games being double headers.  Plus practices once a week.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of baseball!

And that’s how our May started …

April Summed Up

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Kevin must have taken more pictures than I did in April.  Either that or it was one of those months when we were too busy living life to take pictures of it.  After Spring Break, here’s all I’ve got:

Bobby is adorable.  I’m biased, but he is.  I am trying to get as much overall wearage out of him as I can because once they fully potty train, I don’t get the overall love anymore.  He loves to play on the foot of our bed.  His foot slipped down before I snapped this picture, but he will just lay there on his belly playing with his cars.  I love it!

In my effort to date my sons, Billy and I went out in April.  His piano teacher had asked the students to attend a piano concert, so that’s where we went.  An accomplished faculty member at Weber State held a recital and Billy and I enjoyed the first half.


Then we left (it was a school night afterall) and talked to a scary goose by the pond and got ice cream from Jake’s Over the Top.  I love this boy!  He’s brave and smart and very cunning – only in the good sense, well, usually only in the good sense!


Our friends got baby chicks and the boys LOVED playing with them!


They were cute and fluffy and irresistible!


They almost made me want chickens … almost.  And then they pooped on Tommy and that feeling left.


All four of the boys had a chance to be the Mustang of the Month for their classes at school this year.  I don’t remember who was what month.  The school takes a big picture of all the kids and I just take a picture of that picture!  They get a certificate and get to eat lunch with the principal one day.  Rusty (front row, third from left) and Billy (farthest left in stripes) were in the same month.


Ricky (back row, second from left) was excited to be chosen.  He spent several years never getting this recognition so it meant a lot to him last year and again this year to be chosen.  This year it was his classmates who picked him, so that made it even neater!


Tommy was early in the year, last September I think, and I got to see his grin every time I walked down the hall all year long!


I was attempting to mow the lawn one day and realized it was taking FOREVER!  It seemed that the lawnmower was only cutting half as much as it should, but I kept going because the lawn needed care.  When Kevin got home he checked and, yep, there are supposed to be two blades running under my mower and one was missing!  He found it laying in the grass by the shed and had a little helper help him fix it up tight!


On a rainy day date, Kevin and I checked out our new library.  It is big and fancy and way more books than our old one had room for.  But Kevin’s favorite part?  Checking out the server room!  Geek!


We found this little guy running through our yard once or twice this spring.  We aren’t exactly sure what he is – almost a raccoon?  A ferret?  Weasel?   We aren’t exactly sure, but we did warn our neighbors with chickens about him!


And that’s all I have for April.  There you go!